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We've covered bikers but there's no ignoring that its baby brother, the bomber is hot on its heels with regards to winning over our hearts and position A in our wardrobes.

I will confess that I was a very late convert to this trend.  And it's something that I still have a very strict criteria as to what works for me and what doesn't.  I say that like I have a plethora of them, when in fact I am the proud owner of one.  But it's a very special number that I got for a bargain in Ireland last year.  

Why does the one I have work and the majority not work on me?  I think the fact that it's leather, gives it a structure that the silky versions don't have.  It holds its shape, is a shrunken version that nips in at the waist.  Whereas any of the more oversized versions I feel do me no favours.  Plus, on a nana practical level, they mostly offer zero warmth.  Unless they're the padded oversized versions.  Each to their own but personally, I look like a linebacker in them. 

So today - I'm going for a more investment option (but obviously I've found some bargains) in a more flattering shape. 

Starting with what is the difference between a bomber and a biker.  A bomber is a round neck, single breasted, usually with a zip fastening and an elasticated waist.  But the latter needn't make you look like a weeble.  It doesn't have to be a bulbous shape with the elastic, it can be on the sleek side, with the elastic there merely as a finishing to the bottom of the jacket as opposed to being on the snug side, giving a straighter silhouette.  It can also stop at the waist whilst others are longer, finishing at the hip.  For me - the former works so so much better.

But rather than wanging on about shapes, let me show you what I mean and what I've come up with.  To wear these in the sub zero temperatures we're currently experiencing, is going to be a punchy move if you're spending lots of time outside, but you can easily wear a number of thin layers underneath (which are often warmer  than one thicker layer) and the round neck of these jackets, lends itself perfectly to the hugest of scarves.  However come the Spring, you won't know how you lived without one.  

i'm going to start with one that is obviously breaking my description, as it has a collar.  Duh.  But I have had my eye on it all season and it's now with 70% off.  The vintage vibe to this, means that it's something you would have in your wardrobe for years and years to come.

Faux leather and faux fur bomber in chocolate was £125 now £37.50 (the rust is still full price by the way).  It should be called the Huggy Bear jacket.  It just should.

Staying with faux leather and another bargain from La Redoute in green was £49 now £19.60

Speaking of green, I'm just going to throw this one in as, even though it has a collar, it's still definitely a bomber.  And I simply adore the colour.  Not to mention the slight puff to the shoulders. 

Leather Bomber jacket from La Redoute £195

Or the plum again £195   This is the colour of mine - so useful, I promise.

And a hugely wearable tan again now with 60% off at £19.60

Moving on to classic black.

Leather Bomber Jacket from Karen Millen £299

I am constantly being asked for navy jackets so this one is a gift from me to you.  It's a midnight, so not navy navy but not black.  Perfect for those of you who love the look of black but need something with that warm blue edge to it without the starkness of pure ebony.

Leather zip up bomber jacket from La Redoute was £225 now £90

And just in case you think it is black - to show the difference, again now with 60% off down to £90.

Suede now.
Mint Velvet Suede bomber Jacket was £289 now £159

And then combining b number's one and two in a blush bomber.  The texture of this gives it a structure.

Numph Jarla Textured Bomber Jacket £70

Textured again in the sale at Mango. 

Contrast Trims Bomber £49.99 now £29.99

Not forgetting that sequins are for life and not just for Christmas.  This colourway would be perfect with a white tee and faded jeans in the Spring/Summer. 

Sequinned bomber was £69.99 now £29.99

I should probably have mentioned how I will be wearing mine.  Well - first and foremost they are the perfect shape to wear over dresses and skirts - especially those of a maxi or midi lengths.  To find a coat or jacket to go with frocks that length is notoriously difficult.  A bomber (or a biker to be fair) is the perfect option. 

It also works perfectly with all shapes of trousers.  And if a scarf isn't your bag, then how about layering a gilet over it for the rest of the Winter? 

