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So going back to the other day and back to the panic.  I may have come up with a cunning solution to stave off the hysterical purchase of 5 dresses you'll never wear.  To be honest, this is an old tried and tested solution which came back to me on wearing my new necklace (I was almost tempted to sleep in it, I don't mind admitting)

Let's go plain.  Let's get one plain dress which you can - yawn - dress up and dress down (I really do need to find another way of saying that).  But more than that, you can change the look of the dress with different accessories.  Add a necklace one day.  Statement earrings instead for a different look.  Match accessories to the dress, or go clashing with a totally different coloured bag or shoes in plain or print, the choices are there.  We're talking a dress that pays for itself. 

Now I was going to go neutral with this. I was thinking black, navy, taupe, grey or even cream.  But as soon as I started looking I was assaulted by a sea of candy coloured dresses.  Neutral dresses coming another day.  Let's embrace the sunshine and go full on colour.

The obvious place to start is with the dress version of the structured top which appears to have taken the high street by storm. 

Pink Crepe Midi Dress from River Island £25

Whistles Meghan Crepe Dress in blue - £115

The Meghan in orange in the sale from Whistles, now £55 (I love love orange with tan - tan strappy sandals and a clutch and this dress would be just perfect) 

In citrine at Baukjen - Madrid Tunic Dress £119

And also in Bali Blue £119

This is a similar style to the tunic dress but with a v neck - an unusual shade of mint. 

Damsel in a dress Ubud Dress £109 I love this shade with gold accessories.  To me, mint has to be plain - any hint of lace or other embellishment sends you spiralling into either Prom or Bridesmaid territory.  This one though I think is serenely beautiful. 

There really isn't very much in green actually so if you're after a green shade, this Jade Claudie seam detail dress from Ted Baker may be an option. £139

There also isn't a huge amount of red but there is an awful lot of fit and flare around. 

Ted Baker Tezz Contrast Panel Skater Dress £129

Damsel in a dress Lucia Dress in Yellow £149

In nectarine.  Boxy Dress from Hush £49.50 

Another orange dress can be found at By Malene Birger 

Mentia wrap-effect dress £199

Duck Egg Blue at Louche. Dawn Dress £49.50

More blue at Baukjen - The Maryna Kick Dress £139

Fuchsia at Jigsaw - a gorgeous curve enhancing dress. 

Textured Stretch Dress in pink £129

Another super flattering pink dress, this time in jersey at Baukjen 

Jersey Drape Dress in Dahlia pink £119

Also in Ink £119

And yet again I could go on and on but - but but but, I am off to the Wrestling.  Oh yes, you read that right, WRESTLING.  I'd like to point out that I am merely going to be a spectator and in no way shape or form shall I be participating.  We're taking the children out for dinner and then off to the theatre for the Wrestling.  Absolutely no idea what to expect.  I shall report back...

So today for a surprise day of sunshine. 


Navy longsleeved top - Jigsaw

Navy and white breton top - H&M
Baxter jeans - Topshop
Navy ballet pumps - The British Flat Shoe Company
Navy coat - H&M
Dynamite necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs 

Also fab night last night with The Husband - date night photo to come tomorrow.  Have a good evening everyone, tis the weekend - hurrah!

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5 comentarios:

  1. Wrestling! Funny you should say that as that's what's happening in my front room as I type with my 2 & 4 year olds - they're playing sumo sumo ( said chant like - hysterical). Have fun! The dresses look ok but I struggle with over knee for summer - happy to go micro short as long as opaques can be worn but once it's fake tan only happy with just below knee. Ooh thanks for tip off on sales - snagged a gorg stuctured rip off ysl grey leather bag from m&s for 40 down from 85 - major result. Have a lovely weekend x

    1. Bag sounds amazing, well done you! I have a bag post to come actually and yes, M&S have got some amazing bags around that's for sure. Wrestling was hilarious - not entirely sure The Husband was quite as enamoured with it.... however the small boys totally LOVED it. x

  2. Hiya. I'm a 46 year old who had totally lost her way fashion wise!! I have 2 kids at home, both very trendy - 17y and 20y and work a 30 hour week so don't have time to trawl the shops/internet. I find your blog a really big help - to be honest I don't have your budget - but get ideas from your look and shop where I can. Its easy to lose confidence in yourself as you get older I think, and stick in a rut - but your blog does encourage me to try new things. I am no way as tall or slim as you - although I am working on the slim bit (!) - but i do thoroughly enjoy seeing what you have put together and trying it at home. Thanks. Jane x

    1. That is honestly one of the loveliest comments I've ever had - thank you so so much for taking the time to write it. Super pleased to be of help and hopefully will carry on doing it! Kat xxx

  3. Hello, i just came across your blog!
    I would like to say that, I'm 21 and just because your 40 doesn't mean you should stop living life.. Which is why I think you shouldn't have to justify to anyone why you love fashion of dressing up!

    Growing old is mandatory, growing up is an option. I think you're very well maintained and beautiful, nothing should stop you from making an effort with your looks! Besides, who's put a cut off a line for fashion and age anyway? You should feel proud to look the way you do after having kids and reaching a certain age. I hope I can look even slightly as good as you at 40.

    Ayesha xxx