Interjection - obsession time

So I was merrily trotting along with today's blog when I was mildly distracted by Instagram (a common problem).  Mulberry, it's all your fault. 

No we're not talking anything bag related (sharp intake of breath).  Tweed.  Check.  Checked tweed.

For A/W17.  Or... we could just go in now.  I thought about this for all of five seconds, abandoned blog I was in the middle of writing and am frantically searching for all things tweedy check. 

In a coat.  For Spring, this is what I need.  That's Need.  As it will take me smugly into the Autumn.  It's also the perfect neutral coat which will work perfectly with my beloved wardrobe of basic shades.  As well as being the ideal foil for Spring's new shades.  Throw in a red or a green or a pink - top, trews, scarf, tee, shoes or bag and hey presto - instant wardrobe update. 

Here is what I was inspired by.  Firstly - one I nicked from my lovely friend who I know won't mind.

And then two from Mulberry...

Starting with one that I have looked at and looked at and looked it (and looked at).  And haven't been able to justify.  

Until today.  Oh happy days.  I am going to try tomorrow (last day of the 20% off - FB6F32 is the code) as they had loads in Marble Arch and am heading there with the 12yr old.

If you needed any justification for buying the above, there's always a Michael Kors version which is divine but a lot more expensive.  Even with 70% off.   To be fair it is a "bargain".  Well, it's not but it's a very good buy if you have a spare £700 (as you do).  Personally, 20% off at M&S is good enough for me.

Slightly more palatable and definitely on trend for next A/W is See by Chloe's check with purple in it.

If you do like shorter then there are lots of fabulous options around.  Personally, for me - I need longer, being ridiculously tall.

But brights again - perfectly colour combo for now and for Autumn 17.

More subtle.

Or belted navy.

Cross between blazer and coat, again at Mango and definitely Spring worthy.

This however, would be my dream coat.  Although I do think that it's probably slightly too Wintery for Spring..  But it's still gorgeous. 

Although I think this is from Winter, it's actually perfect for Spring.  And very similar to the grey Alexa Chung one I have and wear loads. 

If you are looking for an oversized version, this one is my top buy.  

ASOS Boyfriend Coat in black/white £100  PLUS at ASOS if you spend over £75 you get £10 off, over £125 you get £20 off and over £150 you get £30 off.  With the codes LEGIT10, LEGIT20 and LEGIT30. Offer expires on Thursday 23rd Feb at 8am.  Off everything.

So tomorrow, I'm off to try the coat, armed with my 20% off voucher.  This, however was me today.  This is me laughing with an element of hysteria as I am so blooming cold, having spent two hours at rugby.  It had looked warm.  It said it was going to be warm.  It wasn't.  It was freezing!

Navy and white jumper - Me+Em
Navy boyfriend jacket - Me+Em
Black coated skinnies - New Look
Black lace up wellies and socks - Ilse Jacobsen
Black Tools Bag - Balenciaga

Hope everyone has had a great half term, I have two back but am looking forward to a day's shopping (and going to the House of Minalima in Soho, who did all the graphic artwork for the Harry Potter films - I don't know who is more excited about this - me or her) with the 12yr old.   As well as a trip to Crumbs & Doilies in Soho who are cupcake makers extraordinaire (apparently...) and have great gluten free options.  So elasticated trousers for me on Tuesday.. or an oversized coat which hides a multitude of sins.  The reasons for buying one are just multiplying.

I will be back tomorrow with my inspiration from the shows I went to on Saturday.  

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14 comentarios:

  1. The Whistles Jerry belted coat is lovely and worth a look. Their Grazia 25% discount must be on it's way soon!!

    1. It would have to be a lot more than 25% off!!!! It's gorgeous but I think would be too short on me. But yes, am keeping my eye out for the discount DEFFO!

  2. Love the belted navy from Mango....

    1. It's unusual isn't it? A real classic you'd have for ages!

  3. I wondered if you could offer advice on coats for petites. They can be tricky. I am sure you have heard it before but you are the spit of sjp in this photo👍

    1. Well, you're v kind! My best advice for someone who's petite would be first off - check out petite selections - there are some amazing ones around. Secondly though, I think it depends on your style. I LOVE the oversized looks on petites although I appreciate it if it's not your bag, you may feel like a coat is drowning you. I however, am jealous as I can never find coats oversized enough for me being so tall!

