Never let it be said I'm not punctual.

As I'm not.  Therefore I present you with the Valentine's Day blog a day late. 

I could try and come up with a myriad of excuses but actually they're "reasons".  Three of them.  Aged 8, 10 and 12.  Who are on holiday.  Half term.  The joy of children, the scourge of all working parents.  I am incredibly lucky as I can juggle the balls and because I work for myself, can jiggle what I do and when.  Badly as it turns out....   But at least I can work at 6am in bed in my jamas (this morning, yesterday morning and tomorrow morning) as unfortunately deadlines are deadlines. 

It does mean though that yesterday, the blog went by the wayside.  However, I had a lovely day with my boys - had dropped the 12yr old at a sleepover party so just had two to occupy.  Anyone who has three (and I'm sure the same theory works with multiple siblings, just as it would when you take one away from two) will know that when you remove one, holy maloney, it's like Christmas.  I actually turn into Mary Poppins.  There's no spoonful of sugar needed, just take away a sibling and suddenly "it becomes a piece of cake". 

After a trip to Subway (I kid you not - "Boys you can go anywhere you'd like for dinner..."  So the obvious choice is Subway...) we went to Bluewater as I promised them a trip to HMV (holy grail of shops for small boys and I don't have to sell a kidney like I do if we go to the Lego shop) for a DVD (and one for the husband for the big V) and we snuck into H&M as well so I could pick up the black tiger dresses from the last blog (and not the purple ones that they only have instore).

Also had to nip to M&S to finish off some research I'm doing for them and picked up THE most amazing thing that I want to actually never take off, but you have to wait until Friday for that.  

However I am now inspired in all things pink.  And red.  Which was appropriate yesterday as it was Valentine's.  Today err, that'll be not so much.  But I started this last night, with all things Valentine's in mind and something to go with my newest purchase.

So come Friday you will thank me for looking into these.  Tops of the red and pink variety.  Which randomly do appear to be the colour combo of the Spring season.  But also look great with greys and black.  And my current favourite pairing - khaki.  Pink and khaki, red and khaki - all Spring perfection.  Breathing new life into your winter basics (that please tell me you're as bored of wearing as I am) and your old favourites from last year. 

I am even looking at more jumpers.  Lightweight - perfect for Spring and Summer knitwear.  Wear on their own or layer with a shirt. 

Speaking of layering....and with 20% off at Me+Em until the end of Feb with the code FEB20.

The Perfect Button Cuff Crew from Me+Em £75

Or in the red... again £75 pre discount.  Love the red with the burgundy.  Perfectly Valentinal.  Not a word.

Crew necks at Boden in cashmere with 20% off with the code K9E8 plus free delivery and free returns.  

Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper in Red £98

And in the pink

Pink Merino at & Other Stories £39

Round neck with sleeves that need no intro. 

Bloomfield Volume Sleeve Jumper in Red from Finery London £79

Sleeves on speed in pink at Mango. 

Puffed Sleeves Sweater from Mango £39.99

Or a pleated sleeve version  - £39.99 at Mango.

V neck now.  To prove this colour works as well with black as it does with lighter shades.  AND there's 10% off all hush stock with the code S17PREVIEW.  Already put my order in for their new biker jacket.  How amazing would that look with leopard print?

Summer (although no reason why you couldn't wear all year round) Cashmere Jumper in blush £125 from hush

If you're braver with your shades of pink, go neon again £125.

V neck again in another bright pink shade, this time in linen (make sure you handwash these.  A special note to a friend of mine who keeps throwing these in the washing machine with the school uniform and then wonders why it comes out Barbie size).

Linen V Jumper from hush £50

Extra fine merino in pink v neck at Uniqlo £24.50

Now moving onto shirts... 

No your eyes are not deceiving you, this is black (no flies on me today). 

But they do it in a pale pink as well.  Not everyone likes a boat neck, for sure, but personally I'm definitely a fan.  A smarter variation on a tee. (by the way, they also do these in navy, black - duh, olive and white).

Woman Silk Touch Boat Neck Tee from Uniqlo £24.90 This is obviously from the back.  Hence I included the black pic so you can see what it looks like from the front. 

And finishing (almost) with a ringer... striped!  Red and pink together. 

Crochet Cotton Sweater from & Other Stories £79

But the last word has to go to my beloved logo jumpers.  *wonders aloud if this is the right shade of pink*.

Star Man Jumper from Bella Freud £280 at Matches

Or the other option (and an EXCELLENT option at that), would be grey with pink writing... 

Mon Coeur Cashmere Sweater from Orwell + Austen at Wolf Badger £210

So bear with me until Friday when I will bring you the complete GEM that has inspired this blog.  And apologies for being a day late with the loving colours. 

