One of the three B's.

Coming up over the next three days (unless I decide I've got something that I simply have to write about - which is a high possibility), I've got three B's.

All perfect for Spring and all three you will either love or hate.  I have to say, thinking about it now, I'm not a massive adopter of any of them but they're definitely things I do flirt with.  I do find that an item of which there aren't many in your wardrobe - just the addition of one new thing can be the ideal injection of interest to transform outfits that you're bored of wearing. 

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone at this time of year (when blimey, we all need a bit of cheering up) when you look at your wardrobe, that you've been wearing since way back before Christmas (and doesn't that seem like a lifetime ago already?) and think, ugh. 

So one of these might be exactly what you need to transform your outfits. 

First up.  Blush. 

We're talking a colour today.  A colour I own nothing in.  Oh actually I do - I have a dress.  A wonderful, impossibly impractical, maxi dress from H&M that I bought at the tail end of the Summer and have worn once.  But I absolutely will be wearing it in the Summer.  Which therefore makes the purchase of this dress, which I tried on a month ago and can't stop thinking about, completely ridiculous.  Not withstanding the fact that a) it's very expensive and b) it's dry clean only and whilst we're here, c) because it's dry clean only I wouldn't wear it every day.  Were I able to fling it in the machine, I would happily throw a denim jacket and trainers on with this.

See by Chloe Ruffle trimmed crepon maxi dress £345

And here I am in it.  LOVE.  Can someone I know please have a big occasion this year so I can wear it?  I have diddly squat of this level of importance dress wise in the diary.  I even have the perfect shoes to go with it (the pom pom suede strappy Zara sandals that also are perfect with the other blush H&M maxi dress but I'm trying not to remember that). 

I showed the husband.  "Why are you dressed like a Pierrot?" (he had four sisters growing up in the 70s/80s...).  I don't know why I bother.

So whilst one would be forgiven for thinking this blog is merely a (pathetic) attempt at the justification of aforementioned dress (and you would be right), I seem to be coming across nothing but blush.

This yesterday in Warehouse, for example.

Frill Sweat £39 from Warehouse

I found similar at H&M.

Sweatshirt with frills £29,99 from H&M

And if you think you can't get away from the blush, you definitely can't get away from the frills.  Frills are everywhere.  Kill two trends with one stone with these in a frilly blush combo. (try saying that after a couple of glasses of wine).

Frilled Merino Wool Knit from & Other Stories £55

Turning down the frill volume now at M&S and just a bit of sleeve action (not a jumper for washing up in). 

Funnel Neck Flute Sleeve Jumper £35

And slightly more in my comfort zone.

Boucle Crew Jumper from Warehouse £32

This looks so much better on.  I sized up to a 12 (I don't know why I keep saying that.  I basically am a 12.  Except that sometimes I'm a 10.  Anyone else different sizes in different shops?  And even different sizes in the same shop?). 

On proof reading this article, I really, really, REALLY like this.  And I like it with the skirt (that I obviously did purchase).  Black biker (there's a black border around the bottom of the skirt) and black ankle boots?   Warehouse are having a storming season by the looks of things.  I need to explore in more detail..

Moving on to blouse territory.  This is THE blouse from the lace blog the other day.  The one I have in black. 

Blush Victoriana Lacey Blouse from Monsoon £59

New season at Me+Em.  And this just cements how amazing it looks paired with black.

Pleat Cuff Detail Shirt from Me+Em £165

Final reductions in the Me+Em sale (go forth and lose an hour of your evening over there...)

Lace Bib Jersey Shirt from Me+Em was £99 now £29

Lace bib front again, this time at M&S £25

Silk Box Blouse in blush and white was £165 now £66

But don't think you can get away from the frills in blouse form - oh no.  This one.  All the Chloe, none of the M&S.  Absolutely divine.  I saw it in Marble Arch when I was charging through last week and didn't have time to try it on.  But on the upside, my white one arrived and I absolutely rooting, tooting LOVE it.  Will be wearing out for dinner tomorrow night. 

Long Sleeve Ruffle Blouse from M&S £25

Silk frill blouse at H&M £49.99

Or ease yourself in gently.  Obviously with this weather, the most sensible purchase.

Wool Scarf from Warehouse £39

And finishing with footwear.  The joys of spending way too long on Instagram.  Scrolling through this morning, stumbled upon a Clarks ad (I don't even think I follow Clarks - pretty sure it was a sponsored ad which I never think works but what do you know - this time it did) with a pair of pretty darn gorgeous nude (blush to you and me) shoes. 

In true Clarks reliable and practical style, these come in two different heel heights.  Perfect.  So they don't look *that* special in these photos but I promise you, they looked completely divine on their glossy ad shot.  Definitely worth hunting down if they float your boat.

Grace Isabella Leather Shoes £70

Or higher with the Grace Eva £70

Finishing with something that is simply divine.  I also think I'm going to have to try these jeans.  I've tried them before but they're slightly altered the cut and this is a new wash.  They look beyond perfect for Spring.   I could also easily make excellent use of this jacket but I'm just going to throw it in here that I have spied, in their Spring lookbook, a tan suede biker jacket.  Just leaving that there... 

We are trying to persuade Mandy, the owner of hush, to make this in a grey or navy for next season.  How epic would that be?  Absolutely adore this shape (and colour).

Austen Leather Jacket from hush £280 I do know that they aren't many of these, so if you are thinking about it - don't hang around as they will sell out.

And here I am. In my usual uniform of black and navy.  Embracing all the colour.  Not.  Except for a hint of red on my leopard print boots (which count as a neutral).

