Things I am obsessed with - round 4.

So we haven't had one of these for a while but it's time for another addition to the Hall of Fame.

The reason I'm adding these, is that I have a fair few of them.  I usually add one a year but, I feel none of the usual guilt or need for extensive justification at adding to the collection, as they are one of the most classic pieces you can own. 

The Blazer. 

My collection stems from years back.  One of the best thing about fashion these days, is that anything goes.  For example styles of jeans - fashion used to be very didactic in what sort of jeans one should be wearing.  But now?  Knock yourself out with whatever takes your fancy.  Boot cut, cropped or long, tapered, high waisted, skinny, straight, full on flare, distressed, stone washed, embroidered - you love it?  Just wear it.  I do point out every time I mention this, that the humble pedal pusher or knickerbocker has yet to reemerge from the annals of time but never say never... (and no I shan't be championing their return as I am still scarred by a red pair that my mum fabricated in the 80's for me instead of buying the pair I really wanted from Etam.  "oh don't be daft, I'm not spending good money on them, I can MAKE you a pair".  I looked like Hansel sans Gretal.  Scarred I tell you.  Although it did lead me to get a job on Wembley Market at 14 so I could buy my own clothes.  Maybe there was method in her madness).

But the same applies to blazers.  Any shape goes.  Cropped and fitted look amazing with a full skirt or flowing midi and maxi dress.  Oversized boyfriend works incredibly well with loose jeans and a slouchy tee.  Slim longline looks chic with a deconstructed shirt and skinnies. 

Me - I love them all.  And I love that slight turn in the weather which heralds the start of blazer weather and Spring.  I obviously always peak too early but just throw on a scarf and look brave.

My current favourite from the last couple of season and this year looks like following suit (I'm here all week) is a looser, longer line style.  But I do wear all styles and I do keep them for years and years.

From last year, I loved more than I thought possible, my navy double breasted blazer.  Worn loose and oversized.  I had the Alexa Chung one from M&S but this is almost identical.

Gold Button Blazer from M&S £49.50

If that's sold out in your size, there's always the Mango version without gold buttons.

Double Breasted at Mango in navy £69.99

Single breasted in the sale at Matches with 70% off.  I love the collegiate look of this.  Wear with a slogan tee and boyfriend jeans for 80s throwback cool (I promise).

Jackson striped wool-blazer from MiH was £428 now £128

A variation on navy.

Kirey Jacket at Matches again in the sale from DVF was £332 now £166

Classic black at Mango - £59.99 (I have the dungas, I need the tee - I LOVE this outfit.. inspo right there.  Although I have to say - on reflection, I would wear a plain tee as it would irritate me not being able to see all of it.  I do have some other trews that would go perfectly so the tee is still on the list).  Nope, looked at it again and the tee is epic with it.

Bargain of the day though, has to be from Topshop. 

Slouch Tuxedo Jacket was £65 now £30

And then my perennial favourite from hush.

Black Jacket from hush £75 10% off with the code S17PREVIEW

How have I not seen that they have a nude version for Spring?  Perfection.  And I'm liking the look of that tee underneath as well... this would be super super useful. 

Byron Jacket from hush £75 pre discount

Upping the budget but an amazing blazer from Me+Em.  I have accrued a couple over the years and they definitely last the test of time with regards to quality and style.

Oversized Summer Blazer in a soft white from Me+Em £249

Getting bigger now... 

Properly oversized at Mango in ochre £49.99

Or in classic navy again £49.99

I've been wearing my oversized blazers for the last couple of days in the first heady days of Spring weather.

On Monday.  That dim and distant memory of Spring.  Long gone. 

Camel blazer - Stella McCartney
Blondie tee - Hollister
Black cropped kick flares - Jaeger
Tools bag - Balenciaga
Black oversized earrings - H&M

Yesterday also wore my grey longline one from last year at Me+Em (on the blog) and then today - my black Winter blazer from two years ago. 

