All things new and shiny

Ok so no exactly shiny but new.  Oh definitely new.  And things you can buy now.  And wear now. 

I'm sat here watching the news and apparently it doesn't look like it's going to get warmer any time soon.  Frankly it can't get any colder.  If you were in the South East today - seriously, how cold?!  Coldest day of the winter so far - I was off to London and had put on a maxi dress (no tights - moron alert).  Did the school run and had to come back to get changed. -4.5 degrees according to my car.  Not cricket chaps. 

But it was definitely worth the trip to London as I went to one of my favourite press days - the hush Spring/Summer launch.  

We've only got a couple of weeks to wait until the first of their major Spring drop but in the meantime - a little transitional range to keep you going. 

You can see the full range here but what would my top picks be?

For a start, I am officially addicted to black and white. 

Joanie Sweat Top £50 Size wise - I'd say a Small is a generous 10, small 12.    As someone who was the biggest Happy Days fan, I am absolutely in love with this.  Will separate the men from the boys for sure (Joanie who?).  The lettering on this is old school baseball jacket furry style.  Pure vintage inspired class.

Staying in my comfort zone with a pair of classic grey trousers that will work every day and out in the evening.  Wear now with the above sweatshirt and change for a tee (fear not, there's one of those in monochrome perfection to come - scroll down) as soon as the temperature nudges double figures.  I have to say, I am itching to get my black blazers out again.  This style of trouser, tee, blazer, sneakers - Spring uniform right there.

Riley Relaxed Trousers £120

Now if I didn't have a very similar one of these from Finery last year (or two years ago?) I would absolutely be buying this.  Layer now (SEE BELOW!!!) or keep for warmer times.  This is the ultimate dress me up, dress me down item to have in your wardrobe.  With a biker and sneakers for during the day, on 35 degree days when you still need to look smart, this was my saviour last year with a pair of black sandals and a red bag and for evenings out, I wore with sandals. 

There's nothing like bringing Spring into your wardrobe than the addition of a denim jacket . Love this new style.  For now, I would be layering, lots of thin knits and one of my finds of the Winter so far which you will find below (boring myself now).  Perfect with a layer, a dress, a jacket and a huge scarf.  Boots, hat and gloves - you're done.  

Carpenter Denim Jacket £70

And speaking of Spring, possibly my favourite pieces in the new transitional range are the tees.  I adore hush tees.   Last year I was all over the feather and the logo, this year - David Bowie has inspired (well - I don't know if he *actually* has but to my mind - go Bowie).

Lightning Bolt Tee in Olive and White £35

But dare I say, I'd be dull and would go for black.  Leather skirt, black blazer - oh hello perfect Summer outfit.

Speaking of lightning bolts - sweatshirt anyone?  Perfect for this weather with a little layer underneath (hold your horses, it is coming...) 

Lightning Bolt Sweat Top £50

So I was going to come straight home (actually I was going to have a quick wander around dream handbag land for some birthday inspiration) but happened to walk past the rather lovely Warehouse on Argyle Street (which is like no other Warehouse I know of - obviously they have the same product as everywhere else but it just has a very different feel about it) and caught sight of a skirt that I just had to *have a look at*. 

When they had a matching top.. well. 

Garden Posy Top from Warehouse £39

Garden Posy Pleated Skirt £49 from Warehouse 

And here I am in them. 

Will I ever wear the two separately?  To be honest, I doubt it.  Maybe the skirt with an oversized black jumper or polo neck.  But I bought them to wear as a dress.  

I also tried on another dress which I didn't buy, but I'm thinking I probably should have...

Stripe Tie Waist Dress from Warehouse £59

This is me in the dress - I sized up to a 12 as no one needs vacuum packed knitwear after three kids and I have to say I was more than surprised at how flattering it is.  It's also very different from everything I have in my wardrobe.  Which is something I can't say about many things. 

Oh and this is the Insa pic.  Insta v Reality.  This is how I mostly get changed in a changing room.  V lazily.  I had wanted to try another jumper with the skirt but put the dress on first and couldn't be bothered to take the skirt off to just have to put it on again.  So I just shoved the dress over the top.  This is the story of most of us in the changing rooms no?

Length wise - it's the same length as the skirt above.  Which is mid calf on me - actually longer than on the model (which is a total total first I think).

And now for the gem of the moment.  You will wonder how you lived without this.  The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that I have been wearing this (I did buy two - I'm not a minger) on repeat.  Cold?  Pah.  I have a magic weapon.  All the glamour of a thermal. 

But a thermal that will turn all of your crew necks into polo necks.  This will even work for those of you with boobs.  Ideal for under shirts, under dresses, under sweatshirts, jumpers - you name it, this will work with it. 

