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So if you thought statement skirts were slightly out there, take a deep breath and get a glass of wine for this one. 

Today we're going for the full on, "mum, please tell me you're not going out in that" number. 

Normal service with copious amounts of black and no embellishment will obviously return in very short order but I'm having a small hiatus to explore the bonkers.

I'm not advocating full on head to toe riotous prints, slogans and smiley faces (although knock yourself out if it floats your boat) but just a little "pick me up" to your outfit.

This could definitely be a knee jerk reaction to having to still wear coats (even though I've solved that issue by buying a new one BUT I want to wear it with tees and not last season's jumpers.  Yup, that would be me wanting to have my cake and eat it) when I have skirts that are screaming "please wear me" whilst the weather is saying "err, nope, you can do one".  

Which is basically me saying it could be a massive erroneous purchase.  But on the other hand, it could be the item I turn to again and again all season. 

The jazz hands bag. 

It's a bag that should essentially be used by a 12yr old.  Although my 12yr old would probably disagree with that and give me that withering stare (tinged with pity) that only a 12yr old can give and say "don't you mean a 6yr old?".  

Well maybe I do.  But if I had a 6yr old and bought them one of these, I would be nicking it on a regular basis.

I'm going straight in with the madness.  This is the one that caught my eye on an email and made me think.  Love it.  What's not to love - with a plain tee (or even live dangerously and go a breton), jeans and a blazer.  A staple uniform that will get you through the Spring with you just adding to it, to transform you into whoever you want to be that day.  Skinny scarf, brooch, statement earrings or.. random purple furry bag.  TA DAH!

Shoplifter Furtastic Handbag from & Other Stories £35

Staying with the truly "out there". 

Pretty Parfum Bottle Cross Body Bag from Accessorize £32

Whilst we're on the topic of bottles, I'm just going to leave this one here... (and perhaps not one for the 6yr old or the 12yr old...).

Tatty Devine Gin Water Bottle & Cross Body Bag £24.99  Apparently this is a bottle (for water... yeah right) and a bag.  Not entirely sure how but who am I to argue when it looks like this.  At the very least I should buy this for treats and poo bags for when I'm dog walking my Gin, shouldn't I?  Oi family - that's Mother's Day sorted, right there.

Print now and as much I loathe purple, the shades of lilac and red in this bag would work amazingly well with blush and green shades.  Not to mention khaki.

Cara Crazy Cross Body Bag from Accessorize £19

A more subtle Japanese style print in pastel shades from Accessorize again. 

Kyoto Printed Large Cross Body Bag £29

Floral is definitely a recurring theme this Spring - in what I call Bucks Fizz colours.  I can't see red, blue, green or yellow without wanting to "make my mind up" (and yes of course I know all the words).

Floral Buckle Mini Bag from & Other Stories £89 (leather) 

Similar (but not leather) at River Island. 

Pink Floral Print Mini Satchel Bag £22

Slightly larger also at River Island. 

Red Floral Print Satchel Bag £32

A flatter, more simple shape at & Other Stories in leather.

D-Ring Crossbody bag from & Other Stories £65

Ocean Floral Crossbody bag from Topshop £35  With pearl additions.

Floral at River Island. 

Grey Floral Embroidery Lock Front Satchel Bag £26

Embroidered again at Topshop and this time in denim (a topic I have a bone to pick with but I'll save that for another day...). 

Denim City Embroidered Cross Bag from Skinny Dip at Topshop £32

And then we have the nod to the bonkers.  

Daisy Mini Suede Bag from & Other Stories £89

So come on - what do you think?  Has my inner Helena Bonham Carter broken free and shoved all my other inners to the back of the room?  Too much??

I fear I may be suffering from sleep deprivation.  Or could they be a quirky cute addition to your wardrobe?

Today up at the crack of dawn for an incredibly glamorous outing to somewhere in South East London for a glorious rugby festival.  An 8.30am departure.  With a return six hours later.  This afternoon has not been the most productive of afternoons, I won't lie.  Supervising homework (painting of a welly - god give me strength) and enough washing to keep a launderette busy for a week.  Followed by Dominos which is the biggest treat ever for mine.  