Yesterday, I did pay homage to all things love with my Love jumper (although the husband thought it said Lenie.  So that was good) and my red bag. 

Love Jumper - hush (with 10% off now)
Mayfair coated jeans - Boden
Leopard coat - M&S
Superstar sneakers - M&S
Red Soho Disco Bag - Gucci

And today for what was frankly the day from hell.  "Let's go to London and go to a museum.  It will be fabulous".  Or maybe not.  

Firstly, my fault entirely as what cretinous mother forgets the medication for her son with ADHD/Aspergers?  Me of course.  It also appears that the entire planet thought they'd also go to London.  Which improved the situation no end.  And did I mention it was also pouring with rain?  Couldn't have been more of a disaster.

Trying to think of some positives and we did have a lovely lunch and then they had a lovely hour in Lush which they adore (and I am significantly poorer because of it but it's worth it).  The Lush on Oxford Street is definitely worth a visit.  Loved by all children of all ages.  It's a shame they don't have sofas, coffee and wifi.

Here I am, clearly looking hopefully into the future that contains wine.  It was either that or weep.

Black and white polo neck - Second Female at Collen & Clare 
Black wide leg crops - Whistles
Coated trench - M&S
Tools Bag - Balenciaga
Superstar Sneakers - Golden Goose 

And contains wine it does.  Tomorrow is another day, I have a shed load of work to do so plan to take the children out first thing for some fresh air and then they can fill their boots with technology.  Followed by an en early evening trip to the trampoline park with friends.  Hope everyone else had a more successful day than I did.  And aren't wracked with guilt at making such a cock up of a day.  I wonder if new shoes would make me feel better..

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13 comentarios:

  1. Look forward to hearing what your m&s gem is going to be. I have a few things in my basket waiting for 20% discount which I think is coming this weekend!
    How gorgeous is that Hush suede jacket. Please post pics when you take delivery. Hope your half term improves. Wish mine were that young again, they're away at uni now and I miss them like crazy!

    1. I can't wait for it arrive! Oh and I know I know I know about missing them when they're gone. I see people now with their babies at the leisure centre and think awwwwwwwwww I miss it so much. And then a voice in the back of my head says WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? It was awful, they were horrendous, you were knackered, they used to get into fights, it was just car crash!!!!

  2. Loving the pink, lusting after the cashmere one from Hush! Bit pricey for me but do you think it's worth it? Enjoy the rest of half term, 3 kids too so flagging also!

    1. I love my hush Cashmere (hand wash it). No cashmere is really cheap but it's definitely worth it if you love it and would wear it lots. Best price to buy it with 10% off!

  3. Ha! I work near Oxford Circus and avoid that Lush shop like the plague! See also Top Shop during half term.

    1. Lush was empty compared to the British Museum!!! I can imagine TopShop was all sorts of hell though...

  4. I know exactly what you mean about only having two of three kids - it's like halving the horror :D I'm confident that pink is not my colour but the older I get the more I lean towards it. Although I think I suit the paler pinks better and I don't like them as much. Hmmm.. Excuse for a shopping trip? xx

    1. I think it's a question of perhaps trying and see what they work with.....

  5. My youngest daughter is like having three kids beat into one. Hard work does not even begin to describe her AND she has just entered her teens . She was off school sick for a whole week before half term and slept the entire time, so sick was she. But now she is better and her body clock is royally banjaxed - she's awake all night and barely awake during daylight, just about enough to argue with and wind up everyone else in the house. I'm about to drive her to a deserted spot and leave her there...
    LOVE LOVE LOVE pink and red at the moment, especially together. I bought the red cashmere sweater from Zara, which is the most gorgeous fire engine red and am (halfheartedly) looking for a pair of hot pink cropped trousers to wear with it. In my head, I'll look like Audrey Hepburn in leopard pumps, but in reality I'll probably be the woman whose picture goes viral on Facebook as looking like an ice lolly.

    1. Love love love pink and red, love sweaters, love cropped trousers - go for it, it'll be great!

    2. Oh Marie crying laughing here!!! At the lollipop not at your poor daughter. Dare I ask - is she neurotypical? Or just a difficult child? I have to say my other two are so "normal", it makes such a difference with one. But there are moments of lightness - we had a great day today, he was an angel! (as I remember to give him his meds maybe?!) Hope your week gets better xxxx

    3. Aside from some anxiety issues, I'd say she is fairly typical (of her father's side of the family...) She's just, erm, wilful. Pleased you have had a better day today - it makes such a difference, doesn't it? I feel pretty frazzled tonight after a hard day and just keep dreaming of when she goes to university. Not that I'm wishing my life away or anything...

    4. If you want to message me on .... just an idea I might have... Oh and am off to have my hair done today - so frazzled by the week, turned up for my appt at 10 when it's at 2!!!!!