Heatgen Thermal Polo Neck from M&S £16  I am gutted that the navy is sold out in my size.  Oh and my size is a 14 by the way.  These come up very very small.  The 14 is virtually spray on on me!  In M&S usually I'm a 10 in tops.  But, bothered... it is amazing amazing amazing. 

So what did I wear in the end?  Well black and white obviously.  And yes, that did include my magic thermal top.  LOVE it.  Oh and my new jumper that I got yesterday (which was much admired and yes of course I couldn't resist telling everyone it was only £16 from Matalan... am I the only one who does this?  Gets a bargain and has to shout it from the roof top.  Something expensive, I'm almost ashamed as to admit where it's from.)

Thermal roll neck - M&S
Nope Jumper - Matalan (it is Nope and not Hope)
Faux leather joggers - ASOS
Copeland sneakers - Air & Grace
Black double faced coat - Jaeger
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci

Thursday is another day, I have a blog to bring you I think you might like.  Food for thought for Spring.  Hope everyone has a good evening!  

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15 comentarios:

  1. I just discovered Heatgen! I bought an extra warm white and black striped crew neck top - usually a size 14, sized up to a 20 and it's still quite snug... But I could care less, it's amazingly warm and I'm going back for more!

    1. Aren't they TINY?!! But yes, I'm with you - couldn't give a monkeys!

  2. Love. Everything. (And just quickly ordered that most excellent Matalan sweater - cheers)

    1. It honestly is most excellent!! (you're welcome xxxX)

  3. Kat

    Wondering if you got anywhere with Hush on their dismal customer service. I recall a previous post where you mentioned you would raise the number of complaints about their CS. I'm another one on the list. You look super in the Warehouse outfits. You're so lucky to be able to wear back. Looks so classy on you but adds 10 years to me.

    1. If anyone who has a complaint about the customer service at hush email me at I will personally pass their email on.

      And thank you about the black - I have to say I should probably wear navy.. but I find with enough make up, black isn't too bad!!

  4. I'm with you on a Hush T - the cut is fabulous. Bought several last year including 2 hand-wash linen ones (alright that was by accident) but I like them so much I haven't even minded!

    1. They're just the most flattering ever, aren't they?!

  5. I do like the grey sweatshirt with Bowie lightening, but am wondering whether I'll get the wear out of it, if I lounge about it's usually in my PJ'S, otherwise I don't tend to go that casual.
    I love that black and white dress on you, I am so jealous that I couldn't pull it off. If I thought I could remotely look good in it I wouldn't even be bothered that it was black and white (the white helps, as all black would make me look washed out).
    As for the temperature, and no tights, do I need to wag my finger at you? It was -8.5°C Monday when I took the dog for her pre work walk, and -4.5 Tuesday (not that I felt much difference between the two days). It has gone back up above freezing now, but is drizzling, I do slightly prefer high pressure and cold (no wind) to rain and wind though.

    1. I think you need to wear the Bolt sweatshirt just all the time. Here, it's very much become a part of every day uniform, so (obviously depending on your job!!) you can dress it up or dress it down, depending on your mood. It does come up very big I will say that though!

      And, I have to say, as cold as it is, at least it's been sunny!

  6. I *need* a close up of the heatgen polo underneath something else at the neck. I am assuming, if you are wearing it, it doesn't look weird but in my head it really does. Would you say the heatgen tops are better than the uniqlo ones? You look gorgeous in everything - you skinny, willowy lovely that you are. My middle aged paunch is limiting in ways you'll never know ;-) And how I envy your toned arms. Your pilates is clearly better than my pilates :D Love that top Hush jumper but not sure I'd get much wear out of it. That always happens. I only ever really love the stuff that I don't wear much - it doesn't even make sense... xx

    1. Hmm if you zoom in on a lot of my recent pics on Insta, I"m wearing it. Especially you can see in the one with the rainbow jumper on? Hope that helps!

  7. Just ordered the burgundy one as have a lot of black already - boo to the navy one running out!

  8. Hi Kat, love your blog. Looking forward to the Hush launch. Holding off until then !

  9. HI Kat
    I have started following your blog and love it, thank you for all your top tips and advise.
    I ordered some joplin jeans from Hush (1st time I have used Hush) and I found they go very baggy around the bottom area after an hour of wear. Not great for £65, I have far cheaper jeans which keep there shape nicely all day.
    I returned them to hush and advised them of my unhappiness. They sent me an email saying they have had their people examine them and they are fine and will send them back to me.
    Is this normal customer service?
    I don't think I'll be buying from them again.