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It's Blue Monday.  Ugh.  Obviously it's raining.  Obviously it's cold. 

But let's look on the bright side.  Things can only look up from tomorrow.  Apparently it is the most miserable day of the year today.   So whilst I'm looking forward to the rest of the week, I am definitely looking forward to the weekend and my first night out this year (is it really?).

However it is January.  And the weather is diabolical.  Doesn't look like it's improving any towards the weekend, so the chances of me wanting to get dolled up (within reason) to the nines, is slim. 

It's that time of year when you want to get dressed up but with not that much effort.  Dare I say, a pair of trousers and a top is about as much as we can muster.  Plus my health kick doesn't start till tomorrow (and it IS starting tomorrow..) so until then, the prospect of shoehorning myself into a fitted dress, does not appeal. 

I'm going easy.  Classic pair of trousers or jeans.  And an out out top. 

Except.  I don't really have any.  I have been an aficionado of dresses for so many months now, that tops of the going out variety are scant in my wardrobe.  (file that under *things I never say*). 

So when I was asked to write another article for The Pool on hidden gems on the high street  (full article here) and happened upon a blouse which was a fabulous variation on a theme that I love (that is usually a LOT more expensive), it seemed like fate.

I've never made a secret for my love of all things Self Portrait, bar the price.  So imagine my joy when I discovered the perfect lace top for a fraction of the price.  

Best thing is you've got to size down in it as it's massive.  Ok so that's not really the best thing about it at all, but it's certainly preferable to having to take the next size up. 

Lacey Victoriana Blouse from Monsoon £59

If you did want to splash out, then there are some Self Portrait ones in the sale.  But - as much as I am a massive SP fan - the Monsoon one, I actually prefer.  You will have to buy a vest or something to go under it (ok I'm sure they probably don't advocate a "vest" and a cami is probably the more appropriate term, but I wore a vest with mine.  A Primark vest that I've had for about 8 years.  It owes me nothing.  And clings to me like a sausage about to burst its skin BUT you can't see under the lace blouse I promise - the lace is actually a closer weave than it looks and you *could* get away with a black bra in the warmer months.  Or a colour bra if you're adventurous.  Which I'm not.  Hence I wear my black, vacuum-u-pack vest).

Self Portrait Daisy Guipure Lace Top was £180 now £108

Or the Antoinette Guipure Lace Top from Self Portrait, again in the sale as £200 now £120

And yet another monochrome at Self Portriat. 

Ruffle Trimmed Guipure Lace Blouse was £220 now £132

Black again in the sale at Ted Baker.  

Dominia Lace Shirt was £129 now £60

If a shirt style is what you're after, then look no further than Warehouse.  In the sale.  You're welcome. 

Lace Pyjama Shirt was £55 now £18

Moving onto cream now.  For a start, they have the Monsoon version in cream (oops, it's ivory, sorry), which they did have last season too but sold out super quickly.  But hurrah, they have more stock in.  Have to say, it's the black which floats my out out boat though.

Monsoon Ivory Blouse £59 (I swear this is a vest...)

And then again, the Self Portrait options. 

High neck and I have to say, again I completely prefer the Monsoon version for significantly less. 

Cut out floral lace ruffled top £240

Lace up shoulder crepe blouse from Self Portrait was £220 now £154  I so want to love this but the lace up rivet thing is just a tad too Thandie Newton in Westworld for me.

Short sleeved at Samsoe & Samsoe.  Adore.  The Danes can do no wrong.

Samsoe & Samsoe Becks Short Sleeved Lace Top £85

High Neck at Vila (again - go the Danes).

Vila High Neck All Over Lace Top £38

If all over lace is too much for you, then this one from ASOS is a great option (no vest required).

ASOS Lace Insert Blouse with Deep Cuff & Tie £32

Different shades now - champagne and just a hint of lace from ASOS. 

ASOS Satin Blouse with lace inserts £34

Or a new in from M&S which I certainly didn't see last week when I was doing the blog for them.  As I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this.  I would, in fact, say it looks the most expensive out of almost all of them and with a pair of jeans = pure perfection.  I am going to hunt it out tomorrow.

