In the buff

Yes we're talking nude today.  

I don't have enough nude.  Primarily as I mostly look crap in it. 

But there's one thing that you can always rely on to work - oh hello lovely shoes. 

So I started this blog with the idea of talking about nude shoes and how amazingly useful they would be - inspired by a pic I saw on Instagram.


And duly headed first to River Island to check them out.  Two things.  One, they didn't look *quite* as good as they do in this pic.  And two, they may not have fulfilled their promise but oh my lord, I couldn't stop seeing other items of pure shoe porn.  

I had intended to research and then bring you a selection of epic nude shoes on the market.  Plot twist. 

There are too many seriously gorgeous shoes at River Island not to share with you.  So for today - my River Island picks (not remotely in collaboration of any sort, I feel I should mention) of the shoes that you may not have seen.  As well as a couple of other things that caught my eye (clothes wise, there isn't an awful lot but there are a couple of bits that are definitely worth looking at).  But nothing else buff, nude or blush.  I will be coming back to that another day as I still maintain, in footwear, they do make a super useful addition to a Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Now speaking of the ones in the above pic.

Pink Tie Detail Shoe Boot £48  I think they're quite Sophie Webster?  In a £48 sort of way?

If we're talking heels. Orange and graphite.  The architecture of these for £65 is just amazing. 

Orange tie up graphic heel £65 Limited Edition

They also have them in black.  I do think they look more expensive in the orange though.

I was talking of mules the other day.  I can't remember if I looked at River Island or whether these weren't in then but either way, move over all other mules. 

Yellow metallic pony hair mules £55

Silver diamante and pearl backless loafers £45

In black also £45

But surely these are the cream of the crop.  Unashamedly brutally gorgeous.

Pink jacquard pearl and bead backless loafers £45

Embroidered?  £30

We've also looked at loafers and how could I have missed these off?

Bright pink velvet loafers £30.  You had me at pink velvet.

However if you thought pink velvet was good - may I present... leopard print velvet.  Dear lord.  Lusharama (watching the Baftas on my planner so today I have zero excuse). 

Leopard print velvet court shoes £35

Moving onto shoes that you may suspect have been smoking something they shouldn't have.  You just have to wear these with pride.  Mix them with other prints and adopt eclectic as your middle name.  Or go for a totally plain outfit with these as the (unavoidably obvious) talking point. 

Yellow Leather Snakeskin Stud Mules £65 

Brown leopard print diamante stud mules £65

Whilst I was there I thought it was rude not to look at the clothes as well.  

First up - the frill dress you can wear to a black tie event or throw over a bikini on holiday.  A must have LBD.  

Black double frill sleeve swing dress £40  V neck... 

Black Shirred Neck Textured Top £28

And when you see it like this... 

Khaki green distressed military jacket £45

All out for khaki - how amazing is this bag?  Suede leather for £65

So come on... you'd never know they were from River Island would you?  As I always say, there is a lot that isn't going to appeal.  And I wouldn't recommend going into a store for a browse as it can be hard to see the wood for the skimpy trees.  But if you know what you're looking for, there are some completely amazing amazing gems to find.  Especially this season it seems, of the footwear variety. 

Outfit from yesterday... cold.  Cold cold cold.  Leisure centre chic.  Took the boys swimming.  We then went to the supermarket.  It was a day of high glamour.

Black and white polo neck - Second Female
Black Onyx biker jacket - hush
Phoebe jeans - MiH
Copeland leopard trainers - Air & Grace
Black Tools bag - Balenciaga
Belt - Jas MB
Dune scarf - Louis Vuitton

Today - first day of the hols here.  And there was sun to be seen.  It was verging on full on Summer.   I was one step (admittedly the size of the Atlantic) off flinging on a bikini.  Sort of.  So obviously I went for the next best thing, boil in the bag dungas.  But with a blazer... yes there was a blazer with no scarf.  

