It's the little things

Well.  Little in that they can be little but we're not actually talking little today. 

Statement earrings.  Yes I'm going in.  The statement necklace is yesterday's hero, this Spring/Summer it's all about the Pat Butchers.

But don't discard those necklaces completely - put them in a safe place as they will have their time again.  I say this with certainty as I have just had this exact same experience with earrings.  

A pair that I bought 15 yrs ago for the first black tie party with the husband.  I used to work opposite Fenwicks on Bond Street so that was always my go to place for accessories (and err pretty much everything).  Where there are now huge Mac and Charlotte Tilbury counters, in the good old days, there used to be an eclectic selection of independent jewellery designers.  Which I loved.  And used to buy lots from (which reminds me - I seem to have lost a very favourite Mawi oversized charm bracelet...).  

In particular, my favourite things (apart from the Mawi bracelet) were my green faceted jewel earrings.  Which sound rubbish.  And I can't even remember who they were by.  But I remember spending more on them than I should.  However over the years (admittedly not recently) they have come to my outfit rescue on more than one occasion.  

And again, they are paying their way.  So if you were thinking of investing in a pair, it is worth it.  If you're thinking of splashing the cash, there are some fabulous options.   I used to wear my super expensive earrings with a cheap as chips outfit.  

Pink & Purple Rombo Maxi Earrings £200 from Anna e Alex at  Avenue 32

Or green and blue versions?  Alas these aren't an amazing tribute from Forever21 or H&M, they're a different colourway of the above earrings.  Darn and blast.  Anyone got a spare £200?

Kenneth Jay Lane Small to Large Wrapped Ball Earrings were £75 now £45 from Very Exclusive

Or a blue option.. again £45 in the sale at Very Exclusive  Now these are quite *out there* but if you have a dress with this colour in it - perfection right there.  And I do keep reading that cobalt is coming back (groans - I loathe this colour.   Almost as much as I loathe turquoise.  Or purple.  Don't get me wrong - adore them mixed in a print but in a block colour on their own?  Little bit of sick in the mouth.  I want to rush back to my cave of black, grey and khaki, sobbing).

However.  It's not entirely necessary to spend wads.  I have found some completely amazing bargains on the high street for instant Paaaaaaaaat gratification. 

Marks and Spencer Statement Hoop Earrings £12.50  don't forget your 20% off.. all details on yesterday's blog.

Earrings with tassels from H&M.  I think I may have to have these in every colour. 

In the powder £7.99

The black are in the sale.. £6

Or "you'll see me coming in these" red ones.  Again £7.99

It's all about the tassels at H&M.  These.  Blush and tan.  My new favourite colour combo.

Earrings with tassels £6.99

The tassel fest continues - these are from last season and I picked them up to buy about 10 times.  I never did.  I think it's the gold... I fear for me, these are one step too close to "look into my crystal ball".  I need to break myself in gently before these become second nature (it won't take long).

Earrings with tassels £6.99

Full on floral at M&S.  These are pure vintage.  

Floral Drop Earrings £15 (pre discount)

And a different sort of flower now - I picked up these ones yesterday.  Absolutely love them. 

Tort Flower Hoop Earrings £15

And here they are in the flesh - this is me having taken them off yesterday (I did buy them and put them immediately) at the hairdressers.  I had the time to swan off to M&S as I managed to arrive at my hairdresser's appointment 4 hours early.  

This week - I swear it I had a brain, I'd be dangerous.  I then got back to the car and discovered a ticket as I had completely forgotten to pay for a ticket.  Who even does that?  Fearing for my sanity I really am.  On the upside, I have found the holy grail of hairdressers.  Mads for colour at Josh Wood and Sophie for a cut.  The colour I've been after forever.

And then quick change last night, scooting back from London, scooping up the children from the trampoline park and a gourmet feast break at McD's (our nearest one now has ipads??  My kids could have stayed there for hours.  I can't believe I only discovered this on the last day of the hols).  

Out for a dinner party. 

Black silk shirt - hush
Blush pleated skirt - M&S
Black peep toe boots - Rick Owens
Leopard clutch - Tory Burch

I am now off to London for the day.  Three shows (if I make all of them.. ).  All updates over on Insta.  And yes, I shall be sporting a big pair of something in my ears. 

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13 comentarios:

  1. As I keep telling my kids, the average adult has 400 things on their brain at any one time. So, you are not being forgetful, just amazing to function at all ;). I think I have some green faceted earrings on long hooks, problem is not getting my curly hair tangled in my long earrings, not a good look. Hair looks lovely btw.

    1. I do find them much easier to wear with my hair up.. that's for sure!

  2. Love the hair .... also the flower hoop earrings. Do you feel ones hair needs to be up to wear statement earrings so one can really see the earrings or can one wear statement earrings that just peek out under longer hair?

    1. I'd say, either, both!
      Hair up, more of a statement; hair down, more subtle. Peeking out under longer hair is a bit like getting a glimpse of sexy lingerie. Depends on your mood, your style, etc etc...

    2. I absolutely agree with Danish Pastry! I wore them with my hair down yesterday but they definitely make more of an impact with my hair up. It also depends on how much hair you have... some people have not a lot whereas, I have enough to be able to see me from space most days!

    3. Thank you ladies! Like the "glimpse of sexy lingerie" ..... never thought of it that way.

  3. I fell for the gaze into my crystal ball ones at H&M and got them in black, burgundy and white - Love them! They do catch a bit on a polo neck though.....

    1. ha ha ha!! I think the plain ones are better for me. I have a whole host of ones I"m now investing in! ("investing" for £6 a pop!!)

  4. Apologies this isn't relevant to this blog but I can't get this obsession out of my head and wondered if you could help!? I have been trying to buy The Balenciaga leopard/pony division boots (and saw you wearing them in a previous blog) and can't get hold of any anywhere!! I don't suppose you can help!? Thanks Kat! Love almost everything you recommend-my husband wishes I'd never come across you-wonder why!?!?

    1. Firstly - apologies to your husband.. and secondly - BICESTER!! Call the Balenciaga shop and see if they have any left or can help. I only got mine a couple of weeks ago, so fingers crossed.

    2. Kat-I love you! You're a star! I've got them and at such a steal as I was even prepared to pay full price for them. Woo hoo!! Can't thank you enough, you've made my year!! A million thanks once again.

  5. Just a thought, is the odd earing trend big in the UK? Here it's usually two, non matching but same sort of style, earings in the same material. And one is often long and more statement, while the other is smaller and more discreet. Hope that makes sense! You can even buy an odd pair now!

  6. Beautiful image of earring the colours is lovely and too good. Thanks for sharing the image.