I can almost feel the panic setting in.

Which is bonkers seeing as it's March.  How, seriously, HOW are so many people in Sale already.  HOW can this be mid-season?  Mid what season?  Spring/summer?  Are they serious?  We have had one day, ok maybe two days of decent weather, I'm still expecting snow.  I can count on one hand the days I've been able to have bare ankles - bare legs are about as far off as Christmas - yet things are selling out. 

And I can feel the panic setting in..... Must. Buy.  Because before you know it, we'll be knee deep in boots, jumpers and coats again.  I know it sounds random but every year it genuinely does seem to be earlier and earlier that the shops ship out all the Summer goodies and load up the Winter woolies.  I know it is the UK but I don't particularly want to wear Autumnal colours in June.

Dresses that I've earmarked and thought, oh I'll add them to the wishlist - disappeared.  GONE.  Reduced and gone.  Hence panic.  Ok so for now it's mild panic but I fully expect this to ramp up to full on hysteria come a month's time.  And yes, I do do this every year but I refuse to shoulder all the responsibility for being utterly fey and pathetic - retailers, you are definitely partly to blame.  (I should probably point out that I don't necessarily *need* a new dress this year.  But I know me.  I will need one like I need my first morning coffee - and that is NEED - come May) 

There are some dresses left that I am hawking, which, since I've had a glass of wine, I am prepared to share with you.  Today I am all about the print.  I am also going off piste.  I do have a couple of lovely looking things dotted about the diary for the late Spring and the most scary thing next to there being nothing left is someone else turning up up in the same frock as you. 

So when I say off piste, I really mean non High Street.  Those smaller brands, some of whom you can get in some of the larger retailers, I'll be honest, but they're certainly not as ubiquitous as those larger favoured HS shops.  Or you can find them online.  The joy of being able to try things on in your own home with your own accessories.  Ideal. 

What sort of dress am I looking for today?  Well, we're not doing super occasion (sorry folks) but we're doing guest at a Christening/First Holy Communion, 40th/50th (god forbid a 30th?!) birthday party, big family do, that extra special party or dinner.   We're looking at smart that can be dressed up and dressed down (do I ever look for anything else?  I know I bore myself with this but these dresses work - I'm after a shire horse of a dress.  If it goes in the washing machine, I may have ordered before I get to the end of the blog) 

Without further ado, starting online at My Wardrobe.  

Danish brand Ganni - every season moving ahead in leaps and bounds.  Cheaper than lots of high street stores yet far more unique.

Ganni Palm Tree Printed Dress £115  Yes this does look short but she is 5ft9.  It would be far less scarily mini on a more normal sized person. 

Carven ColourBlock Polo Dress £180. Sneaks in with a vague print... But I love this. I love the preppy edge to it - ideal for wearing during the day with sneakers but fling on heels and a clutch and it's ideal for a fabulous party.  Handwash.  All hail the cotton.  Suddenly it becomes super wearable. 

From Matches 

Weekend by Maxmara Lupino Dress £115  This would work beautifully with a pair of chunky gladiator heels and a biker jacket or would be as suitable for a wedding with court shoes (I'd love a sturdy heel pair to give it that edge) and a fitted blazer.  

Another Weekend by Maxmara dress - this time the Rimini dress £188.  Fab with yellow, cobalt or blush strappy sandals or heels or for a laid back lunch with flat tan glads. 

Maxmara Studio Basco Dress £235  I love this whole outfit.  Totally love it.  Would work perfectly into Autumn as well.  

I had a YMC dress on the denim dress post last week and I have to say I love this one just as much.  Same style, different print, equally as multifunctional. 

Paintbrush Print Cotton dress £195

From JulesB  2nd Day White Printed Bodycon dress £114.99

A couple from Toast - Meninas Dress £139

This has to be one of my personal favourites and one of the reasons why the panic has set in...  it's only available in a couple of sizes - all sold out.  And Toast haven't even gone into sale yet.  Do you see, do you see?  As predicted, as I write this post, I move from mild panic to faint hysteria. 

Mae Dress £115 from Toast

Rachita Printed Silk Dress from By Malene Birger £235  I haven't bought much from BMB in the past couple of years, I do think they went off the boil for me for the past couple of seasons but this S/S?  Be still my beating heart.  I could be dressed head to toe by the Danish queen.  Just gorgeous.   This is also cold wash as well.  And therefore has my name all over it.   For the record, if anyone is interested, BMB normally are sized very generously. Size down. 

When it comes to individuality and that something a little bit different, first port of call for me though is always Anthropologie.  

And yet again, they have some fantastic dresses.  

Epoque Shirtdress £128  This with some strappy sandals  (I'd prefer something with studs and a killer heel to take the Doris Day edge off it but that's just me - honestly what do I sound like?) would be a better fit for me.  But I'd also love for an Audrey look with black ballet flats. 

