How could I forget?

Like I need another excuse to revisit the sales but nonetheless, I've found one. 

It was a post I saw on Insta yesterday of a pair of supremely divine new season sandals.  At an exorbitant price.  Cue lightbulb moment of the one thing I religiously (along with a whole host of other things obvs) hunt out in the sales - the sandal.  Or sandals which sounds a) better but b) not as dramatic, however since we wear two, let's call them sandals. 

Sandals on speed in fact.  Sandals with attitude.  Those sandals that you buy and think, oh I'll never wear them and you end up dragging them out for years.  YEARS I tell you.  I don't even buy a pair every year.  In fact, I only have four pairs - ok five as I bought a pair late last Summer - that I wear religiously and two of those pairs are five years old (from LK Bennett and Burberry - both bought from Bicester), one four years ago from Reiss in the sale and one last year from Balenciaga at Bicester.  The most recent addition to the collection (although to be fair - in shoe terms, five pair of sandals over a five year period is woefully inadequate and possibly not even worthy of the term "collection") is the pink suede pompom pair from Zara last year. 

Oh and I've just remembered another pair (we may be closer to "collection" status with six?) which I got three year ago this time of year (see?) from the Zara sale.  These were £29 and I was so desperate to get my hands on them, I actually bought two different sizes as they were the only ones that were left.  They're the leopard print Aquazzura-alikes which are as precious to me as if they were a pair of the real things. (and everyone thinks they are.  Well, apart from anyone who reads my blog and sees them and knows they're a Zara special.  Or anyone who happens to compliment me on them after I've had a sniff of wine and I end up showing them that they're two different sizes and cost less than £30.  All the class, me.  Why do we do that?).

So as you can see, when it comes to sandals, it's definitely not a money or designer thang.  If you see a pair you love, then buy them.  As if you love them, you will keep them for years. You will buy dresses to go with them (anyone noticed that I have a plethora of black and blue dresses that work remarkably well with my black and blue sandals?  Not to mention, which came first - my love of pale coloured dresses or my blush Zara sandals...?) and you will never regret buying them. 

I clearly am in no need of any sandals but I would be doing you all a disservice if I didn't have a look at what is out there.  Plus surely seven would round off a Collection, no?

Starting with the bargains and these are especially attractive as they have the perfect heel height.  They definitely fall under the banner of high heel but aren't vertiginous.  9cm.  Perfection.  I can just about party in these without waking up feeling like I need hip replacement.  Just.

Silver first up.  With dark denim.. hell, with everything. 

Cut out Suede Sandalette in Silver were £79 now £40 (no idea what a sandalette is... but I like it).

And my favourite transitional sandals - the shoe booty sort (not a technical term). 

Lace-up Suede Sandals from & Other Stories were £98 now £45

Moving into slightly more random territory now but I did say sandals with attitude.  These would be perfect to go with that black dress/jumpsuit/jeans and tee potentially mundane outfit to turn it into a wow look (oh jeez "wow look" sounds so naff but well, you know where I'm coming from).

Roxana Feather Back Heels from Topshop were £60 now £30

Another delicate sandal - and I have to say, these are the ones that I am drawn to, have been for years and still am, as opposed to a chunkier heeled sandal - in the sale from Warehouse.  Perfect shade to take you into Spring.

Two part heeled sandals in bronze from Warehouse were £50 now £25

But for the best reductions right now, LK Bennett are up there.

Ellena Raspberry Suede Sandals were £250 now £100

Selina Glitter Suede Sandals from LK Bennett were £225 now £110 in the black.

And in the black suede and multi glitter - again now £110

Classic black now. 

Karlie Black High Heel Sandals from LK Bennett were £225 now £90

But my favourite from LK Bennett, and into slightly sturdier heel territory, are the Celeste. 

Celeste Black High Heel were £250 now £100 

Or the Merlot.  Perfect with pink and denim as we march into next season.  Again £110

Block heels are definitely worth looking at and I looked at these last year and nearly bought them.  Personally I struggle to get the mid block heel to work - I need to go low or high, but there are so many that love these and can wear them during the day - these are completely worth considering.  On the other hand, I know people who prefer to wear a mid heel out at night, as opposed to a tottering one (way more sensible if I'm honest) so again, these cover that base too.

Real Suede Frill Sandals from Topshop was £69 now £30

Block heel again at Net a Porter (but not your usual NAP prices). 

Sam Edelman Yardley were £120 now £60

These are the perfect night out pick me up.  Fling on with jeans - with or without socks.  And wear into the Spring.  Bring out again next Autumn.  I love a pair of sandals like these.  Not for the faint hearted heel wise mind you (although there is a big platform so I'm not entirely sure comfort would be a massive issue. Note, I said massive... a little issue for some of us perhaps).

Platform velvet sandals in midnight from Mango were £49.99 now £29.99

The 70s are alive and kicking at & Other Stories for a steal. 

T-Strap Suede Platform Sandals were £79 now £40

Black suede now and again without an ankle strap as I know some people really don't like them at all .

