The perfect Spring Trousers

And there is excellent news that goes along with them. 

  1. They're not jeans
  2. It's warm enough to wear them 
  3. The Husband says they're the best trousers I own. 
No-one's reinvented the wheel here and I'm no stranger to not wearing jeans - I have long been a lover of the drawstring jersey pant - but I have always struggled with chinos. 

I have longed to wear them - I love the preppy look of faded chinos, white tee, sneakers and a little blazer.  But I end up looking like a wannabe Boden model from circa 2003.  Which isn't a good thing.  Think mumsy and then some.  I don't know how, but they have just never worked on me. 

Until my friends at Hush suggested I try their cargo pants as their boyfriend jeans have sold out. GAH (but fear not they are due back in - totally sold out and I have heard nothing but fantastic feedback). 

Well, that was a great call.  I'm not going to lie, I was sceptical but as soon as I saw the pockets on the legs giving them more of a cargo look than a classic chino, plus the fact they're in a pale dove grey, I had high hopes. 

And I am a total convert.  I don't actually need them in the khaki as well as I do have my old linen Topshop ones (but these are much less creasy and easier to dress up, I'd say) though I have to say I am sorely tempted.

I wore them yesterday with an amazing slouchy Hush oversized tee (must look up what they call it exactly but this is what it is in my book).  The perfect weekend wardrobe and utterly ideal for this weather.  I haven't tried wearing a jacket over the tee as it it quite loose but I will deffo give it a go.  However in this highly welcome sunshine, with a vest underneath and a scarf over the top, it was all I needed. 

Today, changed it up a bit - still keeping it casual but out for the first BBQ of the year this afternoon (something I never thought I'd say in March..) and with a logo tee (still can't stop thinking about the RunDMC one though darn it) and blazer, finishing with last years stone leather sneakers from Gap - so a slightly smarter Spring look.  

And here are the pics of me in mine.  They are generous in size - mine are a 10 and are on the loose side but I prefer them like that as opposed to a tighter cargo pant.  I've got mine rolled down as it whilst it's sunny and warm, I shall save huge exposure of ankles to a couple degrees warmer.  Love the option of having them more cropped though.  I'm 5ft 10 and these are ankle grazer on me which is perfect.  

Untitled Untitled

White vest - Reiss
White oversized tee - Hush 
Cargo trousers - Hush
Gunmetal Virgin hitops - Ash
Black belt - Prada
Grey Cherelle Bag - Whistles
Scarf - Markus Lupfer at Whistles

This is the link to the tee that I have on above.  It's perfect for this weather - a lovely heavy jersey, almost has a silk jersey feel to it.  It's the Scoop Longsleeved tee at £35.  There is also a lovely hem to it - a proper edge to it which makes it that slightly more Top like than just tee.  I need it in the blue as well....

And today 


LadyLike Tee - Captain Tortue

Black tux blazer - Topshop
Cargo Trousers - Hush
Stone leather sneakers - Gap
Black Diego Bag - Alexander Wang

Now I am constantly being asked what alternatives there are to jeans and whilst these are a great great option, there are surprisingly few of them around. 

The Croft by JBrand is an option - a few sizes left at Matches but they don't have any new season anywhere (bar in the US which isn't the hugest amount of use this side of the pond) 

It does however give a great suggestion for how to also style them.  Loving the idea of gladiator heels and a top with a more eveningy vibe.  This is a great idea to steal for a Spring evening in the pub or a smart lunch out. 

Croft Mid Rise by JBrand  was £245 now £122

A skinny version is also available at Boden in the sale in a few sizes if you don't want a looser look. 

And in slate grey from this season at £47.20.  Much more like a JBrand Houlihan than a looser cargo pant. 

No pockets at White Stuff which definitely wouldn't work for me but if you prefer something with more of a chino than a cargo vibe - and I get why some people would like them without the pockets.  It's definitely a smarter and slightly less urban look.

More without pockets at Boden in a variety of colours.  To me though, I think the pockets make all the difference.  

And honestly there are very few others out there.  The obligatory Gap ones which make me look like "Mom from Connecticut with a station wagon full of children who plays Bridge in the evening drinking sodas" and I'm sure there are a few others out there that I may have missed.  I do know that Uniqlo have some super skinny ones with pockets similar to the Boden ones but I think the seaming detail of the latter pair win for me.  However I am over the moon with the Hush ones and am wishing they also did them in a stone colour which I could easily do justice to. 

