This season I will mostly be wearing...

.... thermals if the current weather is anything to go by. 

But in all seriousness, I can't talk about cold weather anymore.  I am plan, plan, planning Spring with a vengeance. 

And today, I want to look at something I will be wearing a lot, come a day when I don't want to weep with chilliness. 

T-shirts.  But of the pimped variety.  We've done (and I've rejected) the designer end (I never did get round to ordering the Marant one and now I've touched it too many times in my head.  Does that make sense?) and we're talking about cheeky additions which you can start stockpiling so we're all ready as soon as the fabulous weather kicks in. 

Plus, there's always the layering option for the cooler days.  Deconstructed shirt, longline blazer, jeans, ok so you're going to need a scarf at the minute, but it's definitely a wearable option.  How about with a biker or denim jacket with a gilet over the top?

The slogan tee has become a wardrobe staple.  As we have seen, you can go top end with these but there are plenty of excellent high street options, it's definitely worth looking at.

Printed T-shirt from H&M £8.99

Love a viscose jersey... at H&M in khaki, again £8.99

I can't work out whether I love this or think it's beyond naff.  I have actually bought these and have them sat in the bag.  I haven't even tried them on.  They come up absolutely enormous (she says, not having tried them on...).  I will do in the morning and put up on Insta.  

Printed jersey top from H&M £8.99

Or in the white.... again £8.99

If Mickey doesn't float your boat - how about a Tiger?  In my head, this looks a lot more expensive than the price belies.  But there's a lot of tosh that washes around in my head.

Printed Cotton T-shirt from Mango £15.99

Don't like the Bella Freud 1970 tops?  Or maybe you were just born in 1971... (and no I wasn't!)

Wide Jersey Top £8.99

Alternatively, 1984 anyone? (again, no I wasn't born in this year either.  But it's so deliciously retro).

Printed Cotton T-shirt from Mango £15.99

I love this one from & Other Stories.  Distressed writing, saw it today but only when I was leaving so didn't get to try it on.  I will be going back. 

Bad Taste T-shirt from & Other Stories £25

Black again at River Island for £16.  This is a more fitted version by the looks of things - much better suited to boyfriend jeans, smart joggers or peg leg trews?

Black Merci Beaucoup from River Island 

When it comes to logo though, Mango come up trumps for me. 

Sequinned cotton t-shirt from Mango £17.99

Printed Cotton Blend t-shirt from Mango £12.99

However my favourite non designer tees over the last couple of years have been from hush. 

And this season's lightening bolt is on my wish list.  In black. 

Lightening bolt tee from hush £35

Or in the khaki... 

Or how about a mini bolt... love. 

Mini lightening bolt tee from hush £30

So are you a printed t-shirt lover?  Or are you plain all the way?  High street, designer or mix of both?

Clearly as it's still arctic out there (I think it's as cold as it's been all Winter), I'm still in the jumpers.  Logo ones natch (cost per wear, these are serving me very well indeed). 

Although I'm not going to lie, I could have worn a lot more.  I know I should be wrapping up in full on Winter garb but I just can't bring myself to... I will fess up however, that today, I did come home from London and throw on leather leggings, oversized jumper, parka and boots to walk the dog.  Along with hat, scarf and gloves. 

So this was yesterday for a trip to North London, shooting a Spring/Summer campaign.  In the snow...!  All will be revealed come May but in the meantime, over on Insta, there's a sneak peak of the most divine house we were shooting in.

Red 1970 jumper - Bella Freud
Coated Jeans - Boden
Leopard coat - Marks & Spencer
Grab bag - Gucci
Copeland Trainers - Air & Grace

And today - back to London for meetings.  Can you believe I actually went without any tights on?  What a total numpty!  Bought some straight away at Waterloo.  Sheer nude tights - surprisingly warm.

Leather skirt - M&S
Black 1970 jumper - Bella Freud
Trench - Zara
Tools Bag - Balenciaga
Susanna Boots - Chloe

Right - I am now off to have a kebab (all the glamour BUT BUT BUT it's much healthier than it sounds... honest guv) and a glass of wine, before football training in the morning and a day of cooking as have 16 for dinner tomorrow night.  Obviously I'm most concerned about what to wear... Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday night.

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9 comentarios:

  1. Love this post. All super practical for my job in a special school......possibly even Micky. The kids would love it. Funnily enough I put 4 from mango into my virtual basket last night. Great minds. Xxx

  2. I was born in 1971 and I am desperate for the H&M tshirt but it's not available at the H&M inCanada!!!!! not only is it -24 degrees today, but I can't get the Tshirt!!! Love your post... your voice in your writing is awesome, witty and smart! Thanks for your presence on the internet!

    1. oh nooooooooooooooo.

      But thank you for your lovely comments xxx

  3. Me too (1971 birthdate). Minus 24, I hope at the very least the sun is shinning and no wind chill! I now can't complain about the very warm -3, -4°C we've been having the last week. (Sun was out today, but a very cold easterly sort of spoiled that).
    I do like the look of the hush Tees, not sure which one though.

    1. Oh that weather sounds lovely! This week I will be mostly basking in 11 and 12 degrees. WHOOP!

  4. Thinking a slogan t to go with a midi skirt is my next purchase. I like the Choose love charity ones I've seen around, though that hush lightening bolt one is lovely. Purely because of this blog I finally bought a biker jacket , wore it last night with a striped midi skirt. Love it! Thanks Kat!

    1. oh that outfit sounds amazing. I can't WAIT to be able to legitimately wear bare legs again without wanting to weep.

  5. I'm desperately searching for a quality plain white t-shirt. Any ideas please Kat?