Sta-aa-ar. That's what they call you.

Ok so I'm clearly showing my age unashamedly, as I can't stay the word Star, without then launching into the Kiki Dee song.  Admittedly I have little recollection of how it proceeds after that.   Randomly I break into Bardo's One Step Further from 1982's Eurovision - a song which I can still recite every single word to.  

Everything about that above paragraph is clearly wrong and an insight into my befuddled psyche (I spent the day with 30 children.  Teachers - I have a new found respect for you) that you probably didn't need so let's get onto the good stuff. 


These, as a print, have been around for years. 

I haven't been a buyer into this trend.  At all.  But never let it be said that eventually I don't turn up to the party.  I've arrived.  Which is highly appropriate seeing as I've spent all day today at Herstmonceux, which took over from Greenwich as the official Royal Observatory in 1957 (it's now a Science Centre).  And so I have been spending the day learning about stars.  

It's not that I've ever disliked stars - I have never had anything against them, but I've never found anything that has made me think - you must be mine.  Well, apart from the Saint Laurent star sneakers but a) they were always out of stock and b) I always had something better to spend my money on but thank goodness for a) otherwise.....

Actually - saying that.. I do have something with a star on that I bought a couple of years ago.  My Golden Goose trainers.  HA! I don't feel so much of a party pooper now. 

But something has opened the floodgates and the stars have caught and held my attention.

The way I've mastered stars?  Scarves.  I haven't really been wearing scarves that much this Winter, but I've worked out these are THE perfect Spring accessory.  Now hugely unhelpfully, mine is actually from AW17, but there are lots of similar versions available for now. 

In my beloved monochrome from Lily & Lionel.  These scarves last forever.  I have one that I bought from Whistles about five years ago and still use.  The most exceptional quality and are classic, investment pieces.

Exclusive to Liberty's and Lily & Lionel.  Moon & Star Monochrome Scarf, only four left. £140 (top tip - sign up to their email for a discount code)

Black cotton at Daniel for £24.99 - sign up for email again for a discount. It doesn't say, but it looks like gold and silver embroidered stars. 

Embroidered navy version again from Daniel £24.99

Navy again with red at Tommy Hilfiger £32.99

Oversized Star Scarf in Cobalt Blue and Black by Owell & Austen Cashmere £80

Ideal for Spring with denim would be the white and light blue version, also £80

However for me - the perfect all year round combo would be black and white - £80 again.

Oh go on then, I'll show you the star sneakers.  So subtle, I didn't even realise I had an actual star on mine.

Ok maybe not so subtle.  They might have these in my size...

Saint Laurent Court Classic Star Sneakers in pale pink £380

But back to my favourites.  Tried and tested.

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Super Star low top leather sneakers £280

But then my new  I think I might be addicted to green.  Khaki, forest green, with pink.  I know I did it with red yesterday (pink and red) but honestly, my heart belong to pink and green.  And these are sold out in my size.  Law of Sod.

Super Star Sneakers £280

If you love the look of the Golden Goose but don't like the lived in look ("Mum, did you get those from a charity shop?"  Still quote of the year when I got my first pair.  From the, then 10yr old.  All the eye rolling from me, obvs) then hush have come up with the perfect option. 

Greenwich Trainers from hush £139  And don't forget your 10% off with the code S17PREVIEW.

Majestic Star Trainers from hush £165   

But it doesn't have to be super expensive, although I will say, where last year there were loads, this year I've been able to find not very many at all.

Pull & Bear Leather Look Star Trainer £25.99

In faux pink suede - also £25.99

So are you already one of those fully paid up members of Stars Anonymous, or are you are a new kid on the block like me?

You will note I haven't gone down the clothing route.  Weaning myself in gently with the scarf (and the trainers).  Let's see where this goes.  

Today, in the scarf.  Which I threw into my bag as an afterthought.  As I thought our school trip was indoors.  That'll teach me not to ask where exactly we're going (I did know vaguely, just hadn't bothered to read any of the fine print ie the letter.  Oops).   Turns out a) it was mostly outdoors and even the indoor bits were freezing, as the temp of an observatory has to be cold (who knew?) and b) Spring took a leave of absence and it was cold again.  I had also neglected to check the weather forecast and had dressed according to yesterday's temperatures.  This was an error on my part. 

Thank the lord for the scarf.

Blush and black scarf - Lily & Lionel
Grey jumper - Bella Freud
Grey blazer - Me+Em
Black coated Mayfair skinnies - Boden
White glitter copeland sneakers - Air & Grace
Grab bag - Gucci

I still feel sick from the coach journey (an hour and ten minutes winding your way through country roads) and so means I don't even need a glass of wine.  Shock.  Actually had the most wonderful of days - all thirty children (even mine) were amazing and it was a real pleasure to spend time with them.  And did you know that Newton invented those little ridges we still have today on coin?  I shall spend forever waiting for that question in a pub quiz. 

Tomorrow, I have another Spring special to bring you (which will work perfectly with your trainers and scarves).  Just in time for the weather to change at the weekend... 

