Is it time to come out of hibernation?

Legs, yes I'm talking to you.  It's sunny.  I would even go so far as to say it's vaguely warm.  It's certainly mild.  And yes, yesterday, had I had a dress and I put some groundwork in, I may have even worn it.  By groundwork I mean extensive leg preparation.  I have to say I am totally converted to the Cocoa Brown mousse tan and I actually have already started on my ankle to knee prep (please please tell me I'm not the only one who does this?  For my cropped trousers on Friday night......)  All the class and then some. 

However I don't think it would take *too* much extra work to get to top of thigh done - a couple of weeks of these sorts of temps and - can't quite believe I am saying this - but I might be tempted to get those pins out of winter retirement.  Not entirely sure I'm ready for full on sandals yet (getting my legs prepped is one thing.  I will need to have an industrial sander on standby for a pedicure to get my trotters public worthy), but I think I'm quite converted to the look of day dresses with ankle boots or flat shoes - be them brogues, loafers, ballet pumps or all sorts of sneakers and high tops. 

Day dresses are definitely something that are missing in my wardrobe.  Yes I'm now sorted for summer dresses but for the Spring, seeing as I wasn't remotely ready for these last year or ever before to be honest, these are miss miss missing. 

April purchases - your card is marked. 

And there are loads of absolutely gorgeous ones around.   As if by magic, ASOS from today has 25% off dresses (I do believe it's selected dresses but I found loads, both ASOS and branded that would be perfect).

ASOS Shift Dress was £45 now £33.50  I love the idea of this with either a blazer over - cream or navy would be fab, you could probably also get away with black - or a cocoon coat like the H&M one I have on today.   Brogues, loafers or ballet flats would look fab.  Or even (and yes, I'm going to throw it out there) - a pair of skater shoes - you can see where this is going, can't you...., ditto any sneakers to be fair. 

Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren Floral Peasant Dress now £90 was £120  This has more than a hint of the Marants about it and would be fantastic now with ankle boots and a denim jacket or chunky knit cardigan.  Even with a trench coat and boots.  Or hell, if it's going to be super warm, let's push the boat out and take no coat *faints at the thought of being so frivolous in March*

ASOS Premium Jumper Dress in Bonded Marl was £68 now £48.50  This to me is very Toast in its style and colour for a fraction of the price.  Would look gorgeous with any flat footwear or ankle boots.  Fab with a little biker jacket over it. 

ASOS Shift Dress in Animal Print   was £38 now £28.50

Couldn't possibly not have a sniff of leopard in a post and this would be just fab with black skate shoes or tan ankle boots.  I'd also wear with my gold leather sneakers.  Perfect for that weekend away as you just throw on heels and you're set to go for the night out as well.  Would also work equally as well in the Winter with opaques (say I, reminding myself that I have the Boden animal print dress that would serve the exact same purpose - adding more fuel to my skate shoes fire.....) 

Sister Jane Paradise Pleated Dress was £68 now £51.00  Absolutely love the colour and the print of this - ditto the style, hiding a multitude of sins without being a complete sack.  Genius.  This would have the benefit of taking you into the summer as well and I also think would work fabulously as a dress for the evening on holiday. 

Lovely pleat detail on the skirt with drop waist ribbon detailing.

French Connection Tennis crepe Dress with drop waist was £110 now £82.50  I'm not going to lie, these sandals aren't working for me but with sneakers (I'm not entirely sure it's total foot exposure weather *quite* yet) this would be much better.  It would also look fabulous with heels for the evening. 

NW3 by Hobbs Lois Dress £79 Love the casual shape of this dress and the navy, cream and grey print could be worn at the weekend, for work with a smart navy blazer and ballet flats or with a denim jacket and Supergas/Cons or sneakers of your choice for the weekend. 

Liking the styling with the brogues - I do think would work just as well with ankle boots or glad sandals when it gets that little bit warmer.

Hoss Intropia Parrot Tunic Dress £103  This crossover top dress is ideal for now with a little jacket over or on the beach with a pair of havs (one can dream...)

Something a little bit different from Mint Velvet but I am officially obsessed with this print - the Grazia Print dress for £99.  This this would look fab with either brogues for a 40's vibe but also with some suede tan ankle boots or the like.  Chunky heeled or flat sandals for the warmer days. 

Also at Mint Velvet is this very useful Cool Blue Pintuck Dress at £99 which they also do in a nude and a mocha colour. 

