It's 20%tastic

So it's that time of the season - preview discount time.  I say preview, but to all intents and purposes, it's actually just the beginning of the season. 

A small enticer to encourage you to get into your Spring groove.  It's that time of year when we have the Grazia 25% off and we all wait for it.  Except I don't think they're doing it this year.  SHOCK.  Apparently this is the only discount of the season.  It's 20% off which is better than nothing I guess. 

Every season, I interrupt the usual programme of events (because I do *have* a programme of events.....

Oh of course I don't.  Wing it, wing it and then wing it a bit more, that's me.  You get whatever takes my fancy.  Sorry.  It's a stream of fashion unconsciousness) for my pick of what I would buy at Whistles. 

So without further ado, what would I pick?  First up - now this is interesting.  Is it a cardigan, is it a jacket, who cares?  It's pretty darn fabulous, it's unusual, it's timeless, it's very French looking (Sandro, Maje - oh hello) and it's black.  I absolutely love this and the more I'm typing, the more I can think of ways to wear it.  

I haven't seen anything else like this around this season - I'm definitely going to try it.  I have a slight fear of looking like a black version of that massive blue eagle (I have googled and he was called Sam) from the Muppets...but it's worth a try.  I'm thinking over a maxi dress... 

Fringe Detail Knit Cardigan from Whistles in black was £155 now £124

Reverting to type now.  Lusharama.  The biker jacket has been reinvented in suede for Spring.  Softer, easier to wear, just stay away from the children. 

Suede Agnes Biker Jacket in khaki was £295 now £236

Combining the black and khaki theme, this isn't going to win any awards for exciting but it's so super useful.  I would wear this a lot.  An awful lot.  Perfect fitted top to wear with full or A line skirts, cargo pants, boyfriend jeans - anything loose on the bottom where a more fitted silhouette on the top is needed. 

Colour Block Cuff Knit in black and khaki was £95 now £76

And then of course there are the dresses.  The great thing about Whistles is that stock comes in, flies out and isn't replaced.  So if you see a print that you love, buy now, keep until your occasion in June/July/August (or wear in the mean time - I shall be giving another lecture shortly about not keeping things for best, which I need to take note of personally). 

Bird Print Silk Tiered Dress Limited Edition was £349 now £279.20

Polka dots are definitely one print to watch out for this Spring.  So easy to wear in this classic colourway.

Imie Amena Print Tiered Dress was £195 now £156

And this one.  Which I love and keep coming back to - partly because I have THE perfect boots to go with it for wearing now... but also because I think it's so versatile.  It works on so many different levels - for super casual with sandals for every day, with heeled espadrilles for BBQs, with strappy heels for nights out.  I love the fact it's got sleeves.  So much easier to wear when you have the top of your arms covered (less fake tan to apply - never let it be said that I am not practical.  Aka lazy).

Penelope Printed Dress was £195 now £156

20% also off at Me+Em for the next couple of days and I am on the hunt for basics.  So this morning I cleared out my wardrobe.  Well.  I sort of cleared out my wardrobe.  I basically threw everything I didn't want into the corner of the bedroom on the floor, where it will sit for the next couple of days (for days I obviously mean weeks) until I garner the energy to sort it into a sell/bin/charity set of piles.  Anyway, the reason for that useless nugget of information was that I can now see where the holes are in my wardrobe.  Not with regards to full on Spring and Summer requirements - I will say the jury is still out as to which trends I shall be adopting (if any - highly likely I will just be tweaking last year's looks, but that's for another day).

The main thing which I have ejected and need to replace are basics.  Good quality tees.  Which are like the proverbial rocking horse poo.  The problem is also that everyone likes something different.  Some like a more stretchy, fitted, thicker cotton fabric.  For me - I like slouch.  I like slightly lived in looking with a soft flowy feel to it.  In black, white, navy and khaki.  

I haven't tried these, but they look pretty perfect.  Money wise, it's an interesting one.  I did try on an Isabel Marant linen tee in Liberty's last week (all in the interests of research)  thinking - who would spend £135 (OUCH) on a tee?  Oh my lord this was like the Taj Mahal of tees.  I didn't buy it because - well, who would spend £135 on a tee (ha!) - and the style was too long for what I was looking for.  But it did make me think - actually, if you wore that a couple of times a week from now until September, cost per wear, that's not bad.  

Whilst I go and hunt for coins down the back of the sofa to pay for it, in the meantime, these are a much better option.  And shorter which is really what I am after and not super oversized length. 

Relaxed V Neck Tee from Me+E £39 pre 20% off.  Code is FEB20

In the black £39

Or the navy 

And the other wardrobe staple that you can never have too many of - the perfect crew neck fitted jumper.  As I mentioned above with the Whistles coloured cuff one - perfect for all those bottoms that are slightly voluminous to create the perfect silhouette.  Not cheap but again, cost per wear, these will take you into Summer and be your best friends come the Autumn.  Layer with a layering shirt or my beloved thermal polos for super chilly days.

Perfect Button Crew in Soft Pebble £75 pre discount (blush to you and me)

Or the timeless black version.

If you're in tonight, may I suggest a small glass of something fizzy or red and have fun perusing the sites with your discounts which will probably be the only ones around this season.  I always say, order, try on and then you can at least send back.  Better to scratch that itch than spending the rest of the season thinking - can't believe I didn't buy it (when it wouldn't have fitted you anyway).

That will be me on Sunday afternoon when I've returned from taking son number one to a rugby tournament as the husband is off to Twickenham.  I know....

In the meantime though, we are off out for dinner this evening but earlier today, I was wearing some old favourites with the new M&S coat which I am still loving. 

Red 1970 jumper - Bella Freud
Black faux leather joggers - Topshop
Double breasted coat - M&S
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Black Tools Bag - Balenciaga 

I am warning you now.  Over the next two days, I am sightly losing the plot.  I am taking a brief hiatus from all things grown up and sensible and reverting to my inner 23 year old.  Whether or not I act on it or not, I don't know yet, maybe writing about it will be good enough to scratch the itch.  

Going in with a weird biggie tomorrow... any guesses?  And don't forget to tell me what I haven't picked from Whistles and Me+Em, so I can add to my list of maybes for Sunday afternoon.  Have a great Friday night everyone.

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  1. Hi Kat .. great ideas as always .. is there a code for the Me&Em 20% discount as it didn't seem to come up on their website .. thanks! x

    1. Huge apologies - have added now, but it's FEB20. Hope that helps xx

  2. No need to apologise! Thanks x (my credit card is not thanking you though ��)

  3. is there an active M&S code? I missed out on the last one and am in need of some boots (as my current trudging about with toddler boots have fallen apart ...)

    1. oh nooooooooooooooo. There isn't at the mo, I don't think. As soon as I get one, I'll post it x

  4. Can never have enough stripes.

  5. Or lace...

    1. I have lace tops envy. I just can't quite make them work for me...!