See that wagon over there? the distance?  And here's me, sat on the floor in the dust having fallen off it, large stylee.  Darn it. 

Actually that's not exactly true....I am of course making reference to my grand plan of buying only 3 items a month .  Which has had some amendments - ok I think we're only up to one?  However this month I think I am still *just* on track for the three things (including amendments..)

So whilst I shall save the proper totting up of garments for another day (nothing like burying one's head in the sand), today my falling off the wagon leads me neatly on to Amendment Number 2.

Shoes.  On reflection these aren't garments.  Nor are they accessories.  If we're talking sneakers, boots, flats, heels, flipflops and sandals (I'm sure there must be another category at least), I think they should have their own allowance.  I'm not saying that anyone needs to purchase 12 pairs a year (although that would possibly be a fairly easy achievement - I'd like to think 12 in, 12 out?) but the option is there if needs be. 

Which leads me neatly on to me sitting in the mud eating wagon dust with a pudding of humble pie and hat as I have caved.  I apologise.  I may not keep them but I ordered skater shoes.  In fact in for a penny and in for a pound and I ordered two pairs.  I KNOW. 

I probably will not keep both of them, I may not keep either of them.  But I am rather excited about them arriving.  So thanking all of those who commented on my last blog on the matter that there were bargain ones available at Next. 

These are the ones that I have ordered both available on this page.  Now only £18 down from £38

Bargains - total bargains.  However I did go shopping today and am still tempted by the M&S ones....

Slip on Trainers with Insolia Flex £25.  I admit - lord I hate to admit this as I sound like such an auld lady but... I am tempted by the insolia flex. (endorsed by the National Society of Podiatrists no less.  I am such a sucker for marketing)  GAH.  Comfort shoes.  However I think I do prefer the extra black line round the sole of the Next shoe and they're leather for a bargain price but these ones are so so so comfy..

And in a different floral black and white pattern 

I also stumbled across some in Topshop (whilst researching an interesting shoe concept which I shall save for another day... ) which have a really fab almond toe and a moc croc/snake effect.  These are gorgeous and a super bargain at £20.  But (yes, I'll get my zimmer frame) they were so uncomfortable.  The 7 felt like the size 5 in M&S.  And it was on the tight side!  After my Whistles disaster with too small shoes there was no way I was going to get these (boooo as they are lovely and I think the shape is my fave of all three, although I haven't seen the Next ones close up) so I'll wait for my Next ones to arrive.  For the record, next day delivery doesn't apply to clearance items apparently.  Even though they are in stock and I have to pay postage they'll take a WEEK to get here.  Almost as bad as H&M. 

Here are the Topshop ones though for reference. (and all the reviews do say get a bigger size - hurrah, it's not simply my fat feet) 

TIKA2 High Vamp Skate Shoes £20

Staying with bargain shoes though, thank to a tip off from Avril at School Gate Style I headed over to Johnny B at Boden (that's the yoof range which actually I always salivate over at the Press Days and wish I was a much shorter individual as if you're a 10 or a 12 or smaller I think it would all fit, but it's all cut for a diddier teenager heightwise.)

However when it comes to shoes - oh hello, call off the dogs. 

With my new found love of brogues, I may (MAY) eschew the idea of the skater shoes as these are just gorgeous and perhaps more me?

Fashion brogues in crackled gold metallic now £21.60

Black patent fashion brogues now £25.20

Candy pink now £10.80 (yes you read that correctly..!) 

The other gorgeous flat shoes it's definitely worth looking at are the pointed ballet flats.

In Gold glitter from £16.80 to £19.20 depending on your size... (I thought this was unbelievably random until I remembered they do this with children's shoes) 

These I am having to sit on my hands not to order as I do NOT need another pair of navy flats but....

Pointed ballet flats in navy suede £25.20 to £28.80

And slipper style (Johnny calls them Tab Shoes - I am not knowing why, I am clearly way too much of a giffer) in multi glitter (I love these - they would go with absolutely everything)  £16.20. 

Black glitter with neon pink £14 to £16

Now I appreciate the entire point of me entering into this Shopping Quest was to buy quality as opposed to quantity.  But I can't resist a bargain.  I feel that on the clothes front, this has been very successful and I can think of oodles of things I would normally have bought and haven't (so mission accomplished so far as I'm only missing one thing that I wish I had bought).   Shoe wise though?  Would I ever spend loads of money on something as high fashion as the shoes above?  Yes, probably.  So moving on.  (not all posts end as I think they will.....) 

Suffice to say, the skater shoes are on the way - do you think they'll make the grade?  Actually the only shoes that I have bought this year are in fact the New Balance trainers so taking into account that it's March, I'm one pair down so have two pairs in hand.  Maybe I'll get to feel virtuous at not having used any more of the shoe allowance.  Whistles shoes went back *polish halo* although I am still basket dancing with the Calista shoes from Carvela which are a ridiculous bargain still from Shoeaholics.  I shall save these for another day of discussion. 

Whilst I'm waving my ridiculously shallow flag, I shall throw myself on my sword and confess to another accessory purchase.  Third of the year but we are in March so that is ok.  