Lace Yolk Printed Long Sleeve Blouse from M&S £25

So lace options a plenty.  Hope you like the other high street bargains on The Pool article

Here I am in the Monsoon top I bought (trying to explain to the husband that I have to buy product for journalistic reasons.  Best.  Justification.  Ever). 

Black lace blouse - Monsoon
Jeans - Zara
Wedge peep toe boots - RIck Owens

And today - in a whole load of grey.  It's Blue Monday - the most miserable day of the year apparently.  Seemed more appropriate to wear grey. 

Grey jumper dress - hush
Burgundy leather leggings - hush
Grey double faced coat - Whistles
Hat - Penmayne
Grey Air Force Ones - Nike
Black half moon bag - APC

Tomorrow - something a little bit different coming.  Something I NEVER tackle.  But it's something I couldn't ignore any longer.  And it fits really well into the "amazing value" category, so hopefully you'll like.  I'm a convert.

I will also be covering more out out tops as, with my newly found love of jeans (well - my re-found love I should say) and black trousers a plenty, which I seem to be accruing by the week, for the next couple of months, I think this is going to be my new uniform.  I appreciate lace isn't for everyone - or you may want to stock up on a couple of different styles, so fear not, there are more on the blog horizon.

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13 comentarios:

  1. Love the Monsoon top, but being big of boobage it probably isn't going to work for me. I do already have a crew neck lacey job from Isabel Marant though - nabbed it a couple years ago in the sale section of Harvey Nicks, £300-ish down to about £90! Only one left, in my size. It was meant to be! The shirt styles look better for me, but ideally I'd like something boxy t-shirt shaped. I have a heavy black lace midi skirt (from Zara's sale last Christmas) that I'd like to turn into a sort-of dress with the right top. So I'm always on the lookout!

    1. Now interestingly, I think it comes up quite big on the body which is why I had to size down as I have no boobage at all... Just saying....

  2. Out of all of them the monsoon (in both colourways) is the best! I do like a lace top, but I do have four, so I must resist (and keep telling myself that January's budget is spent!). Yes a vest underneath is totally fine!
    Looking forward to what you've got in store for us (as usual).

    1. OMG FOUR!! I feel positively abstemious! Yet the great thing about them is that they can all look so different and are perfect for different occasions. Plus lace during the day has become totally normalised as opposed to being a tad *risque*.. as in days gone by!

  3. If only I only had 4. I seem to frequently have a thing for lace tops. I'm either a goth or a victorian or a vintage call girl. I have one cream, one white, three black, a blue and a grey that I can think of off hand. So really I can't. But I could buy the ASOS one that isn't really lace. I'd lvoe the M&S one but I wouldn't look more 1970s Kays catalogue than cool in it. If you could flaunt it for me I'd be grateful. I also have that Primark vest - best £1.50 ever. I've been through any number of other vests and camis and it's always a winner.

    1. Well, alas, couldn't find the M&S one in store today. Booo. And so funny about the Primark vests. I haven't bought any more as I haven't needed too (although to be fair, I should probably size up now!!!) But not after my new fitness regime...

  4. I've been trying to track down the white H&M one I saw MissionStyle wearing.. I love it.. but to no avail, GAH! The STG v's EUR for the Monsoon top is woeful. €90 here in the shop! Anyway, great post as always. Roll on a night out.. my god, only 17 days into Jan and mine isn't even dry but I need a night out! Have fun! Audrey x

    1. Hmmm don't know that one. Oh that is a total bummer about the exchange rate. 90euro is pretty much £90. I so so so feel for you...

  5. I love this top but managed to resist it over the Xmas period only for them to do it in blush for the spring..... I may succumb. ����

    1. I mean the monsoon one! Sorry just got out after bed after a night shift!!!

    2. *of
      I give up.... haha

    3. SNORT!!! I'm keeping the blush one for a blush blog I have coming up....!!!

  6. I think you're absolutely right about the top being made for people with boobs. I think that's the only reason I had to size down actually.... And I LOVE the red Soho Disco bag BUT BUT BUT it is quite ubiquitous now. To be honest, if I were going to buy another that size, I'd look at the Balenciaga Tools bag (the small one is divine....although I think it might be more) OR the Lanvin Sail bag. (look on My Theresa as there's one in teh sale!)