Off piste

Well it's not exactly off piste but it's not what I was planning on doing.  But yet again, those little emails that materialise in my in box with their offers have meant another PLOT TWIST and I've been sucked in...

Oh go on then.. I'll have a look.  As there is something I have on my mind that I've been wanting to look at for a while and, since there's 20% off today at Anthropologie, it seems like the perfect excuse to look at statement skirts today.  (I say Anthro, as they have the most stunning skirt I've been wanting to show you). 

We're talking long skirts today.  We're talking flowy, we're talking full.  These are the perfect addition to your wardrobe to make the most of your old favourites and transform them into Spring wear. 

A little bit of bare leg isn't going to kill anyone (even the more nesh amongst you) once the temperature hits the dizzy heights of double figures.  These work so well now with fitted jumpers (you all know I love a close fitting knit), boxy tees (bretons are especially good - fear not, they will be rearing their gorgeous heads shortly), or slouchy tees, half tucked in.   Trusty biker in suede or leather or even a blazer (I have plans for this, I will be giving it a go).  Shoe wise - ankle or knee boot, sneaker, loafer, ballet flat.  

Length wise, I like a longer length.  And for me - definitely below the knee.  Especially as this time of year - unless you want to team with opaques and personally tights do not scream Spring to me.

Starting with the skirt that I've been eyeing up.  Pure skirt porn.  And as I mentioned, there is 20% off today (Saturday) if you sign up to be a *member* (ie just sign up for their email).

Natalia Floral Maxi Skirt from Anthropologie £198

Although I also love this one. 

Avenir Pleated Maxi Skirt £218

Nope - actually, it's the green one.  Love.  Love love love. 

Gracie Printed Maxi Skirt in green £198

If you're not looking for a maxi and prefer a midi, fear not. 

More green. (and hold that thought as I have all things green coming up).

Boheme Printed Midi Skirt in green £98

This one from Anthro again is simply gorgeous. 

Laurene Printed Midi Skirt £118

Robyn Printed Midi Skirt from Anthro £108 and also works really well with flat shoes.  

And there also happens to be 20% off at LK Bennett who make simply the most gorgeous midi skirts which will work with trainers and a tee for the supermarket and a neat little knit and heels for a wedding.  My favourite sort of hardworking piece.  Code is WE20.

Marlin Print Skirt £225

Tippi Green Silk Cotton Skirt £250

And then throwing one in that's in the sale (better than the 20% off).

Eva Black Viscose Silk Skirt from LK Bennett was £350 now £140

And a couple more that I've found.  This one I did actually buy and loved it when I tried it on instore.  I bought the matching top but it wasn't *quite* long enough for me - I am ludicrously tall and prefer a maxi midi as opposed to a just below knee length midi, if that makes sense?  However I still love the black border - makes it so much less full on Summery and super easy to team with black. 

Garden Posy Pleated Skirt from Warehouse £49

More midi love at M&S. 

Embroidered A Line Skirt £49.50

Leopard print A Line also at M&S £35

Full length Polka Dot at Mango £35.99  So completely wearable.  Classic with a white tee, stans and a denim jacket.  Black slides, white tee and black longline blazer for Parisian chic.

And finally, in the sale at Mango was £49.99 now £29.99

So hopefully that's some food for thought.  I will be exploring these in more detail when the sun does come out for more than five milliseconds at a time. 

In the meantime, I'm still mad about a dress.  And last night, for drinks with friends and then dinner with the husband, I pulled out a blush H&M one from last year.  I have bought (which I was going to wear to LFW but then wore the Rixo one instead) the blush and tan ruffle See by Chloe dress that I had tried on.  But I'm going to send it back.  For a start, I can't really justify keeping two such expensive dresses.  I'm also having some other much more reasonably priced dresses that I bought (H&M & M&S) altered to work better for my ludicrous height.  And lastly, I have this blush one and how many blush dresses does one need?  Dare I say that the H&M one is also better quality than the Chloe one?  Am I allowed to say that outloud?  It was £79.99 which is exorbitant for H&M but the detailing is amazing (and I bet I can chuck it in the machine too).  However I was very inspired by the addition of tan which the Chloe dress had - they go together so surprisingly well.  My new fave colour combo.

Blush embroidered maxi dress - H&M
Leopard boots - Tabitha Simmons
Tan De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen

I'm not going to lie - I have been hanging all day.  Up and at 'em early doors for football training with the boys and then home via the Sainsburys Local to pick up bags of donuts.  Of which I may have consumed more than my fair share.  Let It Shine final tonight, followed by Saturday Night Take Away and a homemade greek lamb traybake (only as we've overdosed on takeaways recently.. and I bribed the 12yr old to do all the veg chopping..)

Tomorrow, off to a rugby tournament.  Whilst the husband goes to Twickenham.  The trains are up the spout apparently, so they're having to leave at 9.45am.  Kick off is at 3pm.  One can only assume that they're walking there?

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4 comentarios:

  1. I have invested in my first midi, in cotton, so more structured than flowy. It's in my staple colour navy with a cream floral print. I am planning to dress it down, more often than up, but both are very possible.

    1. Oh that sounds gorgeous! I'm just so hoping the weather changes soon.. not looking for this week mind you. GAH!

  2. Ah, the old train problem chestnut which involves "having" to leave hours earlier but no extra beers will be consumed, obvs ;-) I love the shape of the Warehouse one - the flat panel at the top stops the adding of bulk that some of these have and are no good for me (actually, they are no good for a lot of the models and I bet they are real life twiglets). I can't do that much pattern though. I'd feel like a Aunt Maud's sofa. I'm not good with maxi at all - I find footwear looks weird and there's too much fabric to know where to put and I feel conspicuous in a bad way. Your H&M blush dress however is everything I hate - blush, fussy, maxi, almost leg of lamb sleeved - and I couldn't love it more. I suspect it's you and your I should have been a model-ness :D Have a great Sunday. xx

    1. Oh this made me laugh!! This dress should definitely be something that doesn't work but it so randomly does. Expect to see it a lot..!!

      The Warehouse one was actually very flattering - it just didn't quite work out on me length wise.