Parka - Jane & Tash
Coated skinny jeans - New Look
Wellies and socks - Ilse Jacobsen
Tools bag - Balenciaga
Grey hat and grey fingerless gloves - Black

And where did the weekend go?  Lots of work to get on with this week, some really exciting things coming up and fingers crossed - oh please please - that the weather will be slightly warmer (I know - I've just looked and it's wall to wall rain by all accounts.  *weeps*).  In that case - expect a trench blog this week (although to be fair, that's not the worst idea I've ever had!).  I feel I need to look at trainers again, my gripe with denim and other things to clad our legs with.  Any requests?  To go with our jazz hands bag?!

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22 comentarios:

  1. Sweatshirts please as I am struggling to still wear sweaters and thought these might make me feel more spring like?

    1. ooh interesting. Yup, they're a great staple anyway, I'll look into them x

  2. Too tempted by the gin bag for dog walking 😂

    1. And imagine if your dog were called Gin... just saying..

  3. Love a fun bag. Am on lookout for pink fluffy Mongolian faux fur bag. Feel it would look great with all the gold I want to wear this spring :) x

  4. Oh and request for spring/summer option to replace leather biker. A fabric jacket in a biker cut...does such thing exist :)

    1. It does indeed! I have one from a couple of years ago from Whistles and I've seen one recently somewhere that I obviously can't remotely remember. Leave it with me....

    2. I've just bought a red one from River Island - I had another for years in brown and silver metallic threads (sounds awful but wasn't) until it had a hole in it. I love them for work as they are smart but not corporate and they go with everything.

  5. I'm not so into purple fur or gin bottles, but all those floral ones are screaming 'buy me' in my ear. Question is which one is screaming loudest?

  6. By the time I had scrolled down past the fur bag, the perfume bottle bag, the gin bottle bag and the gucci colours snakeskin bag - all of which had me shuddering and deciding it was definitely something for the under 12s - I suddenly saw method in your madness. A little pick-me-up whilst waiting for spring. The florals - yes, the florals would lighten and brighten a dull day. Genius. And that grey one from River Island may have to be mine. Just a little something to see me out of winter and into spring.

  7. I love the &Other Stories bag, it's leopard and snakeskin and would go with anything! I think my 11yr old would love the furry one:). I've been trying to wear some spring clothes with thermals underneath, a few oversized shirts with a heattech polo neck under and a long fluffy cardi over. But today is so miserable, I think I will probably change back into a jumper later.

    1. Ok which one is leopard and snakeskin.. am I losing my mind? I NEED that one!

  8. Request for a tall girl/large of boob casual night out top (loose 3/4 or long sleeve, not high neck) or top and jacket combo. I like the suggestion of a fabric jacket in a biker cut too. Something you can keep on all night but covers up middle aged bingo wings & still looks good.. Worth asking anyhow, the answer eludes me! Love your hat and glove combo BTW & the gin bottle bag would make me laugh but not sure I'd wear it!!

    1. Casual night out tops.. ok.. and I'm on with the jacket. Something light weight. ...

  9. Ideas on Outfits to wear 'out out' pleeease! I don't really feel comfortable in dresses, and need something for a couple of parties and don't know where to start away from jeans and black tops! They are not formal parties, but quite a 'cool' bar and restaurant........!

    1. I'd love it personally, Kat, if you added some of you previous outfits for some of your posts, so if the post was about midi skirts (I may be a little obsessed here), we could see various different ways to style them.

    2. Well for a start - coated skinnies are your friend if you don't already have a pair. And for me - I am a massive logo tee fan but I appreciate that's not for everyone. So I will combine that into an out out top post. Leave it with me.

      DP - excellent idea - will do!

  10. The cara crazy cross looks leopard-ish and snakeskin to me, could be my tablet, as it's not letting me put the comment on the reply!