If it ain't broke...

... you know what they say... so that will be another dress blog from me.  

Actually I am asked to do these all the time. I've also bored myself with all the monochrome and plain living I've been doing the last week or so (fickle moi? Yes. Much) and the only way I've realised I can live life on the edge is in the form of a dress.  Oh and actually shoes.  Which does include boots.  Jazz hands footwear seems to be my poison of choice this season so far.

But there is still time to load up on even more dresses.  Because when it comes to dresses, I'm all about the excess.  Give me print.  Give me all the print.  Give me a bit of embroidery.  Even give me a ruffle, a frill or both.  

How does that even work?  What scares the bejeesus (slight exaggeration) out of me in a blouse, I'm chomping at the bit to wear in dress form.  More is less?  

And when I say more, I mean much more.  As more as you can get.  Maxi dresses. 

"Now?", I hear you cry.  Yes, now.  These are perfect for Spring (and any day where it's above or hovering around 10 degrees, counts as Spring for me).  No need for tights, of course I'm sure you're all completely hair free and are tanned at all times (me?  ish.  Which is code for, what on earth do you think?)  If you're not, I *have heard* that some people fake tan their legs up to their knees.  I mean I can't think that anyone would do that but I've *heard* that it apparently works... 

You can also layer up on the top.  Jacket, scarf, hat (see below), all mean that what one might consider to be a Spring dress, is perfect for what is basically still Winter. 

And for the day time too.  There's no reason why these should merely be the domain of the night out - in fact I prefer to wear mine during the day.  Trainers are your friend.  I'm going to give the loafers a go too.  Ankle boots are obviously a no brainer as well.

I'm starting the season wearing one that I got last year and have worn lots. And will continue to wear into the Spring and then the Summer.  The most versatile of all wardrobe pieces.  Day to night, Winter to Spring to Summer.  Yes I have put mine in the washing machine (on a cold hand wash) and it comes out exactly as it goes in.  No ironing needed.  In my book, this is a reason to buy them in every colour. 

Betty Port Red 70s Maxi from Lily & Lionel £200  Size wise, I would say a Small is a medium 10.

Or there's always the black and white star version.. again £200.  Surely this was made to go with a biker jacket?

And the print just keeps on coming.  Absolutely adore this. 

Comino Couture Flamingo Dress £135

Perfect for those of bigger bust - a wrap dress, in good old flattering navy.  Another belter (oh dear lord, where did that come from?).

Selfie Leslie Floral Wrap Maxi Dress from Forever 21 £55

Shirt Dress by Denim & Supply at Ralph Lauren £155

We now come on to the dresses that need a bit of imagination.  Unless you're happy with a slip that basically covers your bum and sheer from the buttocks down?  Me?  Not so much.  I prefer (need) a lot more coverage, so for these, I would recommend buying your own slip to go under it.  I handily have a couple from other dresses but I'll have a look and see if I can find any.  It doesn't have to necessarily be full length, but I would say around the knees/below the knees is probably more flattering for most.   Each to their own of course... I got the reversible slip in nude last year for an & Other Stories dress and got it in the long which is just below my knee.  Perfect.

Paisley Print Maxi Dress from Forever 21 was £23 now £15.99

Ditsy Print Long Sleeve Maxi Dress from M&S £45

Floral Peasant Maxi Dress from Forever 21 £24

And there's also this one which is just a Margo dream.  Not sure if you need a slip with this one... with a denim jacket, this would be sublime for a Spring treat.

Foliage Maxi Dress from Forever 21 was £23 now £15.99

Floral print flowy maxi dress from Mango £89.99

More long floral at H&M and I'm actually going to stick my neck out and say perhaps this one is a tad on the Summer side.  But as soon as proper Spring springs this, with a pair of trainers, will be amazing.  The fabric is ever so slightly on the light side to wear now (unless you're a hell of a lot braver than me!).  Oh and the reason I am the font of all knowledge on this frock, is that I have it!  I bought it for last year when we went to Florida and loved it.

Patterned Maxi Dress from H&M. £49.99

But the bargain of the day has to come from Mango. 

Flowy print dress from Mango was £79.99 now £19.99

Throwing in a plain option, just because I found it....at Mango. 

Flowy Shirt Dress in navy £59.99

And then sneaking in a couple of not quite so long on a super tallie but probably long enough on most.  This would look amazing with a longer pair of ankle boots.

Embroidered mesh dress from Mango £99.99

And finally if you don't want maxi maxi and if you don't want floral, Warehouse have come to the rescue.  I'm so tempted by these, seeing as the, what I thought was gorgeous, outfit that I had bought from Warehouse for my birthday - the floral two piece, actually made me look like I was wearing wallpaper.  Just didn't work on any level. 

These however are a breath of fresh air in a floral sea.