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22 comentarios:

  1. I have a black jumper with a star on each elbow which I think I bought after you featured. I do like stars, I think they can almost be a neutral like the beloved leopard x

    1. Was it the ASOS one or the Wyse one?? I like your thinking about it being a neutral.. good point. Like a stripe too!

  2. I have a navy sweater (jumper) with white stars on the front. It is warm, comfy and looks great with jeans ....

    1. Sounds gorgeous! I will be bringing jumpers shortly..!

  3. I bought a navy blue shirt with tiny white stars on it from Topshop around Christmas, haven't worn it yet though as it's a bit on the thin side (waiting for warmer weather). It almost looks like an Equipment one (if you squint a bit). I love the Saint Laurent trainers too, but have also balked at 400 quid for a pair of glorified Converse. Although I did spend about 350 on a pair of Stella McCartney faded black boyfriend star print jeans. But somehow that seems more bang for your buck? Have worn them non stop!

    1. Now that's interesting as I think (no I know) I would wear a pair of shoes much more than I would wear a pair of jeans. But yes, I think if you're going to spend that much money on trainers - there are too many (or there were anyway!) cheaper versions of the Saint Laurent ones around. Have to say though, if I saw them in silver or gold or black stars... just not sure about the pink!

  4. Have 3 pairs of GG trainers and love them. The only other star item I have is a gorgeous thick scarf in navy with red stars from, I think a friend of yours, Alice's Wonders. I have been tempted by a Hush star jumper but not yet pressed buy!!

    1. I have two but I don't wear the red ones nearly as much as I should. I might wait till the daughter fits into them and she can have them!! And yes, Cathy who owns Alice's Wonders is a good friend of mine. I will be looking at jumpers next week maybe although I think I'd be more likely to cave on a tee.....

  5. Love your star scarf, especially the way you've styled it! Once in a while, I'll be tempted by the Hush Stella star sweater (several seasons now) but I keep hesitating and they keep selling out! Other than that, I too only have stars on my GG sneakers! I fell really hard for the checked pattern as well but can't seem to find a coat that worked on me so I just bought a checked wool scarf that's doing for me as your star scarf is for you.

    1. Oh gosh you need to get the Stella jumper as soon as you see it, otherwise, it will sell out!!! Yes, super super popular. Checked - as in a tartan check or a gingham? Not as tartan but larger check? I have a Zara coat from a couple of years ago which I LOVE but it's such terrible fabric - it's all bobbled. So disappointing. I should debobble it but that's effort.. and time.. i have neither at the mo! My M&S tweedy check coat has arrived and I am in LOVE!!

  6. I have the fab Claudia Hush dress with its tiny teensy star print which was perfect over Xmas/New Year. Also a white fine wool scarf from the White Co with grey stars which I love too. But a star on a shoe/trainer? Mmmmmmm certainly worth considering, loving some of the examples above.....

    1. OMG I've got that dress too!!! Totally forgot about that - maybe we shouldn't wear it just for Christmas?Hmmm I might get mine out and wear it now with trainers and a biker. Excellent reminder thank you!!!! LOVE them on a trainer. go on.....

    2. And how amazing would that Daniel scarf with gold and silver stars look with that hush dress and a biker....??!!

    3. Oooh yes, liking your thinking...!

  7. I love a star and have the Hush jumper and two Hush star tshirts. As well as assorted other star tops and scarfs. I've never done the trainers because when I couldn't stretch to the YSL ones last year all the others just seemed crap in comparison :D I must see stars a neutral as well because I hate patterned clothes - won't even do a stripe but I do stars and I do leopard :O Two questions!! The last several times (until I gave up) I ordered Boden trousers/jeans they were definitely cut for a pear shaped girly and looked like jodphurs on me. You're not a pear and those coated skinnies look great on you. Is this a problem they don't have or have you never found Hush trousers do that to you? Also, thin cashmere scarves - are they cosier than a normal scarf or just the same?!!! xx

  8. I have a cracking Becksondergaard one, it is tomato red with pink stars! Got in TKMaxx, but there are also some on Ebay. Love your gourgous blog :-) Naomi x

  9. I love stars, have scarves, jumpers, trainers all with stars large and small on... and the Hush "Etoile" tee from last summer (star in French) for those days when I'd rather spell it out!

  10. I recently bought a Maje (cashmere mix)scarf with little stars,clover leaves and birds on it: Have worn it every day:

  11. I might have 3 Becksondergaard star scarves *blush*. One is cotton and two are their lovely silk and wool ones. I have quite a few other star things too, it's definitely a neutral!

  12. Now I can't get that song out of my head!! Oh the memories are flooding back! To remind those of a certain age ... staaaar that's what they call you, how long you waited to get where you are, staaar that's what you wanted - this week's hot shot a video staaar!! Sadly I didn't even have to Google ;-) Loving the stars Kat. Looking forward to the spring blog tomorrow! Thank you x

  13. I think I may have just bought the last Lily & Lionel scarf?!?! You are a bad influence Kat... But I want to thank you for that! 😘

  14. I love stars print and have two denim jackets in that print.
    Funnily enough Kat , I did ask you last year on Insta what is your opinion on stars print but sadly you never responded to me..