Suede Buckle Heeled Shoes from Warehouse were £55 now £30

And then I had to move up budget.  Just in case.  You never know.  

Mavis cone-heel leather sandals were £325 now £227

Another more manageable heel height from Isabal Marant. 

Jenyd leather sandals were £470 now £235

Upping the budget slightly at Reiss but this is where I struck gold a couple of years ago.  

Monda Leopard Sandals were £160 now £70

Hawthorne Triple Strap Sandals from Reiss in bright blue were £180 now £135

Or the black.. but personally I wouldn't underestimate how useful the blue would be again now £135

For all those who hate an ankle strap - as I said, I know there are lots of you out there, so I do try and put some in whenever I do a sandal post, even though I am an ankle strap addict.

Ariana Red T-Bar Sandals were £150 now £70

If you can do high high heels then please, please can someone buy these?  I would get either a nose bleed or a broken ankle wearing them but I adore them. 

June suede and leather clogs from Malone Souliers were £575 now £230

And in the navy and grey with 60% off at £230.  All the swoon.

And I'm just going to leave these here.... *bites fist*. 

Savannah lace-up velvet sandals by Malone Souliers were £485 now £291

For once, I can hold my hands up and say I'm all sandalled out.  But that's only because I have shopped wisely for sales bargains the last couple of years.  

However... did I mention boots?  How could I even contemplate not covering boots in the sales?  Coming up. 

Today meanwhile, I was continuing the theme of all things vaguely Summery whilst wearing a chiffon dress on one of the coldest mornings of the Winter so far.  I'm not going to lie.  My legs may have been a tad chilly.  Tomorrow, it's back to trousers.  However I will say, I adore this dress.  And thank goodness for a cashmere scarf

Leopard dress - Somerset by Alice Temperley
Stud faux leather jacket - Zara
Grey cashmere scarf - Black 
Copeland Glitter Trainers - Air & Grace
Black fingerless goves - Me+Em
Black Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

The husband had assured me it was much warmer in London (hence my faintly ludicrous outfit) and yes it was.  A rare trip to Knightsbridge (and every time I go to Harvey Nicks, I think I should go more) and some absolute bargains to be had.  Alas nothing really left online but if you can get to store - suffice to say, it's worth your while.  78% off what I bought.  All will be revealed shortly.  In the meantime, I'm smug in the knowledge that I'm in no need of sandals - which is something I rarely say at the end of any blog. 

Oh and did I mention that I'm also having a dry week.  Don't even fancy a glass of red wine (clearly I'm not entirely over the sick bug from the beginning of the week).  Night out with the girls tomorrow and.. drum roll.. I think I might drive.  Note... *think*.... 

Hope everyone else has had a great week back at work and/or school.  Can you believe it's Friday already tomorrow?  

Did I peak too early with the sandals?  Or are you hanging out for boots?

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9 comentarios:

  1. LK Bennett are having a great sale aren't they?! I ordered a faux fur coat due to arrive fri, full of hope...
    Love the Malone Souliers clog sandals too and at 5'2 maybe I need them?? Hovering over the link..

    1. Now that's exciting! And omg please please order them - they're DIVINE!

  2. W9ow Kat what a collection some serious shoe porn! Not so much the platforms - I never have been able to pull those of - but most of the rest are just to die for. Love the Malone Souliers but fear they are just a bit too high for me these days mores the pity. I wonder if the Reiss ones might be a little lower either red or blue lol but then there are the gorgeous merlot LKs Would even have loved the warehouse or the bargain Net porter but sold out in my size lol Thank Kat for banishing first week back bless!

    1. I will say that I have a ridiculously high pair of LKs and they are ridiculously comfortable. DItto the Reiss ones I have which are slightly lower though. Reiss ones definitely aren't quite as high. Hope you find ones you love!

  3. For me the word "sandals" brings to mind flat or low shoes for wearing in summer - these all look like "evening out" shoes to me. And I couldn't wear a single one with heels like that! Very pretty though.

    1. Must admit all my sandals are flat, and while I love the look of these heels, I'd be too afraid of breaking my neck, or even an ankle to wear them!
      All my heels are 'sensible', either a block heel, or not too high and none of the shoes gets an outing unless we're talking special occaision. My boots get a more regular use, but even then only once or twice a month.

    2. Each to their own but I do think that the definition of a sandal is down to the lack of a back or a front! Certainly that's the definition on all retail sites - as opposed to the heel height. You can definitely get "evening" sandals too - although personally I wear a heel during the day too if it's not a casual occasion. But totally understand that some people don't like high heels!

  4. Agree sadly - can't wear a heel above half an inch - I'm reduced to buying this sort of sandal for my goddaughter and insisting she wears them a lot! They are stunning and would just love a pair - yesterday was more me though darn it:)

    1. I definitely wear them less than I used to but have resolved to wear them more this year!! Although not the ridiculously vertiginous ones... they're definitely for special occasions only. I have ankle boots coming up so hopefully they'll be more up your street. Out of interest - have you thought of a wedge heel? Much easier to wear. (sort of...!!)