I'm with the brand

Yes that is the brand, not the band.  Today, it's t-shirts.  If you're a regular Insta user (and if you're not, why not, although be warned, you will lose hours of your life and find hosts of things you need that you never realised you did previously) then you cannot have escaped the tee of the moment which is The Gucci one.

I have thought about it.  I've then given myself a big slap around the face and said no.  I will be completely and utterly honest, I do not know if I would have been buying it because I love the tee (I think I do) or because I thought it was cool as it's the *it* tee to have.  Total *things you're probably not supposed to admit as a fashion blogger* confession time.  There's a fine line between following your heart and buying things you love and then buying things because everyone else has got them.  Fashion schizophrenia at its worst, of which I am sure I have been a victim of at one time or another (blimey, it's all about the fess ups today, isn't it?).

And because I couldn't honestly say that I loved the t-shirt so much not to care if everyone else thought I was buying it for sheep reasons - that's why I said no.  Plus, it's completely irrelevant as I really don't think I could get my head around £320 for a tee (although cost per wear... STOP STOP STOP).  Yes, it's all relevant as to income etc blah blah blah but personally there are things I would rather spend my money on. 

But that's not to say I'm not a fan of the brand.  Not necessarily Gucci (although I am still loving my bag and loafers from last year) but branded things generally.  I am not even going to start going down the thorny psychological road of why we do like branded things but yes, hands up, I am generally a marketer's dream. 

Whilst this might not stretch to spending £320 on a t-shirt, it doesn't mean I haven't got my eye on a branded top. 

So this is what I won't be buying.

Gucci Logo Print Cotton T-Shirt £320

Or a black one... 

But I will say I am quite partial to the R&B one (Rag & Bone, not Russell & Bromley).  I do swing like a bonkers pendulum between mainstream and totally random and this fulfils my Aquarian need for a brand that's slightly left field.

Rag & Bone for a bargain now.  Brand - yup, as I said I like this.  Actually like this a lot.  Have jeans, have boots (although not that you need to justify affiliation with a brand but it helps) - an extra 20% off at checkout.  

Rag & Bone Printed Cotton Shirt was £70 now £35 pre discount  from My Theresa

So what would be your pick?  (not forcing you to do this by the way.. I have options, as per usual!)

Grey at McQueen.

Printed Tee at McQueen by Alexander McQueen £100

Classic Calvin Klein now £45  Retro tastic.

Or a little Italian chic.. 

Love Moschino Logo tee £65

However I think have decided to go for the Isabel Marant.  We're about to book our Summer holiday to France (camping.  Yes, you read that right.. camping.  I will need loads of tees won't I?  And all the gin).

Kolda Printed Linen T-shirt from Isabel Marant Etoile £100

Just whether to get the black or the white... £100

There's also the Kendrick but I have to say I quite like the coloured one better. 

Kendrick Printed Linen T-shirt from Isabel Marant Etoile £115

Another slightly less well known (which is code for *completely new to me*) brand.  But love this.  Super versatile.  And how fab would this look under a blazer with jeans.  Which is how I'm planning on wearing mine on repeat once I can get into the car in the morning without having to chip the ice off with a Match Attax card ("NOT THAT ONE MUMMY"...."And I TOLD you not to leave them on the floor of the car.. I may as well just burn my money"  We are the veritable Brady Bunch chez nous in the morning).

I love this more than the above, probably as it's not in your face branded.  It's just a cool tee actually - which probably means it shouldn't really be in this blog... errr.  Oops.  Have gone slightly off topic.  But then again, isn't there something to be said for a t-shirt that's obviously a "brand" but doesn't have to tell you?

Star Print Short Sleeved T-shirt from Rockins £90

Handily I can recreate this entire outfit.  LOVE. 

And speaking of tees that you can tell are branded without them having to tell you, my favourites - good old Zoe Karssen.  I've found a whole host in the sale at Very Exclusive.  The best thing about the Karssen tees is that they're not particularly "in fashion".  They're just fab tees and ones from last season are just as good as ones you can buy now - merely a different message on the front.  For a fabulous reduction - bothered?