Black and white stripe jumper - Me+Em
Black Coated skinnies - New Look
Navy Shearling gilet - Helmut Lang
Leopard print boots - Isabel Marant
Half moon bag - APC

Lovely treat today, with the husband being at home, I took him to lunch.  His first outing for a whole week, bless him.  I could happily have stayed there all afternoon but no rest for the wicked with picking up the children and the supermarket.  Oh all the glamour...

Tomorrow night though, off out for the first time this year (I think.. can't be?  Think it is though).  Slightly more excited than I should be... Will I be wearing my blush dress?  Tempted but I think I'm going to go for the frills instead.  In white though.  One step at a time for me and all the new fashions.  Interestingly (and I probably should have brought this up earlier as opposed to just flinging it in at the end as an after thought), when it comes to embracing new trends, I definitely find it easier to add just one at a time.  So yes, I'm dipping my toe in the water with frills.  But I'm sticking to white.  Not that blush pink is reinventing the wheel by any stretch of the imagination but if it's a colour that's out of your comfort zone, personally, I stick to either a new trend or a new colour.  Just slightly less scary than trying both at once.  Baby steps. In my experience, the rule of thumb is that I'm more like to wear it that way.  

But then rules are made to be broken...

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22 comentarios:

  1. Must say (and I know this isn't helping) but the chloe dress looks way better on you than on the model - she looks like she's playing dress up from the grown ups wardrobe, whereas it looks great on you!
    As for blush I've been a full convert for a few years ago. I always thought blush didn't suit my skin tone, but I bought a suit for a wedding about 10 years ago in a colour I would call dark blush, and have since found that as long as I stick to the warmer blush tones I can go as pale as I like. My most recent purchase is a pair of clarks blush brogues, that are a bit on the sporty side.
    Oh, (a bit off subject) I finally bought my long awaited blue/black bag it's absolutely gorgeous with blue sealskin where it's grey in the image:

    I almost waited too long, last one in stock! Oh and the sealskin is from a sustainable source in Greenland.

  2. Not helping either, but the Chloe dress looks lovely on you. I can't do blush or beige, it's too warm-toned for my skin, I think. I can do a dusky pink or violet, but more likely in summer. Love your monochrome outfit and I'm with you on diluting trends, isn't that just adapting them to your own style, though ;).

  3. That bag is beautiful, Danish, love a crossbody bag!

    1. Thanks, it's getting it's first outing tonight!

    2. It is absolutely amazing x

    3. It's even got the thumbs up from my husband as there is plenty of room for his phone, wallet and keys!

  4. So I just splurged at me+em for the first time. The lace bib jersey shirt above was in black for £19 - well it would be rude not to as they say. And a lovely jumper in cream which I hope won't be too short. So thanks. I think. Jac

  5. Oh ad I agree about the Chloe dress. I think you should buy it.

  6. Love that Chloe dress. I would be buying it if looked half as good on me as it does on you, and just hoping and praying for a suitable event this summer. That beautiful blush ruffle blouse from M&S is sold out up to size 14, so that's a bit disappointing. Did you order the same in white, or was it different?

    1. No the white one is different - it has a higher neck which is much much better for me. It's first outing tonight!

  7. I adore this dress and it looks so good on you so I am definitely in the buy camp. And even if you have nothing to wear it to now, who knows what lies ahead this year! Being a bit of a peely-wally Scot this is not a colour I have really worn - too much blending going on, but it looks like there is more of a colour range now so maybe worth another wee try. Mind you all spring shopping is on hold as it's all woolies and layering for me just now as we are in the midst of a 3 day snow storm which could dump 12 - 24 inches.

    1. Peely wally, I love that expression, our neighbours from my childhood home were Scottish, so we learnt it from them. It's now become one of our most loved expressions!

    2. OMG OMG OMG where are you to get all that snow??!!!

    3. I am in Flagstaff, Arizona and we can get some pretty heavy snowfalls throughout the winter. I do love the snow but I dislike the digging our drive to get out - this morning was 18 inches! So that was my exercise for today. Thoroughly enjoy your blog as it is a wee slice of home.

  8. I love this blog! Just found you today via the pool and it's like you're answering all the sartorial questions that have been on my mind since turning 40 (am now 41). I love your style so am taking notes and have a few purchases lined up already. Just had a huge clear out of clothes, kinda glad I didn't charity shop the blush dress with ruffles that I love but just don't wear. (I too spend most of my time in black and navy)

    I think I avoid said dress because it's above the knee but maybe....over jeans? Over leggings? Black tights? Hmmm I will find a way .��

    1. I am so with you on the no dress above the knee thing. I have knees that look like they're puked over themselves. Flobby and lumpy. Eeeewww. Have always been the same. I do find though, in the Summer with enough fake tan, I can *just* about get away with them.

      I would definitely wear a blush dress with black tights now - sounds gorgeous!!!

  9. I'm afriad the Chloe dress is unbelievably beautiful. I challenge you to find anything else you look better in. Not helpful I know....but some things just have to be done. Surely a birthday dinner outfit (or did I miss your birthday?) I vaguely remember it being near mine). In other news my first Me and Em purchase arrived - amazing quality. Another Kat recommended brand success - thank you!

    1. Aha - no, my birthday is on Thursday and I think it's slightly too dressy for Bills! But I am going out on Friday and shall be wearing my new outfit (more excited than I should be!!). I am exceptionally tempted to buy it - surely something will come along that it will be perfect for??!!! And so so pleased you like the things from Me+Em. They're fabulous, aren't they?