Sunglasses required

Inspired is what I am. 

After a couple of days in London with glorious sunshine (am ignoring the fact that it was verging on arctic at rugby on Sunday...) and having popped my colour cherry this season with my dress from Saturday, I can't stop thinking about brights. 

Clashing brights at that.  Red, orange, yellow - we're on fire.  Ok so that's naff on a massively naff scale, but we are talking shades of the sun.  And pink.  Definitely definitely pink.  If they clash, they're going to work.

And, reporting back from my brief foray into A/W17, bright colours are definitely the call of the day.  Mixed together, mixed with brown, mixed with black.  But a block colour is worth investing in. 

Starting with a top tip, shared by a lovely friend of mine on Friday night (who also happens to be a quite important mag Editor who sort of knows what she's talking about) - M&S jumpers for men.  In a small.  I have long been a fan of the Uniqlo jumpers for men (crew neck in a small for me!) but for some reason, it's never occurred to me to try any other retailers.  Duh.  

So she rates them in all the black and navy (my usual riot of colour too), but I did find one cashmere jumper in a red.

Pure Cashmere Jumper from M&S Men's £89.00 FB6F32 for 20% off - last chance until Midnight on Monday.

However for me - this would be my top of choice.  Would happily layer over a shirt now and wear on its own come cooler days.  Love this with my blush skirt - perfect pink mix.

Neon Sloppy Joe from hush £35

Or Orange....  With red.  With pink.  Again, layer a shirt, polo neck or long sleeved tee under it now and into next Autumn.

Diamond Kimono Sleeve Jumper from Topshop £36

Pale pink in a top with a skirt now.  I have to say, whilst I love this with the grey (sublime), it would make a fabulously interesting outfit, swapping the pink jumper for a red one. 

Boiled Wool Knit Jumper from Topshop £55

Which segues neatly into the bottoms, starting with the skirt from the outfit above.  Which is now in the sale. 

Boiled Wool Knit Skirt from Topshop was £55 now £30

Or red... would look amazing with the above pink jumper.  Or the orange one?

Cropped Wide Leg Trousers from M&S £45

Red Mensy Trousers at Topshop £39

Or let a skirt do the mixing for you - just add a top in pink, orange or red.  This is possibly my favourite piece here.  I think it's the most versatile, as random as that sounds.  It also would look amazing teamed with black.  And dare I mention that I saw more than one graphic print doing the rounds...

Matchstick Asymmetrical Midi Skirt from Topshop £39

If you can't decide between a top and a bottom then how about taking the easy (?) road - a jumpsuit.  Now I haven't lost my mind and expect you to wear this now (although to be fair - with a blazer and a lightweight scarf, there's no reason why you couldn't have worn this today in our blistering 16 degrees...), but it's ideal to layer under a jumper.  V or round neck, a pink jumper, either blush or brighter, this would be amazing.  Or how about a pink coat?  Orange biker?  (see below).

Jumpsuit from hush with 10% off using the code S17PREVIEW £75 pre discount 

Or if bottom are difficult to master - how about a coat?  A much easier option perhaps as it does work well with neutrals.  But with a fuchsia, blush or orange tee, jumper or sweatshirt , this would be ideal.

Tailored Boyfriend Coat from La Redoute was £49 now £39.20 but with an extra 15% off using the code SAVE15.

Or how about an orange biker.. with pink or red - sublime.

Vmboomer biker jacket from Vera Moda £49

And here I am, not in clashing colours, but in a very full on and clashing print. 

This is from London Fashion Week on Saturday (the one day I made an effort and went to a couple of shows!). 

Penelope Dress - Rixo London
Suede biker jacket - hush
Leopard Division boots - Balenciaga
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci
Red earrings - H&M

And whoop whoop, was papped going into the Jasper Conran show (clearly I was in a rush to get in there and did not stop like a proper blogger would have done.  Oops.  What can I say?  I was desperate for the loo) and was included on The Best Street Style at London Fashion Week AW17 gallery on Refinery29.   And yes I did spend way too long trying to get a better screen shot of this and no I couldn't.  I could also not remotely find out how to consent to cookies.  Yes I did just click on it and no it didn't work.  Story of my life.

