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Yes, it's time for a beauty blog.  As you will know, these are incredibly rare and are nothing that you will normally get on your "proper" Beauty Blogging sites.  I am a mere pretender at this game. 

I am minimalist when it comes to buying beauty things.  I have one make up bag.  Which consists of one of everything.  Apart from lipsticks.  Which is random as I'm not really a lippie person at all.  In fact, there is something remarkably similar about all the ones I own.  Primarily purchased in bulk (when I say bulk - I mean about 5 which, I understand, is a paltry attempt at any form of excess compared to lots of women and makeup accrual) and all of the same plumish colour.

However there comes a time when everything runs out at once.  Seriously why is this always the case?  So I am about to do a big reorder of everything I need and thought I'd share with what I'm currently buying. 

First up - eyelash magic.  I have been using this product for four years now - bar one year when I stopped using it and my eyelashes went back to stumps.  This is a dream product.  It works.  Eyelashes like a cow within 6 weeks.  And yes - you think it's not going to work as it says it can take 6 weeks (I think it's that long - it does seem like ages.. maybe it's just 4 weeks - I don't have a box to look at at the mo) and nothing happens until wham bam thank you ma'am - your lashes honestly (seem) to grow overnight.  I used to buy from QVC but I've found it cheaper on Amazon (plus it's sold directly from Revitalash).

Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner was £90.96 now £60.14 (and I think there's a free beauty box on Amazon when you spend more than £40)

And I've also just picked up a new mascara (not so I can try another one, but because mine is as dry as the sahara and I'm basically sticking clumps of old mascara to my lashes every day).  I've used loads of different ones and it does depend on how flush I'm feeling or what offer is on as to how high end I go.  But honestly, I don't see the hugest amount of difference between Max Factor and Lancome.  These two are my favourite mascara brands.  I have tried others but I think these two are the best. 

I've replaced the (rubbish) Mac one I got with a (much better) Max Factor one (as it was on special offer at Superdrug - alas, offer finished now). 

However is on 3 for 2 at Boots. 

Max Factor Masterpiece Max £9.99

I have one new product to report back on with regards to pure epicness (not a technical term), when it comes to facial care.  A new serum.  That is not remotely expensive.  I have been using this for about three weeks now and the difference in my skin is amazing.  It's a similar product to the Le Roche Posay Retinol product I used to use but I find this gives a smoother finish.  It seems to change the whole texture of your skin.  And it's so so reasonable.  Better than products I've used that cost ten times as much.  Genuinely.  People have recently told me I'm "looking well" and this is the only thing that's new to my beauty regime (I say regime - I mean washing my face and putting a *something* on.  I am a total beauty slut - I apologise now.  BUT in my defence I never wear foundation so don't feel the need for excessive beauty removal.  This is wrong, isn't it?).

Superfacialist Retinol+ Anti-aging Restoring Serum £16.99 from Boots

My other Must Have facial bit of magic is the good old Botox.  Yes, in some circles it's said in the same hushed tones as if I were fessing up to shooting crack at breakfast but I don't see the problem with yelling loud and clear, I love Botox.  I think it definitely does depend on your practitioner and I can't recommend mine highly enough - Dr Ellie Holman.  She is amazing - a fabulous light touch, reasonably priced and super flexible with regards to location (she even goes to Dubai for appointments).  Contact her on  

She also offers other treatments which I haven't tried yet but am definitely considering including skin booster injections for dehydrated and sun damaged skin and fine lines, honestly the list goes on.  Definitely worth a call.  I only have it once every 8 months so not that often at all, not planning on going overboard.  Just love that fresh look it gives you which no cream on the planet can replicate (in my personal experience.. always prepared to be proven wrong!).

Moving onto hair now.  That dreaded, thorny subject.  Well, I have found something amazing.  I was sent this to try (I get sent lots of things to try, nearly all of which never make it anywhere near the blog) but this is amazing and I will definitely re-buy. 

Firstly the oil which you put in before you wash.  And leave in.   Do NOT use much.... 

Rejuvenating Oil by Philip B £33

Then there is also the shampoo and the conditioner.  Now both of these are expensive but you do only need to use the tiniest of amounts.  However, if you're not sure, I would start with the oil and your usual shampoo perhaps.  I have also found that very effective.  15% off at Look Fantastic with the code COUTURE.

