Spring has finally Sprung

It's arrived.  Ok so I've obviously jinxed it by saying that and we'll be knee deep in snow come tomorrow but in the meantime, let's bask in these heady temperatures of 10 degrees plus. 

Light and airy.  That's how I want to feel.  I'm not completely ditching knitwear (it's hardly tropical) but I don't want to feel weighed down by it any more.  I also - and hold your horses here folks - am having a "not sure about the black" moment.  So much so, that when I showed my best friend the new purchases she looked at me in horror and said "these aren't your colours at all.. where's the black?!".

Well.  Interestingly, everything that I've chosen, does in fact go with black.  It's my first blog of the year for M&S and what a joy it was to do.  New stock arriving as quickly as I can press refresh on the laptop.  Plus it's coincided with warmer weather.  I'm all about the print and the pink.  And that's two things you never hear me say.

I should also probably mention that there's 20% off this weekend.  Oh how we love you M&S.  Code is FB6F32.

But obviously the first purchase was a dress.  And yes, how I love a print dress.  How I love a midi dress (I would say this is a midi and not a maxi, even if you're really petite, I think this wouldn't be a maxi on you).  Plus - yes it's got black on it.   So black shoes, black biker, black bag - all perfect for now.  Strappy black sandals when it becomes too hot to wear boots.   I would happily wear this for a super smart occasion with heels.

I think this is going to definitely be my "red dress" from last year that I also got from Limited.  In case anyone is interested, they also wash like a dream. 

Floral Print Long Sleeve Maxi Dress £45

Alternatively, I will also be dressing down for every day wear with trainers. 

And here I am in the dress.  I sized up to a 12 as I found it on the snug side on the waist and wanted a bit more volume.   It could so easily be a Zimmerman dress.  I think I may add a black waist belt to it for an alternative sort of look.  Will also look amazing with tan accessories.  This just oozes Spring to me.

However there is also a blouse version if full on frock isn't your bag.  This works well if you want a looser look.  Alternatively tuck into high waisted flared jeans for Spring boho lux.  I'm in.  I'm all the in.

Vintage Floral Print Long Sleeve Blouse £29.50 from Limited Edition

Spring outerwear.  Has to be a trench.  And this one from Limited in a slightly oversized shape is completely sublime.  As I'm already the owner of an oversized trench, I can't recommend this shape highly enough.  It does also work super well over midis.. Would be an amazing accessory to the above dress.

However, pared back with a white shirt and jeans = Spring perfection.

Pure Cotton Trench with Stormwear from Limited Edition £79

On the subject of coats, this one has my name all over it but.. I love it. Love it love it love it.  And this, I don't have.  A pale coloured coat.  There's nothing more Spring.  Just keep my children away from me when I'm wearing it.  And the dog.  Although our dog doesn't jump up at anyone as she's so well trained.  Ish.  Maybe not so much. 

Wool Blend Split Robe Coat from Autograph £119

I would say it's the perfect biscuit colour.  Adore it.  I sized up to a 12 as I wanted it slightly larger.  It's the perfect Spring coat.  And it looks great over black (PHEW!) 

Moving onto two outfit options that you could be occasion wear or you could dress down with trainers to hang out with the kids at the weekend. 

Lace A-line skirt from Autograph £69  I tried the 12 but it was in fact too big.  So I would say this comes up large (I'm usually always a size up in skirts due to being thick in the middle).

Just love. 

And then onto my outfit which I fear you may be seeing an awful lot of me in.  I am definitely keeping the second jumper option but this one was a definite contender.  

In the matching oyster, this looks perfect with the skirt (you'll have to scroll down.. saving the best till last).  Take your usual size (I have the 10).

Pure Cashmere Raglan Turtle Neck Jumper £69

But it would also look great with a grey.  

Or the grey version again £69 pre discount

However this is the one I've chosen.  Again, true to size - I have the 10.

Pure Wool Split Back Turtle Neck Jumper in Oyster £49

You will need one of these to go under the top as the back does gape open.

Slinky Mesh Trim Vest £5.00 (currently on buy one get one half price and also available in black and white).

With a skirt that is perfection in an item of clothing.  As I have zero waist, I sized up to a 12.

Pleated A Line Skirt £59 from Autograph

Ta Dah!  I love this outfit so much.  It's the perfect first step into Spring, light floaty skirt with a thin knit merino wool jumper.  The best alternative to a dress, even though I'm not sure whether I will wear them separately.  Oh go on then, of course I will.  As I mentioned yesterday, I am now on a mission to find a myriad of tops to go with this skirt.  And the jumper will just be amazing over skinny jeans.  Black coated skinnies, grey oversized coat.  Or grey smart joggers, black longline blazer.  Oh yes.  Love this colour.  I cannot believe I do not have anything in this shade.  The blush floodgates have opened. 