Today, had a lovely day with the 12yr old - inset day, so trip to London as promised.  She's come back armed with books and bath bombs (worshipping at her two temples, Waterstones on Piccadilly and Lush.. again...) and I bought NOTHING.  But I did try the M&S coat on from yesterday and did order it with the 20% off.  As it's a perfectly "lightweight" coat for this time of year.  I decided against the wrap one from this blog and chose the tweed one from yesterday's blog instead.  Last chance to get your 20% off tonight.

Tomorrow - well, I had planned to go and see a seamstress about getting some dresses altered and crack on with some work, but I've been invited (?!) on my 10yr old's school trip.  He requested that I come and I know (and adore!) his teacher so she asked would I like to?  Can't say no to that can you?  Herstmonsomething or other is where we're off to.  Sciencey stuff apparently.  I am preparing myself to be educated.

Will be back tomorrow though with.. hmm not sure yet.  Watch this space.

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  1. I'm with you on the favourite - the M&S skirt is gorgeous, although I'd be hard pressed to find enough places to wear it. I love a bit of 'bold' but find they tend to hang around in the closet and rarely do I feel brave enough to put them on.
    Now, if you can find me something along the lines of this shape - - but in a light (summer-holiday friendly) cotton and black (naturellement), you will be forever my hero. I am bordering on dangerously obsessive in my quest, which has turned up nothing. At all. I'm becoming slightly demented by the lack of anything remotely similar.

    1. oooh now that's a hard one. So you're looking for a full skirt with an uneven hem?? Hmm interesting. I have seen a few but they're not full. And not sure if they're black? They tend to be straighter and ruffled.. any interest?

  2. I love a bit of bright, but I get the feeling that as your discovering colour, I'm going monochrome. My version is navy and ivory, and I'm loving it. I've just been seduced by a navy and cream skirt, even though I don't wear skirts too much. Now my problem is how to style it, I've tried it with a sweaters, and I think that's the way I'll go (grey or navy now, as well as some lightweight summer ones), a breton tee worked well too.

    1. Well now you say I've discovered it.. I'm taken with it this week but chances are I'll be back in my neutrals before you know it. (err like today!!!)

  3. Hi Kat
    Love your blog, just emailed you a better photo of Best street style picture. Xxxx


  4. This sweater is also a great option:

  5. Oh you must have been at the Observatory at Herstmonceux in Sussex! About 15 mins from me, hope you had a good day (if a little chilly) ... I've been on several school trips there.
    Love the Rixo London dress

    1. Yes! It was amazing. It was cold but they had the most amazing time. Stunning location - such a gorgeous place to live, lucky lucky you!!!

  6. I don't necessarily need the uneven hem, but I want a fairly full cocoon shape that's not flared or swishy, if that makes sense? Instagram is my nemesis as I saw just what I want on Catherine Dupon (Bisson leather website founder) and am driving myself mad trying to find something like it, but to no avail. I'm officially obsessed now.

    1. Hmmm I think the problem might be that you won't get the cocoon shape unless you have that stiff sort of fabric? Or maybe I'm not thinking about what you want? I think if you have it in a cotton by the very nature of the fabric, it's going to be a little flowy? midi length though? I get what you mean about the not wanting flared but... hmmm hard one... (sorry - that's about as helpful as a chocolate teapot isn't it - but I shall keep my eye open!)

    2. Thanks! I know cocoon would be hard to achieve with light cotton and I don't think I've explained myself very well. I'm thinking of some deep pleating (almost wrap like) on the waist to make the fabric 'balloon' rather than flare. Quite plain, sort of culottes shape silhouette. Think I'm just talking myself in knots now!

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks - I had looked at Cos and they had actually come the closest to what I was looking for with this:
      As I am a shade under 5'2", I was hoping it might be longer on me to the more maxi length I seek. Think I might have to order it and see...

  8. Just bought the red M and S culottes. Unsure, as ever, what to wear them with i.e. shoes and hosiery.... Love the colour picks! (also bought a yellow dress from Zara - on a roll...

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