B number 3.

It's the blouse.  I had a look as to when I last did a blog on this and it was way back at the beginning of December.  But I haven't stopped thinking about them since. 

I have invested in a couple since then - a lace one from Monsoon and the frill one from M&S.  What I don't have, and what I keep seeing and lusting over, are print ones.  I have new jeans, I have high waisted trousers and I have a feeling that dungarees are going to be everywhere this Spring - all of which make the ideal playmates for blouses. 

Maybe I'm finally growing up (ok so that's doubtful).  But when you've been living in jumpers all winter - don't get me wrong, I love a jumper - a change is as good as a rest and since it is realistically months before we can crack out the tees, the blouse is the perfect transitional item of clothing.

It's also super useful.  And there's nothing more than I like than practical.  Cost per wear, these could easily be the most hardworking pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.  They're ideal for work, they double up as the perfect out out tops and with dungas for the weekend - they're ideal dress down fare.

I just need to get over my mental block of wearing them.  It can't only be me, can it?  So I'm going to be wearing my black blouse to London tomorrow for meetings - or maybe the white one... anyone else want to join me on the Blouse mission?

Today, I'm thinking about blouses for the occasions I mentioned above.  Work, play and out.  And I'm looking at print.

Adore this.

Floral Frill Mesh Blouse £36 from Topshop

I would prefer this to the floral personally but maybe I'm still in festive mode.

Star Embroidered Frill Blouse from Topshop £36

Thinking Spring colours now.

Spot Ruffle Blouse from Topshop £34

High collar again at & Other Stories but you can undo the top buttons if you don't like the full on high neck look.  

Raised Collar Frill Blouse at & Other Stories £55

Floral and a v neck now.  Love this with jeans. 

Peony Floral Tie Front Blouse from Topshop £34

Gardenia Silk Blouse from & Other Stories £69

Floral embroidered at Finery London. 

Eastlake Embroidered Lace Shirt £85

Coloured again but this time stripes.  Love the fact this is so different from most other blouses that are out there at the moment, and I think has a kind of retro vibe to it.  80s.  I am sitting here, realising with complete woe that that probably counts as properly vintage now, doesn't it?  Ugh.  

Flared Sleeve Blouse from & Other Stories £45

And then the plain colours. 

Tie Sleeve Blouse in pink from Topshop £29

Turquoise Ariannna Blouse from Boden was £69.50 now £41.70

You will note that there is a distinct lack of black and white here.  Saving them for another day as I think they deserve a blog all of their own.  I also may have a monochrome series coming up.  You will also notice that there isn't a bigger selection as there normally is but with a husband who can do nothing, I am completely and utterly exhausted.  A new found respect for single mothers.  Although I have to say, half my energy has been taken with going to the supermarket about 6 times this week as he is eating me out of house and home (he normally has dinner a couple of nights during the week and that's it.  He now obviously has three meals a day.  This is my fault as I'm not used to buying the amount of food being consumed!  I will know better for this week).  He's also (understandably) pretty miserable as he's finding it seriously frustrating not being able to get around and there's nothing I can do to help (well - certainly nothing I'm suggesting is working....). 

So I've dog walked, taken the children to Mass, gone to the supermarket, cooked a roast dinner, done all the washing and taken the children to the cinema (Sing by the way, which is amazing).  It hasn't left the largest amount of time for work today.

Therefore it was a quick blouse whizz through.  We're going back to the hospital on Tuesday (and I may be going to Bicester on Wednesday, birthday present shopping.  WHOOOP.  Life definitely isn't all bad...) so hopefully he'll have a better idea of how long he has to be housebound!

Today, there was no actual blouse action.  It was definitely jumper territory.  I will try harder tomorrow.  I'm thinking wide leg high waisted trousers, blouse, biker, scarf and hat.... watch this space.  And trainers.  Got to be trainers.

Striped jumper - Zara
Black double faced coat - Jaeger
Drawstring crepe joggers - M&S
Sneakers - Golden Goose
Willow Fedora - Penmayne of London
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci

London tomorrow for meetings as I said.  Which could be very interesting.  I will be reporting back.  And I shall endeavour to wear a blouse (with layers.  Lots of layers as it's still going to be baltic till later in the week!).

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17 comentarios:

  1. Most of my blouses are short sleeved, with a couple of 3/4 sleeved ones and a few long sleeved. Only one has frills, on the neck and sleeves, it dodgy have a tie thing at the neck (not pushy bow) they got cut off due to the boobage issue. Love the blue of the top shop one, not so keen on the frills. I'm looking forward to wearing them more as the weather warms up, although I do wear the long sleeved ones with a layering tee underneath, and the short sleeved ones with a cardy or blazer. That way I feel spring is on its way, and I don't get quite so fed up of my sweaters.

    1. YOU SEE - you've got them nailed! Some people can just do them, some (me) just can't!

  2. Spell check is weird how does 'does' become dodgy? Although maybe it's a bit more clever than it seems, a tie neck is very dodgy on me! And 'pushy' should be pussy.
    Note to my self, read things through properly before pressing 'publish'!

  3. Fell in love in an instant with the peony blouse from Topshop, but it's already sold out online - do you suppose it's still available in-store? I don't live in the UK so would have to activate the husband to get it on his next trip to London. Would love to see more articles on blouses - I live in them apart from during the winter - for all the reasons you state. Zara always used to be very good for patterned chiffon-y type blouses. Has anybody seen any good ones from Zara coming through for spring?

    1. Hmm I think it probably is - You can often check on the TS site for an instore checker and in my experience, it's normally pretty accurate. Hope that helps! And no - haven't looked at Zara yet although Mango and MAssimo Dutti are also pretty good bets. (as in, I see lovely ones in there that look crap on me. Weeps).

  4. Love that selection of blouses Kat. I'm so over monochrome and was only talking to a French colleague this morning about how British colleagues refer to any glimpse of a bright colour as being 'Spring'or Summer' colours.

    I for one and breaking out the brights now to see me thorough the gloom of Jan and Feb.

    LBB x

    1. I"ll be completely honest. I flirt with colour and then run kicking and screaming back to the safety of my monochrome cave and buy something else in black. Or I branch out in leopard. I swear I am actually French. (in my dreams, ha ha ha!)

  5. I love the star blouse from topshop. I have 2 blouses, one more summery in white crepe with frilled/fluted sleeves and a silk, purply one which I have worn with a heattech underneath. Still jumper weather, here, though!

    1. the star one, I actually could definitely definitely do!

  6. Lovely blouses - completely obsessed with outfit in this Saturdays Guardian sup - blue sea through blouse from &other stories and dung's with big buttons on side from Mango - don't care if its mutton - I love it!!!

  7. Oh I love the floral one from Topshop, it is so pretty. There was lovely one that I saw in New Look just after Christmas and I wish I had bought it because I can't find it anymore. Typical! Lorraine x

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    1. FRENCH SPAM!!! My work here is done. I have chic spam. I am winning at life.

  9. I am back in the jumpers. Or I'm going silk. I tried. I really tried to branch out. I branched back in.