Best thing about these tees from La Karssen is they have a slightly lower neckline than most.

Zoe Karssen French Kissing in the USA was £55 now £22

Another white one. 

Zoe Karssen Love T-shirt was £60 now £24

Have to say I'm quite taken with the pink.  Tick all those trends with one tee. 

Zoe Karssen Hey It's Okay tee was £60 now £24

Good old Whistles.  On sale.  Stock up now as the ones they have coming through for Spring, really aren't they different.  Bar the price. 

Whistles C'est Moi Logo Tee from Very Exclusive was £45 now £27

Then we have another French super brand - Etre Cecile.

Velvet applique cotton T-shirt was £65 now £35.75

The epitome of French.  Easily identifiable by those in the know.  Timeless. 

Rouge Bleu Blanc tee by Etre Cecile was £65 now £35.75

Or Etre Cecile - P is for Parisienne was £80 now £40  All the love for this look.

So I shall obviously be adding to my collection as I find them so versatile and so wearable.  Now all we need is some slightly warmer weather to wear them. 

BUT I shall also be bringing you high street versions.  I've thrown in a Whistles one (but only because they're pretty much the same price as the branded ones).   However I know you can find a similar look for a lot less money, so I'll be bringing you those this week.  And the reason I know you can, is that I have two of them sitting in a carrier bag that I bought on Thursday.  Gems I tell you, gems.  

Outfit now from yesterday.  After the excesses of the end of last week - a quiet weekend was definitely due.  Lots of movies, the dreaded tutor (the 10yr old's words not mine although he does make us all suffer.  The 10yr old that is, not the poor tutor!), steak dinner and I can't actually remember what else.  Oh I may have had a power nap.  I am 44 now...

Navy polo neck - Zara
Navy side striped joggers - Me+Em 
Navy oversized biker - Me+Em
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Black Small Tools Bag - Balenciaga

And today for three hours at the rugby followed by a highly glamorous trip to the supermarket and hours of homework to endure.  I say hours.  It was clearly 30 mins homework that required two hours of histrionics before sitting down to do it *weeps*.  But it's done.  I am now getting ready for a glass of wine and the last Endeavour.

Black swing polo neck - Me+Em
Parka - Jane & Tash
High rise skinny black jeans - Boden
Himalaya boots - Seven Boot Lane
Hat & Gloves - Black
Black Small Tools Bag - Balenciaga 

Tomorrow, I am off to Bluewater with the husband.  Which you can file under "things that NEVER happen".  He thinks we're going watch shopping (for him), I have plans to take him to the Virgin holiday shop... October half term, post 11+exam stress holiday to sort out.  I (and all three children) want to go back to Florida, he thinks South Africa is a better idea.  Discuss...  Ooh and in the meantime if anyone has any suggestions of any good B&B's to stay at in the Burgundy area of France, I would be beyond grateful for recommendations.  Needs to sleep 5.  And be boy child friendly... 

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19 comentarios:

  1. Must admit I agree on the price of that gucci one! And in white! Cost per wear be blowed, I know what it'd end up looking like after a relatively short time...white Tees shouldn't cost the earth as I know they will be changed regularly when they're minging!
    The grey one from whistles is my favorite, great with jeans and a blazer!

    1. Ah yes - totally forgot about the fact I can't keep anything clean for more than 25 minutes!!!

  2. Brave choice .. Camping !! I don't know a specific BnB but Alistair Sawday website has always been a good place for us when we wanted somewhere to stay in France. Hope you get sorted x

    1. It's Eurocamp so not exactly "Camping"!!! We've been before and it's fabulous. I've had a look at that site - there were some interesting things there, thank you xxx

  3. South Africa is awesome and there is loads to do, tons of cool wildlife, beautiful scenery, gorgeous food and wine and it's a complete bargain. Beats Florida 100% hands down.

    1. This all sounds gorgeous for me and the husband but I'm not sure how much there is for two small boys to do...!!!! I am also biased as I am the hugest Florida fan ever!! I would happily go anywhere and sit on a beach for a fortnight - the other 4 members of my family, alas, would rather poke forks in their eyes. It's finding that balance between something we all like doing....I'm not really an outdoors person (ALL THE SHAME!) so anything outdoorsy and sporty is my idea of hell on earth! I would LOVE LOVE to do safari but that's only a couple of days. Other than that...?? I've looked into it and I don't know what we'd all do!