Philip B White Truffle Ultra Rich Shampoo £59

Philip B White Truffle Nourishing Creme £83

To finish, I swear by John Freida Curl Reviver Mousse.  Amazing.  There is no better. £5.99

And oil/serum wise.  You can keep your moroccan versions, they do nothing for my wire wool hair at all.  Ojon is the only brand I've found that works.  It's also ridiculously hard to get hold of now.  Boo.  I'm sure you used to be able to buy it in Boots and John Lewis but can't seem to be able to order it online.  The only site I've found it on (that I recognise) is Escentual.  I have to say I wasn't particularly wowed by the shampoo or the conditioners, but the damage reverse oil is amazing. 

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Serum £24.50

Now fear not, this is not the end.  I have a fair few other new things I've bought and am super impressed with (of the make up variety too) but I've run out of time today so will bring you Part Two tomorrow. 

Finishing (as I'm off out to a party and my boys have been feral this evening, plus I had to do swimming lessons which we all loathe with a passion.  In fact I don't even know why we still do them.  They can swim and aren't going to be competing in the Olympics any time soon and frankly, I can think of much better things to do with £200.  Not to mention the grief on a Friday night that they give me which I can totally do without.  Ugh) off with my outfit from today. 

Meetings in London of the important variety so made a bit of an effort.  Am so ridiculously in love with this Winser blouse - oh and these trousers, which yes, I wore yet again.  And the boots. 

Lauren SIlk Blouse - Winser London
Trousers - ASOS White
Leopard boots - Balenciaga 

Have a fabulous evening everyone.  I was going to wear my new Warehouse knitted dress (and the above boots) that I bought in the sale and it's just totally ripped on the shoulder as I went to put it on.  Panic.  Stations.   Off to find something else to wear.  EEK!

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17 comentarios:

  1. I tried the REvitalash when you wrote about it before....unfortunately it was a waste of money for me...been using it since the end of October, as instructed both on the box and on You Tube video (yes, I was that eager to apply it properly so it would work!)...but sadly no real difference to my eyelashes :-( It's a shame as I really wanted it to work...guess it isn't going to for everyone.

    1. Oh nooooooo. I've never heard of it not working on anyone. So so sorry.

  2. Interesting - was just thinking this morning I wasn't going to buy Revitalash again - was over £90 last time I got it, which is just ridiculous especially as "goes off" after 4 months.

    1. Does it go off?? I'm sure mine lasts longer than that... But I'm definitely definitely down to the dregs and have had to buy some more before my stumps return!

  3. My beauty regime is similar to yours Kat, although I do exfoliate a bit in the winter, as my skin has started getting extremely dry at this time of year. I love Nuxe Creme Fraiche face cream at this time of year, and Body Shop seaweed mattifying face cream in the summer. Neither do I use foundation, a bit of concealer, mascara (my favorite of the moment is clinique chubby sticks in a burgundy that brings out the green in my eyes), sheer lip colour, either chubby sticks or EA tinted eight hours cream lip balm. Hair care is good old head and shoulders, as this is the best at stopping my scalp getting irritated as I have way too much hair, followed by a good conditioner (gets switched around, depending on my mood), and oil, can be morrocan, but I have been known to use other brands.

    1. AHA!! You have one of my faves on your list - the EA 8 hour lip tints. Which colour do you have? I"m a plum fan.. (have found them for a steal as well on today's blog...)

  4. Philip B is on sale at The Hut quite significant savings... c

    1. ooh will have a look thank you - is it a reputable site?

  5. Great post, I especially love the mousse & facialist rec. Thanks :) Audrey x

  6. Hi Kat, Don't often comment on your blog but read it regularly and just want to say thanks for mentioning Botox! Why does everyone avoid the subject? As an over 60 I have dabbled over the years with Botox and now also use facial fillers and no amount of product can replicate the difference in how I look! Just wish there was more publicity given to the subject (especially from so called celebs who rely on 'just the basic moisturiser'!

  7. Does Botox hurt?

    1. It doesn't *hurt* so much as it's uncomfortable when you're having it done. I personally have never had any painful side effects. Hope that helps!

  8. Looking fab Kat, as always:) A random on under this beauty post, but can you please comment on the sizing of the winser blouse. TTS or loose fit? Wondering if 6 would go for 8? Thank you:)

  9. Looking awesome Kat. If you also looking for Faltenunterspritzung Wiesbaden feel free to contact.