White layering shirt - Me+Em
Black Love jumper - hush
Black faux leather joggers - ASOS
Black blazer - Me+Em
Black pointed Jacinta shoes - Seven Boot Lane
Black grab bag - Gucci

And it appears that Spring has stropped off.  Yes that is my take the ***%&W(ing photo face above.  The two photos couldn't be more different could they?  Never let it be said, I am not obsessed with the weather.  And have never got used to cold or rain.  Don't even start talking about snow.  I remember someone once saying to me "there's no such thing as bad weather, there's just bad clothing".  You can imagine my level of eye rolling.  Whatever.  

Not even a scarf will work for you tomorrow, I suggest dragging out a coat.  With layers underneath.  But hopefully.. hopefully, hopefully blazer weather is just around the corner.  Do you blazer it up or are you firmly in the biker or bomber camp?  I will admit, after giving up a corporate job, it did take me a while to get with the blazer brigade but honestly, it's much easier to do than you think. 

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18 comentarios:

  1. Laughing at the knickerbockers reference. My mum is to blame for my shopping habits too - I remember some rust-coloured cord knickerbockers she bought me early in the 80s which I loved, but she bought them from La Cicogna on High St Ken which, along with Biba and Pollyanna on Fulham Rd were her shops of choice for my sister and I. Since then I have had a massive weakness for a boutique...
    I love a blazer and it seems have passed that onto my 22 year old daughter (I know - how old am I??!!) as she keeps stealing my Hush one. They just have that Parisienne 'thing', whatever you throw them over. Oh, and that Me&Em blazer (and the rest of the outfit, TBF) is just gorgeous. I am practically drooling over the whole look.

    1. My daughter is only 12 and she's already eyeing up a lot of my wardrobe! I have to say I do love a boutique too - nothing better than a good mooch!

  2. Knickerbockers seem to have passed me by! I do have my own childhood clothing traume though. A hand me down yellow shirt dress with yellow and gold enamel buttons, in a yellow that should have been spring like but made me feel like death warmed up...yellow is not a colour choice I go for now.
    And talking of spring, I fear that ours has sprung a leak, in the form of 15-20cm snow coming tonight!
    So the blazer as outerwear will have to wait a bit longer here, although I have just bought a navy one I can't wait to wear, not tomorrow though...I go for a fitted shape otherwise being petite I end up looking like I'm playing dress up.

    1. Ditto here with regards to Spring. Hello Storm Doris....

  3. Blazers are my complete weakness! And I can attest to the loveliness of the MiH Jackson one. I've been stalking it forever on Shopbop and literally only came across the Matches one (which was less than half of the price of the Shopbop one!) and bought it the day before you posted! It just arrived and I love it! (The Shopbop styling of it is much better though, with tee and b/f jeans as per your suggestion).

    1. Awwww don't say that. I don't have a striped one....

  4. Am also having a knickerbocker flashback, maroon cord if I remember rightly. The '80s have so much to asnswer for...

    1. I bet yours didn't have elastic that cut off the circulation to your calves....

  5. Green cord knickerbockers for me plus pie frilled top in the 80s :) Almost wish I'd kept my Laura Ashley ruffled shirts now (I went down retro lane at All Saints and bought a gorgeous one a few months ago!) but def not the knickerbockers!
    Love the blog Kat, thank you x

    1. I 'm going to have to google pie frilled top. I think this might have been one of those that passed me by. I do remember my turquoise Chelsea Girl jumper with shoulder pads that I loved more than life itself. I now can't look at turquoise without throwing up a little bit in my mouth.

  6. You have picked out some really nice blazers and jackets.

  7. Blazers are my life line and turn outfits from dull and dooley to sylish in a flash & a blazer with a belt - even better!!

    1. ooh a belt over the blazer? I'm too thick of tummy to wear that, alas!!!! But love the look on others x

  8. ps- for anyone venturing to Northern Ireland I cannot recommend highly enough The Merchant Hotel and Cruise for shopping followed by the obligatory trip to Dunnes!

  9. said the 'K' word! My mum 'made' me wear a pair of rust coloured, corduroy knickerbockers with the most dreadful jumper I've ever seen when I was a 10 years old. I love my mum to bits but what was she thinking, I too am truly scarred, the most thankful thing I can take from it is that there is no photographic evidence, praise the lord social media was not in existence. LOL

    Love you posts as always Kat xxx

    1. God cord knickerbockers were really a thing, weren't they?!!!