    2. We took our boys to SA the year before last when they were 6 and 8 and they loved it (in fact they want to move there!). Safari was the absolute highlight (try to go for 4 nights) but also stopping off in Hermanus (whale watching (Oct good time) plus SHARKS and seals) - stayed at Grootbos which had lots of nature led activities, horse rdigin, v boy friendly hotel with pool, table football, films on in the evening so adults could enjoy the fab SA wine. Also Plettenbery Bay - gorgeous beach plus Monkey and Bird World. Then finished off in Cape Town - great city, huge aquarium, more penguins, table mountain cable car and relaxing by the pool. Different from Florida but a great holiday

    3. There is so much for kids - penguins, sharks, aquarium, table mountain, beaches that take your breath away. Honestly, my pals went with their two kids and all loved it. I've been to Florida and SA and SA is so much nicer. Also, no Trump.

    4. We're definitely going to look into it, but it's working out a lot more at the moment, alas!

  4. Noooooooooooo! This is honestly my biggest fashion no no, there's no way I'll pay ££££'s for something and then give them free advertising, I avoid obvious branding like the plague. It's hard to avoid with trainers, but everything else has to be brand free.

    1. Oh you sound like my mum!! I remember years and years ago when all I wanted in the world was a Benetton Rugby top and she point black refused to buy me one as she wasn't going to pay to have me advertise someone's brand! Interestingly I only have Golden Goose branded trainers - I adore my Air & Grace ones which are completely unbranded, as well as my M&S leather ones!!

    2. I don't mind branding as long as it's not too in your face. I have a great pair of stan smiths in suede and the branding is tone in tone, and not obvious unless your an ant!
      I think for a branded item to be okay in my eyes, the logo has to be either discreet or somehow intrinsic to the design. Too be honest I can't see anything special about the Gucci tee, it almost looks as if it could be a copy (no offence meant to anyone who has indulged). I'd want something that was loads better quality to even contemplate half of what that one costs.

    3. No I absolutely see what you're saying about the Gucci tee!

  5. Oh my word... I'm sorry to say the Gucci T-shirt looks to me like a free gift from a corporate away day that was then coloured in with fabric pens by a 6 year-old. Apologies to anyone who has it. I have to say the phrase 'more money than sense' springs to mind though. I'm an Insta user, but mainly follow interior design accounts rather than fashion ones, so haven't been brainwashed by this one! The power of advertising/social media is really scary.

    1. It's definitely a hugely interesting psychological topic.. the wanting to "belong".. or the wanting to be different. Makes my brain hurt thinking about it and in the meantime, I'll just buy the Marant one!

  6. Come to SA Kat - we'd love to welcome you!!! Seriously, this is a VERY child-friendly country, with absolutely loads for kids to do in every city that you might visit. As the mom of two boys, be assured that yours will not be bored! Also, it's beautiful here, our scenery, food, wine, beaches, mountains, and wildlife are fantastic (okay, I'm biased, but it is beautiful). It's also going to much cheaper for you that the US!

    1. OMG it's working out loads loads loads more than the US unfortunately... I would love to visit it and we definitely will, one day!

  7. Awww thanks lovely! The problem we have with a more of a "wing it" holiday is our middle son who's Autistic. It can be very VERY difficult unless we have a plan, oh and he knows what the exact plan is. It's hard to explain but to be completely honest, SA sounds like a lot of hard work (for me - i know I know - massive selfish hat on!) and as we're going camping in the Summer and he has his exams in September, I'm looking for the easiest holiday for all the family. We're now looking at other options.. (mauritius maybe.. Sri Lanka.. water sports and kids clubs for the children -a pool and cocktails for me - golf for the husband - and the boys - win win win win!!)

  8. omg we are a family of 5 who did South Africa last year and it was officially the best holiday we have ever had. I could go on forever about it. Happy to send details or info if required!