Peg leg

It hardly sounds like the most inspiring trouser shape in the world, does it?

But it's been a long time since I wore the same pair of trousers three times in a week.   Firstly, it will come as no surprise that they're black.  Secondly, it's probably not the newest of news that they're cropped.  

What they also are is super comfortable, flattering and - apparently - super cool (according to my friends yesterday, not me blowing my own trumpet).  What's even better is that they were only £55. 

What's not so great is that they've sold out.  So for everyone on Instagram who has asked - and for those of you who didn't realise that you needed a pair but now do, I am spending my Saturday perusing all things black trouser related of the peg leg variety, to see if I can find any similar. 

What makes them so great?  They're a pair of black trousers - no-one's reinventing the wheel there.  But they're trousers with a difference. Statement shape, modern look to them, a classic with a twist.  Which is my favourite form of fashion. It's the easiest way I find to adopt new trends.  I have to take baby steps and a pair of trousers but not as we know them, is the ideal style solution to liven up your January wardrobe. 

Firstly, these are the ones I've been wearing but in the blue denim version.  So not black at all.  But these would do exactly the same job but in blue jeans form.  For the record - I think ASOS White comes on the large side.  So if you're inbetween sizes, size down.

ASOS White Mom Wrap Front Jeans were £55 now £38

The most similar I can find are these.  

ASOS White Textured Ovoid Trousers £65

And I also did try these which are the same shape but in a much softer fabric than the stiffer denim version I have.

ASOS White pull on trouser with pleat detail was £60 now £42

I've also managed to find some that aren't so ovoid in shape - perhaps easier to wear if you're not particularly tall or don't want quite as statement a look.

Tailored Cropped Trousers from & Other Stories £65

Wool Blend Trousers from H&M £39.99

Pleated Trousers from H&M £29.99

A subtle peg in black or navy from Finery London. 

Boxmoor Peg Trousers £55 in black

Boxmoor Peg Trousers £55 in navy

Navy also at Topshop £25

Black frill waist at Topshop £39

Then the jazz hands versions.  You know you want to... I am absolutely loving these.  Ivory silk blouse - oh my lord, I'm having to sit on my hands.

ASOS White Pearl Embellished Jeans £65

ASOS White Drop Crotch Herringbone Trousers £65

If you don't want super slouchy and prefer a less oversized look, then there is another grey option at Finery.

Eastcote Coated Check Peg Trousers in grey £75

Moving onto coloured trews.  A brave move.  Are you brave enough?  I go through phases of loving all things colour and then I recede back to my bat cave where only black will do.  Currently am languishing in a lack of a colour and loving it but that's not to say I won't turn into a rainbow magpie next week.  First up, my choice of colour would be red.

A supremely amazing pair from Finery London in red.

Rushbrook Turn up Peg Trousers £65

Green peg leg trousers from Topshop £45

Or in the blue again £45

On reflection - forget the red, from Topshop, my choice would definitely definitely be the (not very colourful at all but super useful) 

Eyelet Front Peg Trousers from Topshop in putty £35

Awww I say the putty but then I see these... the khaki version.  Must.  Not.  Cave. £35  Nope, I think it's the putty I would definitely go for.  

And finishing finally with a pair which I did in fact buy last year but I was in between sizes - as in between a size 12 and 14 - I thought they came up on the snug side on the waist.  But I did have them sitting on my hips (as I wanted then longer through the leg).  The Topshop Mensy Trousers.  Obviously I bought them in black and not the red.

Mensy Peg Trousers in Red from Topshop £39

I'm not going to lie - pink and ruffles are a step too far out of my comfort zone in a pair of trousers but these do look amazing if pink and ruffles are your bag. 

Ruffle Waist Mensy Trousers £42 from Topshop

Checked Mensy Trousers at Topshop Boutique £70

And here I am in mine.  For two days in a row. 

On Thursday for my birthday.  With my present (new bag) that I bought myself).  And the boots (which I also bought myself from Bicester).

1970 Jumper - Bella Freud
Mom black jeans - ASOS White
Double faced black coat - Jaeger
Ponyskin leopard boots - Balenciaga
Black small Tools satchel - Balenciaga

And yesterday - for more birthday celebrations.  Breakfast at The Vine (favourite local restaurant) and then out for a very long lunch in London at Bronte.  Which is completely perfect as it's 50yards from Charing Cross station which is where our train goes into.  In the same trousers.  And what is possibly the best blouse ever.  Definitely in need of a blog on these.

Black Lauren silk blouse set - Winser London
Mom black jeans - ASOS White
Studded hooded faux leather jacket - Zara
Ponyskin leopard boots - Balenciaga
Black small Tools satchel - Balenciaga

Lovely relaxing day with the family today.  I may have only left the house to go to the supermarket and drop/pick up the husband from physio.  Tomorrow though.. it's rugby.. However, praying it doesn't rain so I can wear my new parka.  It's the little things in life.  And speaking of little things, I have a little idea coming up tomorrow for the Spring.

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11 comentarios:

  1. Ooooh! Those turquoise ones from top shop might just have my name on them. Although the navy ones from TS may get more wear, on the picture they look more airforce than navy, but that's no bad thing.
    I have two pairs of peg trousers, same style from Filippa K, one charcoal and one navy, both with black side stripe. They're supposed to be ankle skimmers, suffice it to say on me they're full length!
    Love your trousers, and your gorgeous birthday present, the later looks like a classic that'll be in your wardrobe for years. Have you thought of fabric waterproof spray for your parka? You may need to try it somewhere discreet first, to make sure it doesn't affect the colour, but I've never had any trouble. Oh, and do it outside and leave it out for a couple of hours so the smell dissipates.
    I've been super anal this weekend as far as my navy wardrobe goes, as not all navy's go together, so I spent an hour (or so) getting everything out of the wardrobe and deciding what kind of navy each item was, so that maybe it'll be easier to mix and match. I have two categories, one is brighter/warmer toned, and the other colder/darker toned. There is the odd item that hapily bridges the gap between the two. As I said, super anal, but I now know where the gaps are, and now know I am in need of another navy blazer, this one bright and warm in tone!

    1. That's a fabulous idea about the waterproof spray.. I think the main issue is the faux fur collar and hood which I don't think would fare too well in the pouring rain. Absolutely fine in a light shower (as I found out today!) and thank goodness it wasn't biblical rain.

      I absolutely love your navy definitions!! I have one. Navy. And then I have black. And that's why I love black. As black is black is black!!!

  2. Those boots! Wow, I love them 😍

    1. I have to say I am more than a little bit in love with them...

  3. Happy birthday to you and all that jazz. Glad it was a good one. Your bag is amazing. I am vague on the definition of a peg leg trouser but I am quite liking the look of some of these. We have snow at the moment so I'm in no rush. My worry is they will be unflattering on the bottom. Unfortunately, by miles, my bottom is my best feature. Apparently you are meant to emphasis your best feature but in my case this is generally impossible. I need a nipped in waist for that to happen. But I'd hate to completely ruin it :D I've found smart joggers and boyfriend jeans are bad for this too. It's so limiting. Why can't I just go and buy a new figure every so often to open up my wardrobe possiblities? :D xx

  4. I'd love to know, how tall are you? You always mention being tall in your blog and I'm never sure how much longer things will be on 5'9 me that they are on you?

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