Maxi dresses can be perfect for smart occasions.  And perfect in warm weather as well.   Adore the colours in this. 

Bouquet Maxi Dress from Anthropologie £178

A different shape of the Ganni palm print dress - Aloe Dress £88 from Anthro again. (I prefer this to the first one actually)

And the Caravane tunic which I posted way back in January - should have bought it then, how tempted am I now? 

Caravane in Coral £118

And in Blue Motif £118  This is my favourite colour.

They don't have to be on the expensive side though.  John Lewis now have some great smaller brands which can be found in some of their larger stores but are all available online.  If you fancy trawling through a gazillion dresses... (seriously their stock online is ginormous - I am going to bill them for new glasses - my eyes, my eyes...)  You're welcome xx

People Tree Mae Cat Print Flared Dress in Organic Cotton £85  I appreciate you may have to be a cat fan to love this one.  Zoom in - they're cats! 

Kaliko Frida Ruched Dress £129 (super flattering this one)  and it goes in the machine. Oh yes. 

Closet Floral Print Tie Dress £42

Obviously there has to be a bit of leopard print.. And this one from Fenn Wight Manson is even more of a bargain than my coat from them.  

The Vienna Dress was £150 now £45

And finishing with another lovely dress from Wishbone (who I am hopefully going to see on Monday - very exciting Mother's Day project and can't wait to find out more about them) 

Suki Printed Dress £120

And I'm sure I've seen more.... but there are wine and crisps waiting, The Husband has just got home and we have the second episode of Shetland to watch.  Rock and roll.... Tomorrow though, date night.  New Italian restaurant on the cards so very much looking forward to that. 

Today they said it was going to be warm.  Well that was a lie wasn't it?  a) I had to go and put  on a scarf and b) my washing which I laboriously hung out to dry is still exceptionally wet.   And that was apparently Spring for the foreseeable future.  At least I managed to get the peep toe boots out for their first trip of the year. 

Lovely day, gym (the killer Kettles), more builder stuff (tile duty today) but a lovely lunch at the local pub made it all worthwhile (not with the builder I'd just like to point out) 


Paisley blouse - Zara
Petrol Blue skinny coated jeans - Zara
Cream boucle jacket - Massimo Dutti
Peep Toe Saxon Boots - Kurt Geiger
Dune Monogram scarf - Louis Vuitton
Whisky Marcie Medium satchel - Chloe
Large White face tan strap watch - Olivia Burton
Tan cuff - Mulberry
Brown cuff - Hultquist

Tomorrow off to the gym and then shopping with some great old friends so expect a report.  I must not buy anything.......(and yes of course I have some reporting back to do.. I'll get there honestly - I haven't forgotten about March) 

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11 comentarios:

  1. I know!! And sandals are selling out on NAP! I guess it's spring break here soon so I am justified in panicking! Adore the 2nd day dress!

  2. Your panicking, I'm panicking! I can find the prints I want but not in the right shaped dresses!

  3. Why do they panic us with these stupid sales!!!
    I love the Suki printed dress. You should go for something more fitted to show off your fantastic figure xx

  4. I am panicking too, slightly ridiculous I always do this buy too early then see things I love more in May/June time. Having said that I love the Caravane Tunic from Anthro gorgeous! X

  5. Kat, stop it!!! I've taken back the dress I was going to wear to a July wedding and now I'm completely in the market for a new one and now I'm panicking! Love the Toast ones, especially the Meninas one and also love the Anthropologie shirt dress, cannot wait until it opens in Bath soon :-D F xx

  6. Nope! Not panicking! Refuse to panic!! Torrential rain on this the 'First Day of Spring' (according to Google) so I have actually given up even trying to imagine warm or fine weather! Hence not panicking as won't need summer clothes :) But God, how I ADORE your peep toe KG boots ... drool. Off to see if there is anything remotely like them on the website.

  7. Your so right about the seasons, the clothes are gone before the season has begun x

  8. By the way, I love your blog, humour, style..... All brill x

  9. Agree re: Anthro. In the past if we've had a wedding to go to I've gone straight to Anthro for something different that no one else in Basingstoke will have!

  10. Ooooh love that Zara Paisley blouse - is that draping on it or just the way it's falling? Recent buy? And those kg peeps are gorgeous with the Chloe. I too have a wedding in July love the Rimini maxmara - very tempted to seek out.

  11. I love most the dresses featured here.. Although probably couldn't afford them :P

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one that thinks the spring/summer collections are out on shops WAY to early. I mean spring even properly here yet??!?

    I've stopped buying and spring related clothes because I know I won't get a chance to wear them. It will probably snow April like it did last year.

    Ayesha xxx