Now I'm not sure I can do mint but I have been drawn to this dress ever since I first saw it in the Great Plains catalogue.  Love the idea with black super strappy gladiator sandals or grey or black ankle boots and a little biker jacket for now.  This is one of those dresses that would work just as well over super skinnies - indigo, plain black jeggings or coated ones. 

Daria Colour Block Jumper Dress £65

The obvious choice is of course a Breton dress and having seen this one in the flesh, I can honestly say it is fab.  Lovely thick jersey, a great tunic shape with lovely detailing on the back. 

Catherine Dress from Hush £45

A twist on a Breton here - ok to be fair it's just a striped dress and it is silk BUT it's handwash (ie goes in the machine) so to me that equals day wear a go go.   Love the mix of black and navy stripes here. 

Wishbone Sophie Stripe Dress £120

Seasalt also have a stripe one but this to me looks likes a black version which is far more unusual and difficult to find. 

Seasalt Lambe Creek Dress in Duet Squid ink £55 

Another tunic shape in jersey can be found in a grey melange at Baukjen.  I like the generous proportions that they normally have at Baukjen - not saying that some of the High Street cut on the short side but err, they often cut on the short side.  Hopefully this means at 5ft10 I won't be flashing my pants to all in sundry. 

Napoli Tunic Dress £69

The Valentina Dress in French Navy from Baukjen at £89 also looks like it would come in very handy on a number of occasions. 

Also comes in a Pale Salmon Melange

I can confirm, having seen this in the flesh that is a lot more DVF than M&S. 

Lips Print Shift Dress M&S Limited Collection £45

Another one from the Limited Collection which I can confirm looks a squidillion times better on the shop floor is the Geometric Print Shirt Dress at £45

And I could honestly go on and on and on (as per usual)  Two things I have come across and have left out  are one particular sort of dress which is perfect for casual mild summer days - there were so many of them that I feel they deserve a blog of their own and secondly, one shop has so so so many dresses, I am going to have to do a focus on X as they are really rocking it this season.  Any guesses who?!

Finishing with my outfit from today - nope, no dress.  The legs need a lot more attention.  Coffee morning, supermarket, couple of hours work, coffee with a friend before the after school charade begins. 

Still definitely enjoying this milder weather.

Untitled Untitled

Izzy Double Face Stripe top - Whistles
Saxby jeans - ASOS
410 New Balance 
Navy dress coat - H&M
Whisky Medium Marcie satchel - Chloe

See you tomorrow! 

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11 comentarios:

  1. ha! wore a knee length skirt today, went early to the gym without much light, remembered i had left tights at home, thought legs were fine, until i got into proper midday sunlight, so not a pretty sight, spiky cactus skin with dry patches. Straight back to trousers tomorrow.

  2. The sunglasses are enormous.. You have a lovely face why cover it??? i know it was sunny but you need smaller lenses imho x

  3. You look great as do your sunglasses.... X

  4. Love the Hush Breton style dress, but it looks a bit short for this mom. Was it as short as it looks? I am guessing Great Plains for the dresses blog. Hope the weather holds. Supposed to be warm here tomorrow too then rain and snow (again!?!).

  5. No you're not the only with ahem, strategic fake tan placement (said she who only did her arms and neck for last Friday's night out! Love the Asos bonded marl dress and the Hush breton. Way too cold up in Manchester yet - we've just had a smattering of sunshine but still coldish. Very interested in tan ankle boots - fancy a post on those? Also, jumpsuits and structured crop tops please???? Your glasses are gorgeous, ooh and I'm guessing Mango for dresses - heaps and heaps of gorgeous Marant styleeees. Have a good day x

  6. Love the blog as always - am so pale that fake tan actually looks weird on me - with that and varicose veins (oh the joys of my 40's) I'm planning a strategic summer wardrobe where the legs will never come out. Now there's a challenge! As for the sunnies comment - made me laugh, it's the sort of thing my Grandma says (and she's 94!), in fact she is pretty tech savvy so perhaps it is her - now then Grandma, if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing - always a good mantra to live by I think...

  7. Well I think your sunglasses are fabulous!

  8. OMG I have been lusting over the Great Plains dress myself since I first saw it, being only 5 foot 1 would be a touch longer on me, would this mke it uncool???
    love your outfit today, glasses and all, they look great.
    Any word on the elusive M&S dress yet?????????? Still cant find it online.

  9. I wish I looked even half decent in a dress. My legs are truly offensive so I have to keep them covered. I am loving the selection though. H x

  10. I do love a good dress, the first one is a stunner. