Round up of my best sales purchases (am sure I've missed something....)

Super quick one from me today (well it started that way but obviously I've managed to drone on for hours) but I wanted to do a round up of some great sales things that I may have included before but are now super steals with extra discounts and some things I spied today whilst doing research for other articles I'm writing. 

And I am going to apologise upfront as, to get the best deals on some of these, you will need to go into a shop.  Or, you could always try ringing some to see if they would send them to you from store?  

First up - I've caved on a coat.  Ok, now I can justify this.  SO.  Do you remember I had a fickley fad for all of a day or so on tassel hem black jeans?   And ordered a whole host to try on?  One pair of which was from Warehouse.  Which I neglected to return. (please tell me I'm not the only one who does this?  The.  Shame.)  Imagine my surprise when looking for something in a drawer, I found a bag with aforementioned Warehouse jeans in, unworn.  From November.  Insert all the swear words. 

However - thank my lucky stars, they didn't go into the sale.  So I took them back this week to Warehouse (along with the blue and pink *bargain* £15 floral dress which wasn't such a bargain when it made me look like a man in drag) and returned them for a credit note.  Which I then immediately swapped for the coat that I have had an eye on all season.  As it worked out at £56.  For a coat that was originally £175.

Oversized Boucle Coat from Warehouse was £175 then £95 now £70 with an extra 20% off in store.  I got the medium.

Also at Warehouse, I bought the Wrap Neck Knit Dress which I had on the blog for the maxi/midi sales blog after Christmas.  Super pleased with this one.  I think I may have already said how lovely this is... apologies but I didn't want to leave out any sales bargains.  (although I haven't included the two maxi Temperley dresses from John Lewis I got as they're totally sold out online).

Wrap Next Knit Dress from Warehouse was £89 now £50 (and yes the lovely, lovely lady did let me return it and re-buy it with the extra 20% off so I got it for £40.  Result).  I sized up to a 12 in this as it's very heavy (amazing quality) and whilst quite forgiving, I didn't want it to be super clingy.

And then wide leg trousers which I featured for full price on the blog before Christmas.

Wool Blend Herringbone Wide Leg Trousers from M&S were £45 now £17.99  I paid £28 for them and to be honest, I'm not sure if I *need* them... But I do love them.

Not too many sizes left online but I picked these up at the back end of last week instore where there were loads.  Thoughts?  I don't need.  I'm going to take them back. *polishes halo*.  They don't go with my new coat for a start.  Decision made.

They are nice though, aren't they?

Staying with trousers, I've also ordered these from M&S as I was ordering some things for an article I'm putting together for them this week.  And couldn't resist.  I LOVE THEM.  For £9.  I have resisted before as they don't have pockets.  For less than a tenner, I can live without them. 

Striped Wide Leg Trousers were £25 now £8.99

And in the navy - again £8.99

I can't believe I actually bothered to look for jeans in the sale.  But jeans I did look for (in my best Yoda impression) and came up pretty trumps at Zara.  I think.  I just wonder if I need to cut the edge of the hem off.  Or try and fray the hem.  As they just look a tad errr square bear with the super neat hem.  And they're too long.  I think they're actually supposed to be full length but on me that means they're evacuee length.  Just a cm off - that's all I need to make them look EPIC.  I think.  Can you tell I'm not sure?   You know when you've touched too many pairs of jeans and are just ridiculously confused? Can't even remember what you wanted in the first place?  That's me. 

Overisized Selvedge Jeans from Zara were £39.99 now £17.99  I don't think this length even works on her.  This is what they look like on me.  Not full length, but not even 7/8ths or flood length.  Just super frumpy length, no?  Or is it super cool length that I haven't got around to embracing yet?  ARRGGGHH did I ever mention how much I HATE shopping for jeans?  Definitely need a bit of a battering on the hem.  The colour is amazing.  This pic does not do them justice.

OR do I leave them as is...??  I actually originally paid £29.99 in the first round of reductions so yes, obviously I've ordered them again in the sale.  And yes, I've ordered two pairs, just in case the hemming is a disaster.  The colour and the fit around the waist is just the perfect level of bagginess for me.  Out of every single designer jean I've tried on this season - these are the best.  

To be honest, I wouldn't have ordered them from that pic.  This is the one that sold them for me (although I was only tempted in the sale).  Having said that, I love them so much, I would have paid full price for them. 

And here I am in them - still full length.  To chop or not to chop?

And then the boots.  So the Marants that I bought aren't on sale for anywhere near what I paid for them but.. oh look what I found at Office. 

Obviously you can't buy them online (all the eye rolls) but they had loads in the Office at Bluewater so it may be worth a call. 

They do have the non leopard version available to order though.  They look a LOT better in the flesh.

Here are the leopard ones... they are a pretty good tribute, that's for sure.  £48 now.