Stripe Tie Cuff Maxi Dress £59

WARNING - this does have an open back which you will either love or hate.  I would wear a black vest underneath.  At first glance, an interesting addition to a dress which I would wear during the day but on thinking about it, it would make a super different out out dress to team with heels... good thinking perhaps?  Big earrings, hair in a ponytail?  Hmmmm, definite food for thought.

Stripe Tie Waist Dress from Warehouse £59 I promise.. I mean PROMISE that this is a lot more flattering than one would think it should be.  I sized up (I find Warehouse sizing on the random side).  This was also longer than it looks in the picture (and that's me, a tallie, saying this).

I have a feeling that yet again these will be my staple uniform for this Spring (including the Spring like Winter days - that's what a scarf is for). 

As if by magic, here I am today.  All day meetings in London.  

Betty Port Leopard 70s Maxi Dress - Lily & Lionel
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Burgundy leather bomber jacket - Gerard Darel
Charcoal cashmere scarf - hush
Black small Tools bag - Balenciaga
Willow Fedora in Elephant - Penmayne of London 

And I am now typing this sat at Jump in.  Which is a trampoline park.  (no I'm not bouncing but there are a lot of adults that have just come in at 8pm...alas I would need industrial size Tenas to participate which, funnily enough, I haven't bought with me.  I fear I may have scarred my boys for life by mentioning this to them.  To file under "conversations you should never start with your children" ). 

The daughter is at a dance recital (we saw it last night) so tonight, I've bought the boys to do some bouncing.  For two hours before we have to go and pick her up.  I may also have forgotten my purse (oops) but the completely amazing people here have let me have an IOU (actually it's a sad indictment of how much we come as he recognises us).  Living the dream people.. living the dream... Party out tomorrow night though so I'm going to make a start on the next blog.  It's the one I don't do very often and is well overdue.  Yes, it's beauty.

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14 comentarios:

  1. I've never really found a true maxi that works for me, because they're usually way too long. I'm 5ft 6, so not short by any means, but every maxi in Zara, say, is about 12 inches past my feet when I hold it up! I often wonder who they're catering for, when I look around at all the other average height people in there... Clearly it's you! So the closest I've ever got is a midi, but I would love to have a proper maxi one day. The search continues!

    1. Have a look at Dancing Leopard. They do a fab maxi shirt dress in a few different prints. I'm just over 5'7 and they are on the long side in trainers. (They don't need ironing either!) x

    2. AHA! You just need to get them shortened!! Although I've only ever found one super long maxi in Zara.. the animal embroidered one from last year which I simply adored and can't wait to wear again!

      But yes, lots elsewhere are very long. IT does make a change for me to be able to buy things that others can't!!

    3. Oh I so mis-read your post. Sorry! But Kat, they'd be fab for you! x

  2. I completely agree!! I'm 5 ft 5. I love the lily Lionel dresses but would they be too long for me?
    And are they dry clean only - have you really washed it ok in the Machine on cold? thanks J

    1. Have absolutely absolutely washed mine on cold handwash in the machine. Hmm I think it would be worth a try - it could also be really easily hemmed!

  3. Lovely edit thanks. I bought the m&s dress and thought it would go great with my Anine Bing Bianca boots but the short slip is turning me off (good idea to buy longer and switch..) but also fear the buttons are a tad aging for my 43 years... (forever believing I'm 35..), will give it a go with my biker again tomorrow and see what I think... love a good maxi with a biker jacket. Hard to work for my 5' 3" frame, but do love a bit of hippy rock x

    1. Nooo - love the buttons!!! (and 35? err hello, I'm 29 forever!!) Do do do try!!

  4. Love the dress you have on today but think I'd be tempted to have shortened for me to wear comfortably. I can't get to grips with a maxi-have tried for years and now just given up. Have just got the beautiful Rixo Penelope dress which is my ideal length.

    1. That's easily done! I bloody LOVED the Penelope dress but it was just too short for me (and I can't have that lengthened.... WEEPS!!!!)

  5. Love these....

    But can I ask a total novice dress wearer question - what do you do for coats/jackets over top of dresses, short and long? This is a conundrum that means I often save wearing dresses and skirts for summer when I can just have a short biker / blazer type jacket or nothing - in winter, I worry that long coat over short dress looks a bit like I'm about to flash someone or that I think I'm a detective; short coats look a bit, well wrong? This is a total mental stumbling block for me and would be forever in your debt if you could resolve it for me! :)

  6. Oh I LOVE your beauty blogs! Great dress inspo there. About to google what a 'tenas' is but after having 2 kids I think I may know the answer! LOL. Have a great party! Audrey x

  7. Love the last choices .... but the have always loved black and white. Always used to wear dresses all the time before I had kids ..... loved the simplicity and such. Not sure why have stopped .... laying around the house too much I suppose?!?

  8. I tried this on tonight. It wasn't right on me but I think you could rock it Kat.http://m2.hm.com/m/en_gb/productpage.0479282001.html