...was the request I got at the weekend from one of my really good friends.  "I need a dress to wear to a wedding". "When is it?".  "Next weekend".

Err thanks for that.  Nothing like leaving it till the last minute.  Although having said that, the number of times that I've had an event coming up and have bought an outfit well in advance... and then bought another one day before the party?  That'll be pretty much every time.

So yes, I too am Queen of last minute and to be fair, it is a really really tricky time of year to have to buy an occasion outfit (although if anyone I know fancies getting married in the next two weeks so I have an excuse to go and buy that See by Chloe blush ruffled dress - feel free).  

The remit was midi length, ideally with sleeves, not a boring colour (ie not black *weeps*), oh and not fitted but A line.  And not too *out there*.  And something she can wear again for something less dressy.  

It actually really wasn't the hardest brief in the world as that is pretty much what I look for in a dress for an occasion anyway.  Yes I do still like wearing a dress.  It's just easier than matching two things together.  Plus personally, I will fling a dress on for any occasion, so it should get lots of wear in the coming months (I was that person who wore a dress every day to Universal Studios and can confirm they are perfectly acceptable roller coaster attire, all ye of little faith). 

Now my lovely friend had already done some research.  First up, she introduced me to the brand Three Floor Fashion, which I'd never heard of.   I should warn you that it's certainly not all wedding appropriate.  To be honest, there's a fair amount that I wouldn't wear full stop but exactly the same could be said of Self Portrait.  Just a tad too revealing.  If I say, a tad Towie, I'm sure that's description enough. 

But there are a couple that are definitely worth considering.  I will also say that the beauty of this brand (oh and this was another request by the way), is that it's "not too ubiquotous".  Which does rule out unfortunately, a lot of the high street.  Surely there's nothing worse than turning up to a wedding in the same outfit as someone else?

So first up, I've failed on the sleeves aspect.  But I had to include it as it's so stunning. Even thought I know it's not right.  What's known as a false start.  Oops.

Dress Code Dress from Three Floor Fashion £360

But I'm back in the game with something slightly different again from ASOS.  It's a punchy colour but yellow - teamed with leopard print for example, is a really wearable option.  Or navy.  Or nude.  Or dare I say I love it with blush pink?  You're certainly not going to get anyone else in this dress.   I've just realised it's not A line.  Doing really well here, aren't I?  Oops x2.

Dark Pink Burn Out Tiered Midi Dress in Yellow £70

And in the navy again £70  That'll be oops x 3.

This is another dress from Three Floor Fashion, moving into lace territory.  So clearly I've just given up on all the criteria.  Sleeveless and not A line.  I'd wear it though (I obviously completely and utterly love it).

Bloom Dress from Three Floor Fashion £315

I think this could be an interesting option (were it A line for my friend.. Sorry M....And it's black and white which I don't think you wanted either.  It has sleeves and is midi and no one else will be wearing it though? *clutches at straws*)

True Decadence Lace Overlay Ladder Dress £98

This however, could well be a goer.   It's not midi as in maxi midi but it does come under the description of *midi* by all accounts.  Short midi.  Tick on every level then... And double whammy, I think this look a lot more expensive than £95.

Endless Rose Floral Embroidered Dress £95

Ok so I've upped the budget now with more embroidery.

Marielle Floral Dress from Anthropologie £348

Similar but possibly shorter (and much cheaper!).

ASOS Premium Midi Skater Dress with Embroidery £85

And a Tall version in red again £85

Exceptionally pretty now.

Needle & Thread Ditsy Scattered Embellished Dress in Pink £300

Possibly too dark but possibly not dressy enough but I think for the right personality?

Darker Embroidery with the Argento Dress at French Connection £180

A different sort of embroidery in red - again from ASOS.  This one is perfect surely?  So long as you can wear red.  I can't and I'm not a fan of short sleeves like this but other than that it's a bit marvellous? *runs and hides*.

ASOS Premium Midi Dress in Broderie Fabric £85

Hints of red, this time with a red lip print from Essentiel.

Essentiel Nupero Dress in Beetroot juice £239  This is from The Dressing Room and you can get 10% off your first order - details on website, if you sign up to their newsletter. 

This one I would be ordering.  In fact, I'm tempted to order anyway.

Vix Python Chiara Dress was £245 now £73.50

And I know we said midi but if you're tall this maxi would be a midi...  ADORE this one.  Black or nude strappy heels would be perfection with this.

Claudette Maxi Dress in red from Anthropologie £150

In for a penny, in for a pound.  How to make a statement at a wedding.  I simply love this and want to wear it for everything.

Vix Lanai Kimono Dress £275

But without a shadow of a doubt, my pick would be this one.

Anna Sui Patchwork Dress was £500 now £250

And of course my newly found favourite from last year - Rixo.