And here are the non leopard ones.

Office Lightning Pointed Boots were £88 now £48

And that's it.  I think.  Which I don't think is too bad for a sales smash and grab.  All of which I will be wearing loads now and all of which will happily take me into the Spring. 

First outing for the coat.

White shirt - Me+Em
Black extra fine merino jumper - Uniqlo
Crepe joggers - M&S
White leather trainers - M&S
Mustard oversized coat - Warehouse
Half moon bag - APC

I have some really interesting projects coming up, working with one of my favourite companies and a new one too. 

And I've also been ridiculously busy, researching a new article for The Pool.  Have just written an article for them which was published on Monday - me spreading my love of leather far and wide... if you haven't read it, hope you enjoy!  The next one is proving a lot more challenging....

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23 comentarios:

  1. Grabbed the striped trousers in black as already got them in navy (but at £11.99, boo). But the jeans are not the best, I'm afraid!! Jeans shopping is the worst!!

    1. Oh that's still a great price for the trews! And the jeans definitely aren't going to be everyone's cup of tea!!

  2. I know you already have one, but I saw the Stella McCartney tiger jumpers in assorted colours for £100 in Bicester Village last week. Can't decide whether to go back for one or if I am too late to the party on this.

    1. WELL. I absolutely mine BUT BUT BUT it's got a bloody hole in it round the neck!! The stitching has come undone sooooooooooooo I don't know whether to take it back or just get it stitched. Decisions, decision..... Having said that, I do completely completely love it. I'm just not sure whether they're the best quality. I might ring them today actually. It's been on my list of things to take to the menders but we've got traffic lights in our tiny town at the moment and it takes half an hour to do a 10 min journey so I"ve been avoiding that side of town where the menders is!

  3. Trying to be good, although that's probably because I've snagged all the stuff I'd wanted in the sales. However.

    I bought the leopard pixie boots from Next that I couldn't make my mind up on at full price, but they felt a whole lot more buyable at £30. Now you have produced the Office leopard boots and I'm conflicted. Do I need 2 pairs (in addition to all the animal print footwear I already own)?
    By the way, did you know the sales season is about to start in France? I have Sezane, Soeur, Les Trouvailles D'Elsa and Pretty Wire with items loitering in my baskets in anticipation.

    1. The leopard pixie boot and the Office ones are really different in my opinion. One is full leopard and one is a black pair with a hint of leopard. I guess it depends on how often you wear ankle boots? If it's loads then go for it!

      And omg tooo jealous of your sales. When we went over in Dec, all the French brands were on sale in the UK but still full price which = no purchasing at all!

  4. You have bagged some great bargins there. And a great article too.
    I did buy a few things in the sales in December, and returned some of them too! But I did keep a dark blue (not navy) velvet tee and a silk scarf in blush coral and burgundy. I'm holding out for next week when I will hopefully be ordering the bag I've got my eye on. Oh and I did happen to order a pair of blush patent brogues for the spring with 10% off! (I was going to wait until next month, but I had the discount code and there were only 3 pairs left in my size).
    I do have my eye on a few pieces for the spring, but I'm trying to whittle my wish list down to something more realistic!

  5. I went with a new coat too! Wool mix leopard print from River Island. The gold (plastic!) buttons were hideous, so replaced them right away. Also snagged a new bag, a yellow leather backpack from Radley for half price. Well pleased!

    1. Genius! And a yellow bag sounds divine - fab idea x

  6. That coat is just GORGEOUS! Such a lovely colour. You got some amazing things in the sale. Jane x

  7. Love the sales. My bargain of the sales was this coat at Monsoon for just over £60 (sale price £69 plus extra 10% off) down from £249!

    Seems to be sold out now on Monsoon website.

    1. Is a legitimate website? Have placed an order but no email confirmation and there isn't any information on how to contact them. Seriously worried it is a con. They have taken payment but no sign of the Coast dress. Any information gratefully received!

  8. Well, look at that, they have wide leg navy trousers left in my size, thank you!!

    1. OH YAY!! Am picking mine up today! WHOOP!

  9. Just put the warehouse coat in my basket - they are doing a 20% student discount online ( I have a card as I work at a uni - gets me (59) strange looks at shops) - finger hovering!!!!

  10. Just ordered the jeans.... couldn't resist!! Thanks for the tip - I got them for £12.99!!! Bargain - if they fit! Xx

    1. KIDDING??? oh my god can I be bothered to order them again..??!

  11. Zara jeans are completely and utterly hit and miss. These ones only come in a SMall and I would say are a large 12... so how the model is wearing them? Clamped at the back. Totally irritating as you can't see how they fit at all!!!! But your shoes sound MAZEBALLS!

  12. Hi Kat I managed to get the black marants in a local boutique today for £187...a £300 saving!!