I have bad news for you...

...if you don't like mules, as they are everywhere this Spring/Summer. 

Actually it's not a biggie to be completely frank with you as there is a whole host of footwear you can wear instead of these.  But I'm nothing if not dramatic. 

And I'm also feeling a tad smug if I'm honest as I bought a pair of these (we're talking flat mules today, not heels.  Oh and the covered toe varieties.  My hobbit feet are nowhere near full on exposure worthy any time soon) not last year but the year before *puffs fashion chest*.  Although.. someone didn't give Topshop the memo as they had these in a plenty last year but i can't find them at all this season.  Maybe that's a sign *unpuffs not so fashion chest*.

Now there are two downsides to these.

First up.  They're quite hard to walk in.  Ok so they're not hard hard but they're not as easy as wearing a normal loafer.  On the upside, you don't get blisters on the back of your ankle. 

Which does lead me on to the second downside.  You might not get any form of chafing on your heel but they are exposed.  And at the moment, you could grate cheese with mine.  God forbid you'd want to but suffice to say, smooth they're not.  I so need to go for a pedicure.  Ideally at one that has an industrial sander as part of their equipment.

The ones I got were from Anthropologie where I can't find any but I have found loads elsewhere.  Starting with the ubiquitous loafers.  Gucci had them nailed last year and everyone else has come round to thinking this is a good idea this season.  But for a lot less.

Loafer style a plenty at Boden.  Leopard print anyone?

Backless loafer from Boden £98

Animal print rules so it seems.

Fur leather slip on loafers in zebra from Mango £59.99

Ponyskin again but this time in, some would say unadventurous, some would say classic, black - again from Boden £98

However it's the navy that wins for me.  It's the Bally style stripe that gets my vote.

Block Heel Trimmed Mule from M&S £29.50

And then there are the *squashed guinea pig option*.  Which curiously I don't dislike nearly as much as I did last year.  I actually have come round to thinking hmmmmmmm.  Someone slap me.

Office Dandy Fur Mule Loafers £62

Less formal loafer and more shoe style now.  We have bows (thanks to No.21 we're all wearing bows on our shoes.  Again, what a couple of seasons ago seemed random, now is rather appealing).

Office Dance Bow Mules in Pink Leather £65

Or in Off White... again £65

Bow Detail in a denim now (you might want to wear these indoors till May?). 

ASOS Lucky Bow Denim Mules £22

And then we move into a rather different territory.  This is where I sit.  I'm not going down the loafer route - I have two pairs of proper loafers (as in ones with backs) from last year that I shall definitely be wearing again, so I have no need of a mule style pair (famous last words - all feel free to quote me on this and make me look like a plum in about 6 weeks probably?).  However the other style - what shall we call them.. slipper style?  (really selling it there..), I'm in.  This is what I have.  Pointed, textured (mine are ponyskin) and often textured or embellished.  

Speaking of embellished - embroidery love at Office.  These are easily pretty enough to wear with dresses and make the perfect evening shoe if you prefer to wear a flat. 

Office Floral Embroidered Point Mules £48

Dani Slide from Michael Micahel Kors at Shoeaholics were £155 now £79

Someone at Mango had the shoe design remit of "go big or go home".  Nailed it.  Not for the faint hearted.  But the beauty of these I think, is that you can keep the rest of your outfit to a complete minimal.  Faded jeans, tee, blazer - all the not very exciting but shoes that will make you stand out.  Love.  The other alternative is to give into granny chic and throw it all on.  Wear with a print dress.  Clashing is cool.

Crystal (I'm sure "meth is what we were smoking when we designed these" could be added into this description) slip on loafers from Mango £59.99  All I'm going to say is don't look at them too long as they become curiously addictive.  Like acid.

However fear not, I have the antithesis of these to finish off with.  Wonderfully plain. 

ASOS Madrid Leather Mule in grey £45

And in the black again £45

Plain and pointed again at ASOS with a super entry price if you're not entirely sure if these will work for you and want to give them a go. 

ASOS Maggie Flat Mules £18

Or in the nude, again £18

Lower cut at Mango in metallic £19.99

So for me - I'm in.  Well, I'm in so much as I was in two year ago and shall be wearing mine with pride at them having cost me precisely nada this season.  Were I to buy a new pair, I would definitely be plumping for a pared back plain pair.  Or saying that... would I go all out, crazy lady's come to town with a jazz hands pair?  Or the squashed rodent variety.  I am tempted - by god I'm tempted (one glass of wine in, it's never a good idea to let me loose on the internet with a random thought and a credit card).

I don't know.  Saving my "she's lost it" moments for a dress I think.  But then again.. Ok I need to leave this now and move onto something else.  

Outfit from today - trip to London, lovely photo shoot with one of my favourite retailers.  I'll bring you pics and picks tomorrow. 

Today though was all about the comfort.  Admittedly it was a lot colder than yesterday but a new (and ridiculously gorgeous) scarf kept me warm.

Swing Black Polo Neck - Me+Em
Milano knit cropped trousers - Me+Em
Black stud jacket - Zara
Star and Moon scarf in black and blush - Lily & Lionel
Black Tools Bag - Balenciaga
Copeland Sneakers - Air & Grace

Tomorrow - up and at 'em again as I am on another photo shoot for a new retailer.  Very exciting, all will be revealed over on Insta tomorrow.  In the meantime, I'm cooking a new salad recipe tonight for a dinner part on Saturday.  Am I the only one who does this?  Has to have a trial run before the proper gig?  The husband is out at a black tie thingy, so I may have a glass of wine, a mouthful of salad and retire to bed (because I am actually 90) to watch Apple Tree Yard.  (and *not* google dead hamster mules, obviously).

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21 comentarios:

  1. Yeah, I hate mules. They aren't practical and aren't beautiful enough to be worth the impracticality. I just think the proportions look wrong, or something :D Still, saves my wallet. I love it when things I don't like are in fashion! This is looking to be a good season - I don't do frills or pink either! Having said all that - those Mango mules are beautiful and if they weren't pink they'd be mine already :D And you think you are fickle! xx

    1. Must agree, not practical and I know my feet would be in cramps by the end of the day. That being said, although I won't be buying, some of them are lovely.
      As for dead hamsters...nooooooo! (I may be biased by the fact it's minus 2 and snowy. And we do have a fair amount of rain, maybe as indoor slippers on a cold day)!

    2. Ha ha ha ha!! Oh we're all fickle! I have to say I don't find the ones i have too bad. But you must must have bare feet!

  2. Hurrah I'm ahead of the trend for once, I bought a pair last year 😚

  3. My favs there are the cheapo Asos ones at the end of the blog! Nice one! Must be a sign! Worth attempting:) Audrey x

  4. Do they stay on your feet or do you have to curl up your toes? I tend to judge shoes by 'could I run for a bus in them?'!

  5. I love those pink ones! Really really love rapidly moving to can't live without - blame the V and A 60's exhibition as I just want to wear a caftan and loll around on a water bed now .....

  6. Yep the pink mango pair are making me swoon 💖💖

  7. I just can't seem to make these work! And I love, love, love shoes. Maybe next season...

    1. aha, you say that now... never say never!!

  8. I quite like them but the "can I run for the bus in them?" test is key here. Don't think I could. Also, they fling off if your feet are cold, and they also tend to make my toes really sore. So I'm a no, but admiring from afar. Jo

  9. I'm in this year too! I picked up the black knot mules from Next. Now I just need the weather to behave :) x

    1. This week is looking good.... verging on tropical!

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