Black silk shirt - hush
Black faux leather dungarees - H&M
Camel blazer - Stella McCartney
Leopard Rawi boots - Isabel Marant
Black Tools Bag - Balenciaga

100 mins of my life today that I will never get back watching the Lego Batman movie.  I know, I know, what was I expecting, but honestly, I had thought it might be pretty good.  The trailer was really funny.  It was still funny in the film.  And so were about another 30 minutes.  Basically I would recommend watching the first half an hour, having a cheeky snooze for the next 60 minutes and wake up for the last 10.  On the upside, I am feeling fully refreshed after my cat nap.

Tomorrow, dog walk with friends and then the12 yr old is off on a sleepover so I just have two boys.  A couple of days off work, just blogging at the crack of dawn and in the evenings.  So what to do with them?  Decisions, decisions.. I'm assuming shopping in Bluewater isn't going to be high on their list of must do activities?!  Instead, I think we might make sushi (from a kit that has been sat in my larder for about a year - impulse Lidl purchase).  Keep an eye on Insta!  Hope everyone else has survived the first day of half term and is enjoying their holiday if they're away.  If you're skiing, take care... I have two friends tear their achilles and their cruciate ligament since Friday (hence I don't ski any more!).  EEK.

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8 comentarios:

  1. I was seriously distracted by shoes in RI a few weeks ago - some gems to be found for sure - love the yellow metallic pony hair mules (so wrong but so right) and the khaki bag especially.
    I thought Isabelle Huppert was the standout at the BAFTAs - French chic perfection and I was amazed to discover she's almost 64! She reminds me of my super-chic aunt who is my fashion hero (St Martin's fashion graduate and always impeccably styled). Noomi Rapace looked amazing on stage with Tom Hiddlestone in her totally flapper look. I'm a 1920s style junkie, so I loved how she looked with her sharp black bob, beaded cape and black column dress. All the others blended into a sea of ubiquitous sparkly gowns and décolleté - big gownage doesn't usually do much for me.

    1. YES YES YES! She was my favourite by a country mile. That Chloe dress. OMG SWOOOOOOOOOOOON. Too gorgeous. The dress of the season for me so far. I have to say I did think The Princess looked gorgeous and very regal in her McQueen dress and I also liked the modernity of the Emily Blunt one too. Wasn't sure about your woman's Chanel trousers under the dress??

  2. I love nude, or blush. I used to think I couldn't wear it, but I've discovered that if I stay with the warmer shades then I can. If there is even the slightest bluish tone to something I get washed out. So I have a few things now, the latest is a pair of sporty brogues that I can't wait to wear.
    Now an off topic cheeky question, has anybody visited Kilver Court in Somerset? We're visiting my parents, and always have a trip to Street (Clarks outlet village) planned, and I've just heard about Kilver Court, which marks the half way point on the journey to Street. They've got some good brands, so I'm getting my hopes up.

    1. YES! Kilver Court is fabulous. Really really really great - I got my MiH jeans from there last year for £50! And a breton from Joseph. Leave the Street and head straight to Kilver Court! Super jealous. Oh and I got a scarf from LK Bennett for £15!

  3. You would never believe the shoes were from RI would you and you're so right about avoiding the shops (our local one is pants and the Trafford Centre is to be avoided at all costs if you're over the age of 25). I have the velvet leopard print shoes and they're surprisingly comfortable. Hats off to the River Island shoe designers.

    1. They're fabulous aren't they? Really impressed and I would say they're not going to be as ubiquitous as the (because they're so amazing) Topshop ones always are. x

  4. Aww, apart from the uber cheesy ending the Lego Batman movie was ace :D Loving that black top and green bag and (despite my clear objection to mules) the silver pearl ones. Very strange shop RI but always a couple of decent things hidden in amongst the pelmet skirts!

  5. I love love loved Isabelle and Emily. Nicole on the other hand really should have known better!! Totes agree on Stone, my 11yo was very unimpressed. And why oh why do these stars insist on strapless dresses. Viola hitching herself up as she started her acceptance speech was not a pretty sight. Meryl nailed it in military.