Beatrice Dress from Rixo £245

No I lied - it would be this one.  NO BRAINER.

Or the Penelope Dress from Rixo £305

And this might not be dressy and too boho for most but I would happily wear this with a pair of strappy sandals or tan peep toe shoe boots (which I handily have......).  But I'd happily wear during the day with a pair of flat tan or black sandals.

Purple (I'd say burgundy) Floral Embroidered Adalie Dress was £510 now £306 with an extra 20% off with the code EXTRA20.

And whilst we're on the sales subject - 20% off also at My Theresa - applied at checkout.  Ok and now I need to stop looking as I'm just finding dresses that I want to wear.

Printed Dress from See by Chloe was £415 now £290 

Finishing with a couple that are on brief and that aren't really me but are therefore perfect wedding attire as I do always tend to pitch up in the less conservative of matrimonially suitable outfits.

Oasis Pleated Lace Dress £48

ASOS Lace Cape Midi Dress £65

Also from ASOS, a couple of plain dresses 

Closet Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve Dress £58

Or in a navy...

Lastly a ringer for the more boho amongst us.  This is only £65.  Looks amazing.

Multi Printed Tie Dress from Next £65

And speaking of dresses - I dragged a new one out of the "returns" bag on Friday night.  Not sure if you remember, but I had bought the knitted midi dress from Warehouse that I'd been saving to wear to a party on Friday night.  Well.  Took it out, put it over my head and heard a "riiiiiiiiiiiiiip" and the whole neckline had come unstitched.  My head is really *not* that big.   But I couldn't wear it and remembered I had to send this one back.  Except I tried it on again and loved it.  Winner. 

Dress - & Other Stories
Boots - Rick Owens

And then a functional Saturday, feeling slightly the worse for wear, especially as I had early morning football training to take the boys to, followed by a long dog walk with the 12yr old. 

Coated skinnies - New Look
Parka - Jane & Tash
Eliza Boots - Seven Boot Lane
Tools Bag - Balenciaga

I haven't forgotten Part Two of the Beauty Blog - that will be along shortly.  

Hope you all had a great weekend and are sorted for any events you have coming up in the next month or so.  I have nothing.  Zilch.  Nada.  I do have a birthday dinner for 16 on Saturday night (slightly panicking about the menu as I'm cooking myself - it seemed like a good idea at the time) but I was going to wear my favourite H&M frill number.  Or the other H&M one I've had for ages.  But the Rixo Penelope is calling me.  Or should I just get that Chloe one I've been salivating over? (the blush one...).  Seeing as I did buy my own birthday present...

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14 comentarios:

  1. I am just awaiting delivery of this dress from Maje which I almost forgot I'd ordered (late night, scrolling through Instagram, spotted it on the divine India Hicks, thought - deludedly - that I'd look like that in it too...) Now just waiting see if it is a miraculous item of gloriousness or if I'll die laughing.

    1. I have had my eye on that all season BUT decided it's too similar to an H&M and the & Other Stories ones I have (even though the latter is space themed.!!) It's gorgeous - completely gorgeous!

  2. Sorry can't do dresses but they look good on you. Did I miss your slogan tee shirt unveil you promised ? Need to update my boring wardrobe and hoped they might just start me off, like you fed up with sweaters but it seems they are all I buy in the sae dregs, hurry up Spring!

    1. I haven't done the more reasonably priced ones and I've found a couple of other gems! Will get onto that asap - in fact I might do it today so thanks for the reminder!

  3. I have the Rixo Penelope. Can't recommend highly enough. It's stunning. I also intend to wear during the day with trainers. Think I have a Rixo obsession! It's the fourth piece from them! Some lovely dresses here. Going to give the Claudette maxi a try-thanks

  4. Now Kat - you're not listening when I do what you say all the time:) def buy the blush Chloe! I love the Rixo too but I have seen that on Instagram a few too many times now.

    1. RIGHT. I"m on it today!

    2. The VIX python one is out of stock sadly.

    3. It wasn't meant to be then. And I'm not that gutted so it clearly wasn't meant to be! You know when you have that "OMG WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?" feeling? Don't have it (I have a propensity for the dramatic in case you hadn't noticed...!!!!!)

  5. The Chloe looks spot on for you Kat!

  6. I hope you get the frill front blush Chloe, it looked stunning on you, a perfect dress to have fun in whilst floating around your party! Currently I have nothing dress worthy coming up but I could be tempted by the the Anna Sui and I love the Claudette, however I feel I may need to bind myself to get that flat chested look the
    Claudette was truly made for - a step too far maybe!

    1. Well... I've ordered the Chloe but i also LOVE the Rixo one. Problem is I think I have more to go with the Rixo one. I should do a try of them both to see.....