    2. I'm petite too, and while I don't have too much problem in the sweater/shirt department I try to buy petite for coats and jackets. I love Boden for this, (not so much for their bright prints, I mostly stick to solid colours) their petite fit is amazing on me. I have just bought their ponte blazer, I love that for once I can buy one with buttons on the cuff, I normally avoid these in regular sizes as I can't turn the sleeves up. Boden trousers fit me as well, otherwise a cropped trouser can be full length on me.
      I'm hoping they'll have a good petite winter coat next season, as I dithered and missed out last year.

  4. £699 for a leather boyfriend jacket at Me & Em?! I can't dispute it looks better on you than it does on the model on the website but still it's a steep price to pay. Don't get me wrong I spend a serious amount on clothes a month but even I wouldn't be tempted by that. Come on Me & Em sort your pricing out and be more realistic about how much the general public are prepared to spend. I have some seriously nice Massimo Dutti leather jackets that are a fraction of the price....Kat, I love your posts - I completely get that you are probably offered a lot of clothing free to endorse the various brands but do these companies really believe that we are going to go out there and buy a £699 jacket? I suppose the fact that we would even contemplate it having seen it on you is half the battle but you really do look so much better in it than their model. I'm interested too to see if this post will go live and if anyone else will comment - I follow a few fashion bloggers and you pretty much all do blogs on the same clothing brands within days of one another... presumably all having been invited to the same promotional events. Good on you - I'm sure it's great fun and if we were all as photogenic as you guys I'm sure we wouldn't hesitate to do it too.. I hope this makes your website and It sparks a debate....

    1. Firstly, I always publish all comments, unless they're spam. So yes, of course your comments have been posted!

      Secondly - with regards to the cost of the coat. Well, Me+Em would be considered, cost wise, to be at the pricier end of the high street (not that they're a high street brand, but comparatively). There are though, higher priced jackets and coats in leather and shearling available - ie at Whistles. And certainly this is a relatively reasonably (I know!) priced jacket if you look at the French *high street* (Maje, Sandro, Claudie Pierlot) or delver into Designer Depths. Unfortunately, due to us not living in a Socialist society, people do have very different budgets, and I'm afraid to say that for some, this isn't out of the realms of possibility for them at all. (especially when you apply the 20% offer that Me+Em often have). That is, alas, just how the economy works, as unimaginable as it may seem to spend that sort of money on a coat. The same could be said for shoes, for bags, for dresses - different people have different budgets.

      Thirdly - I rarely have time to read other fashion blogs so if I post on the same subject as others, that is pure coincidence. Often companies do have Press Days, they do release their new season stock and so quite possibly, it will be covered by different people at the same time. That is the nature of the fashion beast. The same could be said for magazines - it's just that they don't have the same immediacy as blogs - and is one of the reasons why some blogs are thought to be gaining more popularity and influence than the more traditional print press.

      I hope that makes sense - although of course, it's only my opinion and others may disagree!

    2. Excuse me for sticking my oar in, but Kat mentions if something has been gifted to her. I don't have a problem with people having a higher budget than I do, some people just have better finances than others. I only ever raise my eyebrows is if they spend on 'nice to have' while totally ignoring 'need to have'.
      Me + Em presumably set a price level that corresponds to the quality of an item. If they charged too much they would get a bad reputation which could mean they didn't survive.

    3. One of the things I like about this blog, and why I have read pretty much every post since stumbling across it on a long car journey with a toddler and a tiny baby on boxing day 2012, is the variety. Yes, some of it is out of my budget (no £700 leather jacket for me) but it's quite possible that Kat will post a picture of herself in said jacket, with a belt from primark and shoes from River Island. It's that eclectic mixture and imagination that keeps me coming back (together with the glimpses into her own life, because I'm a nosy cow.) Of course there are sometimes blogs on things that I wouldn't personally wear (checked coats, leather dungas and long flowery dresses being recent examples) and when I read those blogs I'm pretty sure my credit card does a little flip of joy at not being dragged out yet again (not that I need to actually drag it out, through FAR too much internet shopping I appear to have memorised the card details...... Just me?!?!)Thanks Kat. Oh, and if you could find a cheaper version of the Winsor London Lauren / Donna Ida Miss Maggie pussy bow blouses, that would be marvellous thanks very much!

    4. Glad I'm not the only one who might just have memorised her credit card details - even worse when I picked up a recent Internet order from the supermarket (better than having to reschedule delivery), the nice women remembered my name!

  5. Just ordered the m & a coat and the autograph trench too with 20% off. Oh my days they are now accepting Apple pay can it get any easier to spend money 😂