And speaking of blush - a top tip that I got from a make up artist last week.  We were chatting about my new found obsession with Charlotte Tilbury which she wholeheartedly agreed.  We were talking nude lips and she said, her favourite was... wait for it... yes, an M&S one.  Which obviously I went out and bought on the way home and excellent is it too.

Rosie for Autograph Lip Glossy in Supermodel Smile £12.50  Ok now this looks really pink here.  It's the perfect lip colour.  Said not by me but by an actual professional... (although in my incredibly non professional opinion it is excellent.  And super moisturising).  She did comment that it does bear a remarkable resemblance to the CT make up range...

 And finally - I can't mention anything beauty related without pointing out that the 200ml Emma Hardie Moringa Balm is back in stock.  Buy before it goes.  As I say every time, I have never found anything else as good.   More than worth it with the 20% off.

Super Size Moringa Balm £59

And here I am in my new favourite outfit.  I may never take it off.... 

Jumper - M&S
Skirt - M&S
Biker Jacket - hush
Grab bag - Gucci
Susanna boots - Chloe 

So it's Friday - did everyone survive half term?  Ok so there's one more day and a weekend to get through (how does the weekend not seem quite so traumatic?).  I have a very lovely day today - going to have my hair done.  More excited than I should be.  Up at the crack of dawn to dog walk, my lovely childcare help has taken control and I have a couple of hours in London.  I feel incredibly lucky.  So lucky that I'm then taking my kids to the trampoline place (didn't make it there yesterday - it was Nando's instead.  It's been a slow burn but it's definitely growing on me.  The kids love it and eat everything which is a massive winner in my book) and then the Golden Arches for their supper before we head out to a dinner party.  I might not even change... 

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21 comentarios:

  1. Tried the first dress on this week and loved but just a bit fussy for me. I did put the wool coat in my basket before I did a big order last night but took it out thinking I'd order the hush suede jacket instead. Now you've got me thinking i should get that one instead!! Is the Hush jacket as sublime as it looks? Decisions decisions!! Also I adore the leather skirt on some of these photos, saw it in Grazia last week but it's OOS everywhere!! Can you get the lovely M&S team to make some more!!! Enjoy your day

    1. The black one with the zip up the front? Hmm now I've seen it somewhere -have you tried Marble Arch?? There is THE most amazing orangey red a line leather skirt on the way.. .just saying...

      Oh and about the coats - god it's like comparing apples and pears. So so differnet. I LOVE the hush one - but then I love a biker. This is definitely a more sophisticated coat... that doesn't really help, does it....

    2. It was the black one but customer service tell me not available anywhere!! Thanks for the coat advice and I appreciate how different they are but can't afford both at the moment so will order both and see which I like more!!
      Look forward to seeing the orangey leather skirt.

    3. I have just been into Marble Arch and they DEFINITELY have them in there....

    4. Thanks Kat. I'll give them a ring x

  2. I tried that beautiful blush skirt a couple of weeks ago, but at 5ft 3, it looked ridiculous on me.

    1. Yes, it's definitely long. Although it is a raw edge so you could cut it (were you a hell of a lot more brave than me!!!)

    2. Trust me, I would make a bags of it if I went near it with a scissors!

    3. so would I to be fair...

  3. Spring is in the air here too. So nice to be in biker jacket and trainers, rather than puffer coat and furry boots. Lots of lovely picks, those cashmere jumpers look lovely for spring.

    1. Long may it continue. Till May would be fabulous! And then it can scorchio!

  4. Orangey red a-line skirt... where and when????

    1. Sooooon!! I don't know when exactly - but it's definitely Spring/Summer (not entirely helpful.. as SOON as it's here, I'll let you know!)

    2. Look forward to it! That sounds right up my street. Orangey red is my colour!

  5. Love that blush outfit on you, I so wish turtle necks didn't make my boobs look as though they start just under my chin (would that make it a trip please chin?), I'd have ordered this one like a shot.

  6. thanks for the great post. I had placed an order yesterday - the lovely people at M&S applied the 20% discount retrospectively on the order so thanks for the heads up on the discount code! skirt looks great on you - looked to bulky around the waist on me sadly

  7. Also love the blush outfit on you ..... the black ribbon on the dress is a nice touch ..... top maybe more of my style though as it has been so long since I wore a dress!

    1. That was me two years ago. I don't think I actually owned a dress. Now it's my staple outfit!

  8. Red and blush DEFINITELY!!! All about the red. I wanted to do a blog on it.. in fact I think I might. Red, red and more red. I have shoes and a bag. oooh and orange as well. I'll combine the two!

    And yes, you already have the bag...!! Hope you love it as much as I do xxx

    PS - this shade of blush also looks amazing with tan - honest guv and khaki xx