Are you a bomber or a biker fan?  Or another jacket.  I have had a revelation with regards to another jacket which I may have to interrupt the 3B's to explore tomorrow.  All will be revealed. 

In the meantime, I have been freezing my butt off here.  It didn't get above 2 degrees today.  With a wind chill factor of I don't know what, but was cold cold cold.  I have decided I have a new found respect for those who live in an exceptionally chilly environment for months on end.  I'd be out of there.  I've also realised I don't really like spending time outside.  In the cold.  Nesh should be my middle name.

Ines navy Rainbow Breton - Wyse London 
Phoebe Jeans - MiH
Black boots with gold heel - Zara
Onyx black biker jacket - hush
Navy shearling gilet - Helmut Lang
Half moon bag - APC

And I am now off out.  Am taking the husband and his poorly feet with me.  Really looking forward to a lovely dinner - just to decide what what to wear...  Tomorrow I will be back with either my new found obsession (in my head only) or the third b.  Seeing as I don't have to get up tomorrow morning as football has been cancelled (seriously, it's like Christmas - one massive advantage to this freezing weather), I will be up early doing research in bed.  BLISS.  However that does depend on whether I have more than one glass this evening.. it may have been a long week here...

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15 comentarios:

  1. Well I got that one wrong, I guessed blouses and brogues for second and third 'B'!
    As for bombers, definately agree that a bomber in leather is the way to go, and while I did have a red satin one in my teens (might have even been from matalan) I'd go for a more fitted shape today. My leather jacket is part bomber, part biker and I love it! No elasticated bits, and zips on the sleeves. Another leather is definately on the cards, so why not a bomber...

    1. They do the same job as a biker but it's lovely to have something that's a bit of a different look!

  2. Of course I bought the Mango sequin bomber the second it landed as I was in love. But, of course, it was still very warm weather so it didn't get worn immediately, was hung up and has been languishing in my closet ever since. Thanks for reminding me I own it already!

  3. I owned a white Ted Baker bomber in my youth which at the time was lovely!? However after having two kids I feel the bomber cuts right at the mummy tummy and its just no good with jeans. However with dresses you say, I might just have to order one to try on :)

    1. There is no way I'd wear mine with jeans on its own. I would layer a gilet over the top but I definitely more coverage around my middle like you say (if you think it's bad after two kids - imagine three!!!)

      However it's the perfect jacket with dresses - ideal to not add bulk!

  4. Oh, these are much more wearable than the oversized silky ones! I used to have a tan pleather one, similar to those green ones. I think in my head they all come under leather jackets, rather than bombers. It's been super freezing here, too. Puffa and furry boots weather.

    1. But on the upside, football was cancelled - and I'm saying a sneaky prayer that rugby might be off too!

  5. Recently got the Gant Diamond G stadium jacket, as bomberish as I go but love it!

  6. Three years I invested in a Italian made 90s patchwork mink bomber jacket. It has become the most complimented garment I own and often asked where I had purchased this (Portobello road market). Its even caught the attention of a few fashion editors and stylist. I dress this down with jeans, wide leg or utility style pants with low heel ankle boots or just trainers. Normally I am not a fur wearer but wearing this sits comfortably with me without too much effort on how to style this. It took many years to find the right one in the right shape.

  7. Feeling good now about my leopard print bomber in the M & S clearance .... Thank you!

  8. Now I've heard mention of one of these, but don't recall ever seeing it!!

  9. Well I'm sure you are not sifting the Per Una racks that often!
    Yes , it was heaped on that big pyre of clearance ... A favourite of mine.
    Is it that I'm from Yorkshire? (Short arms,deep pockets ) that we are such natural bedfellows. Last year I got a fantastic silver sequin dress. Thank you Twiggy
    On the way home I called in at Matalan
    Gym wear .. Tick, oh and patent pleather , silver heel boots for £4. Result as they are actually comfortable. Bomber £10.99.
    You taught me well
    Christine x