Theory time

You don't have to do all the trends all of the time.  (not rocket science but sometimes it does need to be said.)

However seeing as I am a fashion schizophrenic and change my mind more often than I change my pants, that's not to say you can't try them if you want to.  

Frills.  I'd love to say I'm frilled at the thought (it's been a long weekend) but.. well.. meh.  I can't.  They scare me.  They scare me a lot.  I'm not great at frills or ruffles.  I've tried them, I really have.  Plain and print.  In blouses.  In skirts.

At a meeting last week with a very senior (and impressive) fashion editor, the topic of frills came up and whether everyone could wear them.  "No", was her immediate response.  "If you don't like them, don't do them".  Genius.  She then went on to say that if you were to do them, the best way is to go big or go home (not in those words, I have obviously paraphrased).

And it made me think as I was looking through my wardrobe for something to wear last night.  I need to wear frills in a dress.  And in print.  There's no point with a waffly little ruffle, I need to throw everything at it.  

I have one - a gem of a dress that I got for the bargain price of £14.99 from H&M and which polarised opinion.  But I think it's worth giving them another go.

My choices are obviously long but I have seen some amazing short ones around which I know lots of people will prefer.  

Plus I've found some rather fantastic bargains - perfect if you're not entirely sure about embracing the trend, these are definitely worth a punt. 

Spring is definitely on the way.  Those legs will be out before we know it.  In the meantime, wear over jeans, leather leggings or good old tights.

ASOS Long Sleeve Frill Dress in Heart Print was £42 now £21  And just in time for Valentine's Day... don't say I don't give you anything.

Upping the budget but you could easily wear this to a wedding.  Alternatively with a pair of sneakers or ankle boots - just fling on a denim jacket.

Maison Scotch Viscose Mix Print Dress with Ruffle Details £180

Miss Selfridge Floral Ruffle Tea Dress £39

Sister Jane Ruffle Dress in Print was £70 now £42 and I think you can get another 10% off sale items at ASOS with the code SWIPE10.

Short Wrap Dresses at H&M - three colours for £29.99  If I had decent knees, I would be stocking up on these for Spring to wear with ankle boots.  Lusharama (oh my lord did I just write that?  Forgive me - I'm typing and watching Legally Blonde at the same time).

Red Floral £29.99

Black again £29.99

And the black spot £29.99

As you can see, works just as well with trainers.

Slightly longer now - this would be too short for anyone really tall (although it is personal taste) but on your perfectly normal person, this would be an amazing midi length. 

ASOS Ruffle Midi Tea dress £45

Another really good length is this print dress from ASOS.  I will admit, I am not usually a fan of the cold shoulder.  But in this dress - I think it really works.  Another perfect length for the less Gulliver amongst us.

ASOS Ruffle Front Dress in Placement Floral was £42 now £16.50

Printed at Topshop. 

Floral Ruffle Midi Dress £49

Asymmetric again at Topshop - this time in Tall.  Although personally I'd still want it longer than knee length.  Being tall, knee length just doesn't work.  There's too much leg left poking out at the bottom.

Tall Pop Ruffle Floral Dress from Topshop £68

Subtle grey in a midi again at H&M.  Moving onto longer lengths.

Patterned Dress from H&M £34.99

Monochrome again at H&M £39.99

Plain now and just let the ruffles do the talking?  

Boohoo Ruffle Midi Dress £22.00

Midi again Ruffle Front Dress at ASOS was £60 now £24

Plain in black at H&M. 

Long flounced dress from H&M £39.99

Then we have the midis that mean it.  Print and ruffles going the whole full on hog.  Here's where I start taking notes.  

I loved this one on the pics.

Floral Print Long Sleeve Meadow Dress from & Other Stories £95

But I wasn't as sure on.  Although having come away and looked at the pics (moronic expression not withstanding), I really quite like it.  It was small though (I swear & Other Stories sizes are getting smaller each season).  This is a 12 and I can JUST do it up.  I wouldn't want to eat a big meal in it....

But then I arrived in ruffley print heaven.

Patterned Dress in Purple Tiger from H&M £39.99  Oh lordy I loved this.  I so completely and utterly loved it.  But it's too short on me.  It's a totally foolish length and needs to be longer.  So I'm randomly... bear with me... tempted to buy two and see if a local seamstress can fashion an extra frill for the bottom.  Total madness?

I love the top of it, the fit and the print.  The fit is amazing (this is a 10), I think why not go ruffleupagus on the bottom?

This for the Summer is just fabulous.

Monki Stripe Ruffle Dress £30

And finishing with one that is so ridiculously not for wear now but put this one away in the wardobe for holidays and scorchio days here.  I am definitely going to try this.  Love the colour, love the stripe, love the frill, love the shape and love the price. 

ASOS Ruffle Self Stripe Dress was £75 now £37.50 10% off with SWIPE10.

