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Following on from the dungarees blog the other day, I have rediscovered a wardrobe staple.  Shopping my own clothes for something great to go with my new dunga purchase - tick tick tick.  Buying another of aforementioned staples from Bicester is probably not the aim of the "shopping your own wardrobe" game (but as it was only £20 after I'd returned a faulty jumper, it would have been rude not to).

Today, I'm all about the blazer.  The iconic, can do no wrong, timeless, add instant chic, wardrobe must have.  There is no other jacket more perfect to turn your potentially questionable dungarees purchase into legitimate chic fare.

Just add a blazer.  If you did want further justification to purchase new loafers, then I can wax lyrical about their addition to the outfit as well, but I'll leave that for another day and just focus on the blazer.

Channel your inner Emmanuelle Alt.  Think Parisian, think timeless classic, think elegant dress down.  I went black on black but then I saw this camel Stella McCartney bargain (it was £200 down from £1000 -  I KNOW RIGHT - and then I had to return the green tiger jumper as all the stitching had come undone at the neckline which, for £180, I was not going to pay to have repaired, ergo it cost £20) and the creative outfit juices started flowing. 

This is the perfect transitional jacket.  When it warms up.  But for now - layer underneath, add a huge scarf and don't go on a long walk in the freezing temps.  How will I be wearing mine?  Well with the dungarees, goes without saying, but they're also perfect fodder for jeans and sneakers, wide leg trousers, cropped flares and my newly found fave, peg legs.

Here I am in my new purchase - with the leather dungarees which were much admired.

And can you believe the dregs of the sales are still worth perusing?  

Woven Boyfriend Blazer by Marc Jacobs was £510 now £147.90

20% of all sale at Matches with the code EXTRA20.

Weekend by Maxmara Vicini Blazer in navy was £240 now £144

Elizabeth and Jane Evie Satin Blazer fro Matches (so an extra 20% off) was £448 now £134

And then classic black  at Me+Em, also in the sale with an extra 10% off with the code YIPPEE.  My thicker blazer is from Me+Em and it is amazing.  Superb quality and definitely worth investing in.

Forever Tux Jacket was £249 now £174 pre 10% off

Grey in the sale at Whistles.  Great buy.

Check Longline Blazer was £220 now £65

More black in the new season sweep.

Shawl Collar Blazer from & Other Stories £79

Navy at Boden with 20% off using the code 4S4L

Elizabeth Ponte Blazer £98

Also available in black again £98 pre discount

My staple Spring black blazer from hush.  This is the most perfect lightweight, boyfriend blazer ever. 

Black Jacket £70

Double breasted navy at Whistles - again a complete bargain at £85 down from £175

Finishing with a super similar version to the one I have last year from the Alexa range at M&S. 

Gold Button Blazer at M&S £49.50

And here I am in my blazer, which is the Me+Em one from a couple of years ago, but still a complete classic and the leather dungarees.  

Leather dungarees - H&M
Blazer - Me+Em
Cream silk shirt - Zara
Half Moon bag - APC
Copeland leopard trainers - Air & Grace
Monogram brown/grey scarf - Gucci

Had the most amazing day yesterday at Bicester - I also managed to buy another pair of boots.  (I know, I know but they are too incredible for words and I have sent so so much of my sales stuff back - have only really invested in things that are classics and have had 70/80% off and are therefore proper bargains - justification over).  I will report back tomorrow.  It was my birthday today, so I will also give details of my pressie.  Which I handily had already purchased myself as I knew the husband would have, as usual, bought sweet diddly squat.  He always excels himself at Christmas and has gift fatigue come the third week of Jan.  I have told him though that this year, he can give me an IOU for later in the year.  Perfect for when I see a pair of shoes that I MUST have (a certain pair of ballet flats have my name on them....).  He has also been holed up for the past couple of weeks and not able to get anywhere near a shop.  When I mooted the topic of "the internet" with him, I was met with a raised eyebrow, a shake of the head in disgust and the immortal words "I don't trust it".  I am actually married to Ron Swanson.

I am now off for a glass of prosecco, having been out for supper with the children (that will have been pizza then!) and the rock and roll birthday treat of Question Time (I am officially addicted to it).  But tomorrow, big day out with the girls.  New Warehouse outfit coming up.  Although I am tempted to do the leather dungas, silk shirt, new blazer and new (leopard print) wedge heel boots...

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20 comentarios:

  1. Happy Birthday! Your iou idea sounds great.
    I've only got one proper blazer, but have used it quite a bit, it is of course navy. I am on the look out for another, but nothing too suit like as I don't need a corporate look. I'll probably go for one in a petite size, as the fit will be better.

    1. Well - that and the fact I bought my own bag. In my defence I did get a tax rebate that was obviously burning a hole in my account, not. An IOU is genius and pretty much what I get every year!!! We are also going away for the weekend once he's sorted a sitter...! WHOOP!

    2. If it's any comfort, you're not alone, I ordered my own Christmas present, and even collected it from the post office. It's not the first time either, I'm just surprised he trusts me with his credit card!

  2. Happy Birthday Kat! Sending very best wishes your way xx

  3. Happy birthday - hope you have a fabulous and bargainous year ahead. I wouldn't wear a jacket over dungas because of the going to the lav issue but hey I'm ancient

  4. Happy Birthday! Love the idea of an IOu, will have to use that myself!

  5. I love blazers - especially on other people. For some reason I just don't feel like I can pull them off properly. Not sure why! I do really like the Hush one though, might give that a bash. L x

    1. The hush one is simply THE most perfect jacket to start off with. Unstructured, so super easy to wear as not suity in the slightest.

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you are going to drag it out into a birthday weekend. Or week :-)

  7. Happy Birthday! We have 3 family birthdays in January, my youngest is last and I find it hard to muster enthusiasm (bad parent).

    Yes, yes to blazers, love them and they will be perfect for spring... and summer, and autumn, and winter too. What a bargain.

    1. awww your poor baby!!

      Blazers are definitely the one thing I keep for sooo long.

  8. Ron Swanson LOLLL
    Love your blog Kat. And I'm totally with you on Question Time - my husband & I even went along to be in the audience a few years ago, it was great!

    1. Oh I would LOVE to be in the audience! Bucket list stuff!! The world is divided into people who love Parks & Rec and those who are like huh??

  9. Hi Kat,I am a long-time lurker and thought your birthday was as good a time as any to say how much I enjoy your blog. Blimmin' costing me a fortune though! Happy Birthday!

  10. I very nearly bought a blazer today. It was such a shame, as it was a lovely half price By Malene Birger navy blazer, in a bright navy. The one I have is darker, and a brighter one would be great. was just too long, and being quite short it wasn't good. So I didn't cave, and stuck to my guns, and came away empty handed.