Variation on a classic

Because let's face it, I think we can call white trainers a classic now.  They may not be for everyone, but they have firmly cemented their place in the footwear hall of fame regardless of whether you're a fan or not. 

I do have people say to me all the time - can't do white trainers but love a coloured version.  Which personally I find odd.  Not odd odd, but unusual, in that I actually find them more difficult to wear.  For me, white trainers are up there with black or tan ankle boots as being the ultimate neutral pair of shoes that goes with everything.  But I find coloured or printed trainers a bit more difficult to match.  I also find them more *way out* (in a very unfashion term...). 

But that doesn't mean I don't have any - obviously I do.  I will say though, that they're not remotely as worn as my beloved white versions. 

However since my wardrobe seems to be developing into a riot of black and other neutrals, jazz hands sneakers could be just what my outfits need.  I have black Woden ones, grey Air Force Ones and red Golden Goose.  So I can honestly say I am not in need of any new ones (although I have always hankered after leopard versions...seeing as they're practically a neutral) - I just need to make sure I wear mine more. 

It would be remiss of me not to trawl through the last days of the sales and see what's left.  And there are some bargains to be had.

Starting with burgundy, which is a fabulous shade for all year round - ideal with tans, blacks, navys, khakis and all shades of white.

Kat trainers from hush were £120 now £90

Wine Ayda trainers at Jigsaw, updated for new season in nubuck.  £95

Claret again at Nike.  I can highly recommend these - I have them in grey suede. 

Air Force 1 perforated leather sneakers from Net a Porter were £80 now £56

Red at adidas. 

adidas originals + Raf Simmons were £225 now £90

Red suede and leather Nike Air Max were £190 now £95

Moving on to navy.

Navy suede at M&S £45

Navy again at adidas with Stan Smith Snake Suede Trainers were £95 now £66.50 

Sea Storm Blue Nubuck Aydas at Jigsaw £98

And into neutral territory now.  Ideal if white is too in your face - these are a much more subtle version.

Same trainers in the taupe nubuck at Jigsaw £98

In the mink, again £45 from M&S

Going off piste now.

Green at Net A Porter with some bargain Golden Goose were £280 now £196

Net a Porter have really come up trumps in their sale this year for trainers though.  The coloured ones are just as fab as all their white bargains. 

Nike Classic Cortez leather in grey were £80 now £40

Grey leather at Mango for a steal. 

Leather appliqued sneakers were £35.99 now £19.99

And back in stock for the new season at M&S...

Leather Leopard Print Lace up trainers £49.50

Printed in the sale at Matches. 

Steffi printed trousers from APC were £200 now £80

Or how about glitter?  At & Other Stories - Kaleidoscopic Glitter Sneakers £89

Not forgetting black.  Good old black.  If you're not sure about white, then I would say, these are the easiest option. 

adidas Originals Embossed Black Snake Print Trainers were £95 now £66.50

Black lace up sneakers at Mango in the sale were £35.99 now £19.99

And my favourites - the Woden Black patent sneakers were £90 now £49

And funnily enough there were no trainers outside today.  Although had I been going anywhere, I would happily have put some on.  But rugby was cancelled which meant a lie in (which translates to - I lay in bed and listened to my boys beating seven shades of sh*t out of each other over a clan or a kingdom or something else iPad related) and then a super lazy day. 

But did make it out of the house.  As you can see from my face, this was not entirely willingly.  Both the dog and the 10yr old needed to be walked (anyone else's boy *have* to have some fresh air during the day?  I have one who is completely fine without it, in fact loathes it, and one who starts climbing the walls if he's not given some outdoor time) so it was off to the fields for a walk.  Thrilled I am.  Wet I am too. 

Hat - Amelia Jane London
Coat - Ilse Jacobsen
Welly warmers - Ilse Jacobsen
Boots - Ilse Jacobsen
Harems - hush 

All I can say is thank goodness for Ilse Jacobsen - coats and wellies.  Simply The Best for wet weather.  

Roast, red wine and Ninja Warrrior now (followed by Sherlock for the husband and I, thank god).  Speaking of the husband, thank you to everyone for their good wishes.  He is desperate for some fresh air so I've suggested I drive him around tomorrow and he can put his head out of the window like a dog.   It wasn't met with an entirely positive reaction.... No wheelchair - any idea of how he can get some fresh air when he can't walk?  Otherwise I fear all the wheels may fall off by Tuesday.