Finishing with my outfit from Friday night and yes, that is the Zara jacket you see.  I bought it with my birthday voucher from the girls and I may need to do some more adjusting to the amendments.... Though I may just be still within the monthly threshold.  I shall have to tot up.  I do however LOVE it and think it's definitely going to full that gap even though it is super super dark navy, it looked absolutely fine with the black bag and ancient black shoes (which should have been the Whistles navy ones which crucified my feet and are going back)

Untitled Untitled

Floral Trousers - Zara
Cobalt shirt - Zara
Dark navy boucle jacket - Zara
Asymmetric suede shoes - Zara
Gold Mini Antelope necklace - Bill Skinner
Black and gold razor cuff - McQueen by Alexander McQueen
Black clutch bag - Tory Burch

Off to my BBQ now and absolutely loving the sunshine.  I must say I did vaguely contemplate wearing a dress today.  Or even a skirt.  Shock.  Horror.  That's food for the blog this week, that's for sure. 

Hope everyone else is enjoying the sunshine.  What are you wearing?  Have you dumped the jeans for a spring outfit?!

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14 comentarios:

  1. Hi there,

    I love your blog! Just wanted to ask - is the M&S paint splat jumpsuit you got a couple of years ago high waisted or regular, hoping it's regular, thanks x

  2. The Zara jacket is perfect. I'm still wearing my J Brand Houlihans, they work miracles for my butt, ha. I have a pair of loose-fitting J Brand chino pants that needs alterations. They need to show some ankle to avoid soccer mom status.

  3. I LOVE cargos, they are so practical with all those pockets, especially when the weather is good, you can do all your jobs with ease, I was thrilled with my first pair and bought 5 or 6 in quick succession as I saw them as a total jeans replacement. One day my husband told me I looked like I was about to march on Greenham and in one comment totally changed my new found love, but if they are back on the radar, I shall certainly dig them out!

    1. If you put stuff in the pockets then wouldn't that alter the line of the trousers drastically?

  4. Love the Hush cargo's I promised myself this year I wouldn't buy anymore jeans as that is all I seem to wear (coated ones purchased from Mint Velvet last week see I am automatic pilot I cannot help it!). The white top and cargo's looks really fresh and spring like and your going out outfit you wore on Friday is fab. That Mom comment really made me laugh you must be one of the most stylish mum's around :)

  5. These look fab, and so nice to have an alternative to jeans. My biggest issue with a 'chino' has been that they lose shape and sag after a couple of hours wear? Noone wants a saggy crotch/knee. But if these don't fall in to that category, I'll get out and buy me some.

  6. The cargos are really perfect for this time of year, might have to order some myself except I already have a hush order arriving tomorrow and really have to stop myself. I think I need to limit my purchases like you do - how is that going?! I love love love the dark navy Zara jacket, looks amazing
    Abbi x

  7. I need those Hush Cargo trousers in my life

  8. Very timely as I was tempted by a similar looking Zara pair but was somewhat put off as they only came in a pale blue - if they had been grey I would have snapped them up. However, not sure about footwear with cargo pants. Do you think they would work with a pistol style boot with heel or is that a bit wierd? I still don't have any wedge trainer style (well I do, but they are consigned to the ebay pile as they are a hideous gold/silver metallic number from zalando that I should have known better than order!) footwear to go with cargos and my daytime style does tend to be ankle booty this time of year. Would this work? By proper summer, I have some gorgeous leather gladiator tan wedges that would work, but what about now? Also, please could you do a post on those lovely crop style structured tops (not the Whistles top which I don't think is structured at all) - I mean proper structured, almost cardboardy iykwim! Would love a round up. Ooooh and jumpsuits - didn't get sucked in last year, but remember you did and looked fabulous. Thinking sleeveless styles that could be dressed up or down?

  9. Great outfits - you look stunning for your friday night out. Off to Spain on Sunday so must track down a pair of cargos now. Just got all my outfits laid out in the dressing room but def. need some new additions.

  10. You look fab in them Kat - they went straight onto my Pin Board but I haven't ordered a pair being of Hobbit proportions myself - maybe I should give them a go!

  11. I have just bought and had to send back a pair of the Hush cargos as the size eight is too small - which is crazy sizing - I am not a six. Which of the others you have looked at are the most similar to those do you think?!

  12. Hi Kat, where can I buy the gunmetal Ash hi tops from? Thanks :)