Ok - so here comes the justification.  a) I had a credit note from last year at My Wardrobe which has been burning a hole in my account and there has been nothing all winter that I have wanted (or more pertinently has been the right price) and b) I had a 20% off day code from them.  Finishing with c) there is a lot of crud that life seems to be throwing at us at the moment and a glass of wine and a new necklace go a long way to easing the pain - whatever works is what I've been told... (and there is always a brighter time on the horizon) 

I therefore present you with my new necklace which I am so so in love with I can't tell you. MARMITE KLAXON ALERT.  This will not appeal to everyone.  Which is possibly why I like it.... *Aquarian shrug of shoulders*

Marc by Marc Jacobs dynamite charm necklace 

It arrived yesterday, I'm wearing it today and I shall be wearing it out tonight.  I will probably wear it tomorrow as well.  Completely love it. 

And there we have a post of confessions, not to be repeated any time soon. I shall go and don a hair shirt (with my Marc Jacobs necklace mind you.....) 

Untitled Untitled

Navy textured top - Cos
Cut off jeans - Rock & Republic
Navy 410 sneakers - New Balance
Green boiled wool coat - Zara
Large white face tan watch - Olivia Burton
Tan cuff - Mulberry
Black razor cuff - McQueen by Alexander Mcqueen
Dynamite necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Whisky Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

This evening is Date Night with The Husband - off to a new Italian restaurant in the village although to be honest, I would be just as happy with fish and chips in the car and a couple of hours chatting, just me and him (but then no-one else would see my necklace...!) 

Have a fab evening everyone - see you tomorrow. x

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17 comentarios:

  1. They are your rules so you can add as many amendments as you like (definitely with you on the shoe front as this time of year screams out for new shoes). Love the MJ necklace and the pinky gold glitter boden shoes

  2. I love that necklace, really cool and very you. I have been on a 'skater' shoe quest and I think I have settled with the Ash ones. They are more than I wanted to pay but they are right for me as I prefer the chunkier sole. How fab having a Date night with the Old Man. I don't think mine would stay awake long enough on a week night. H x

  3. Keep making amendments. J. Crew has new bronze metallic Vans..... Maybe a third pair is in order.

  4. I have to say I love my Next cheetah print ones which you featured here. They are seriously comfortable.

  5. I've tried Johnny B shoes a few times - they are some of the stiffest most uncomfortable shoes in the world!

  6. After reading your previous blog on the M&S skater shoes I added the black ones to a little sale ordered. Dithered over the size as usually a 6 1/2 or 7 and too expensive to return from Australia. Gutted when thought they were too small, but after removing cardboard inserts (!) they're prefect. Really comfy. Only worry is do they look like my 12 year old son's? Anyway great price & bang on trend. Love your blog, highlight of my day :)

  7. Bless you, you really do make me laugh! Your MJ necklace is utterly divine (not that you care about my opinion clearly ... I have an Aquarian daughter .. I know your type!!!!!) I'm soooo buying myself some skater shoes, but waiting to hear your thoughts on the Next ones. Enjoy Date Night x

  8. Another blogger posted about those Johnny B shoes, so they come well recommended! Am tempted by the gold brogues. You necklace is lovely, enjoy your date night. Xx

  9. I have the Next shoes, they are comfy and true to size but not quite right somehow...I prefer the chunkyness of the M&S ones but I am inbetween sizes. I also have the Gap leopard ones which are lovely but my absolute favourites for shape and fit are the black quilted and snake print pairs from H&M (which I think come up big) which are also the cheapest!! Mmmm looking at my comment I appear obsessed!.....Mel x

  10. Another one here with the next slip ons. I think everyone has them haha. I had to size up.

  11. Hi I am desperate to see the m&s in the flesh ! I am also keen to get the new balance trainers you have but am struggling to find the blue ones , where did you get yours Iona x x

  12. Glad you're feeling the Johnnie B love too - I will say that I ordered the brogues and they were a bit disappointing...not as nice as the glitter ones. Might keep them as they're only £21 but they're very flat - bit of a rubbish sole/heel so I don't think they're going to be that comfy. Thanks for the link through my lovely..hope date night was fun and PS LOVE the necklace! xx

    1. Ah, that's interesting, I saw you recommending them on your blog. If they're disappointing I may not order. Have you added this to the blog?

  13. After your last post on skaters I went and bought the H&M ones:
    I thought I'd have boat feet but was pleasantly surprised. Wore them all day today and fell asleep still with them on the couch. They are low contrast and fit into any outfit including boyfriend jeans. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Regarding excuses and amendments, in my head one trip to a store = one purchase. Even if I bring 4 items home. Go figure!
    Love the necklace!

  14. Hello. I just wanted to say you need the M&S skater shoes in your life! I bought two pairs (black and leopard) after seeing you mention them and I am in love. Ridiculously huge, obviously, but so comfortable and I have had lots of positive comments on them!

  15. Love the new necklace, it has personality. No judgments here, I'm debating on my 3rd new pair of sneakers. Leopard slip-ons are on my radar.