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22 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat

    Fab blog post. I'm trying not to spend any money so thanks for tempting me again ;

    Regarding a wheelchair, the Red Cross hire them for a donation or there are places you can hire one. Just Google 'wheelchair hire'

    LBB x

    1. Oh love that's so kind of you to think of us! To be honest, it's only for a week.. He's going back next week to have his stitches checked etc so hopefully he'll be more mobile then. In the meantime, I've told him to try and enjoy it (ha ha ha - he's going nuts - I'd be tucking into the netflix and the chocolates and would be bloody THRILLED!!) and I'm going to take him out for lunch on Thursday... he says he'll feel up to that.. Hopefully...!!!!

  2. Great post, I love trainers and recently got the red Air-force-1 1s and I just love them. They are so comfy and I feel an inch taller in them. OH not really a fan but I think they are just fab.

    1. They're SO comfy as well, aren't they? Randomly my husband likes them. It's my random boot collection that he absolutely doesn't get!

  3. I am another trainer/sneaker fan, and I lived in my grey Stans last summer, I'm sure they'll see more action this spring. The navy Stan Smiths (to name but one) look great, am tempted but as my new brogues are a hybrid sort of shoe, with classic brogue punched leather on top and a more sporty sole, not to mention my self imposed budget cap, I'll wait this one out!

    1. I have tried and tried and tried - brogues and loafers. I do like them but I have to say, I would always prefer to wear a trainer. Who would have thought?! Ballet flats are the only exception to the rule....

    2. Does that mean you like ballet flats or.... Off the top of my head I don't recall seeing you in any!?
      I like ballet flats, but they don't get the wear they deserve, as I'm more comfy in socks at work, so I can't be bothered taking socks on and off (and I'd probably forget to put them in my bag in the first place), so I stick to sneakers and brogues. So BF's are for the weekends and going out. I would have worn a pair Saturday, but like the UK we had snow and frost temperatures!

    3. Now you see I used to be the biggest fan of ballet flats ever. JUst haven't worn them as much with loafers and trainers. BUT I think this is the year I will finally succumb to the shoe I try on every single year. The Chanel two tone ballet flat in camel and black..!

  4. Oh my. I bought the navy suede m&s ones and wasn't sure. Then thought to myself 'I hope there's a blog on coloured trainers soon for more inspo'. And lo the universe listened. Here it is. And now I like the navy suede ones again. Which surely makes me the most fickle person in the world, no?!!

    1. I think I might actually love you as that's EXACTLY what I do!!!!

    2. I got the leopard ones too and feel all smug about it. I think the fact the navy m&s ones are footglove makes me worry they're a bit 'nanna'. Hmm. But will definitely try on again now that they've been on here and so are 'approved'. I also got the navy version of the wide leg yellow trousers you shared. They're awesome. Aaaaand the tulle grey skirt. So I am all happy with you and m&s right now! Thanks!

    3. oh I'm so pleased you like them! They're amazing aren't they? M&S really doing well this season and wait to see what else they're got in store....

  5. Lusting after the Gucci ones with embroidered tigers. They match the belt from the last post....we do only need one lung don't we???

  6. I've got a pair of wine coloured pumas that I wear as much as my Stans. Great with my exciting (!)navy/black/camel/ grey wardrobe. I'd love a pair of navy (obvs!) Gazelles but am v tempted by the leopard trainers!

    1. I think the leopard would work as a better neutral than any other colour (apart from white) actually...

  7. Thanks for this great article Kat- just what I needed for inspo to get me out of my white trainers. When there is frost on the ground I just don't feel right in white ! X

  8. Love a coloured trainer and currently on the hunt - so undecided. Do I replace my grey Stans or go for an actual colour? White trainers up here are still reserved for neds and footballers - it might tip my husband over the edge and into divorce! I might consider a black pair but I'm not sure about them :D Off to make coffee and surf shop...

    1. I LOVE the black ones. Much easier to wear than any other colour I think....

  9. Absolutely love the Kat trainers, but I'm secretly hoping they'll get reduced even further...

    1. I'd hold out if I were you.. all sizes left...!!!