So here I am in my bargain H&M full on frill and print dress from last night.

Dress - H&M
Boots - Balenciaga

If you look closely, you can see I have earrings on.  That aren't my usual small studs.  I'm going in.  I'm going in big time.  These I bought 15 years ago, from Fenwicks.  They're faceted jade green drop earrings that I wore to my first ever black tie function with the husband.  And I just found them and thought - they are perfect.  So now I am on an earring obsession.  You have been warned. 

So any seamstresses out there?  Have I lost the plot thinking I can add another ruffle layer to the bottom of the above dress?  And can anyone recommend an amazing lady that can sew?!

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22 comentarios:

  1. I don't seem to be able to pull off ruffles. Being big-boobed and all. And there are bloody everywhere!

    However I am drawn to the purple dress from asos. Perhaps because it is more floaty and less structured? Also high necks don't work for me, I prefer a V. Must take a closer look...

    Hmmm, the H&M dress you have on looks different to the stock photo, the background is black on yours and purple in the photo above. Much nicer version on you!

    1. Now you're right!!! That is so random. There was one odd one instore that was the purple colourway. Hmmm maybe I should get both and put a different coloured hem on the bottom....

    2. There are two different colours in the same dress. Kat is wearing the black print version, which I also prefer to the lilac.

    3. I think you can only get the black one in store.....

  2. I like the length of the hm one. Not sure it would add anything being longer. Also prefer the black colourway. X

    1. It's a personal thing I guess but I feel it's too short on me. I like a midi to be a proper midi. This is verging on knee length on me.

  3. I'd say ruffles are not for me, boobage and all. I like dresses, but they end up staying in the wardrobe. So while I love dresses on other people, they're not my thing.

    1. I was so you a couple of years ago. And then something happened and I now have more dresses than anything else! I was always a jeans and tops girl - it's so funny how things change. I just find dresses so so so much easier to wear!

  4. Replies
    1. For you or on me?! Certainly if it's on you - wouldn't it be a boring world if we all liked the same thing. I've worked out that there are some things I really can't do. Bardot tops - forget it. Really lacy tops - nope. Actually pretty much anything on the top that's not a jumper, a tee or a silk shirt isn't happening!!! But it does make it easier to shop for yourself. Oh and forgot to mention cold shoulders. just no no no on me. But love all the looks on other people!

    2. For me! I am not going to comment on what you wear - that would be rude! I just loathe frills. I also can't do cold shoulders (and must admit I don't like that look generally so I don't feel I am missing out) and run away from lace!

  5. They aren't for me - too fussy. They would just be in my way and annoy me and make me feel elephantine huge and conspicious (and this coming from someone who adores being overdressed ;-)). You definitely pull them off but they aren't my favourite look on you :O The H&M one is too short but love the fabric. I'm just not sure about the Buck Rogers look of the sticky out bits at the top :D Clear as mud? Just as well I'm not a fashion blogger! I also don't like cold shoulders 9 times out of 10 they look cheap or try to hard high fashion... I'm getting old aren't I ? :D

    1. Well if it's any consolation, I can't get my head around the cold shoulders either, like I said. I simply cannot get past Bev McDonald from Corrie. But I'm sure that in 10yrs time we'll all be wearing them a la leopard print!!!

  6. That tiger fabric is just lovely wish they did a skirt, I had a look only blouses or silk scarf. Another big bust here and that sort of dress makes me look very frumpy.

    1. oh noooooooooooooo. What a shame. And you're absolutely absolutely right. A real lack of print skirts out there.

  7. I have that red & navy ASOS dress in my 'saved' items online for a week or so, Great Minds! Love the dresses on you, and really want to see you pull off the frill hem on the HM number! You have to do it to prove it! Good luck, Audrey x

  8. Ugh think my phone crashed, sorry if this posts twice! My amazing mother in law sewed a border panel to several of my dresses to make them exactly the right length. One was a panel of lace/broderie and the other was a panel from a donor dress. Worked a treat! Go for it x

    1. LOVE THIS!! Thank you - of course now I definitely want the black and not the purple so am going to have to try and get to an H&M this week (half term. Worse timing, it couldn't be!!)

  9. No no no! Not for me either, another bigboober here though and the high necks with all the fuss of ruffle and pattern are definitely out of bounds!!
    Like that number on you, but some of those pictures just hurt my eyes 🤣😝
    Funnily enough though, the green ASOS one is pretty cool but it might just be the models beautiful Irish looks of dark hair and pale skin just won't work so I'll stick to the t shirts, v necks and blouses too.
    You should totally add an extra ruffle though - love it!!! Xx

  10. I love the H&M dress you already have, totally my cup of tea but not for my body shape unfortunately. I like the tiger one too, with the black background. I wish people on the high street would make more dresses that are suitable for ridiculous boobs! Would love the heart print if it was three inches longer. I shall admire them on others!


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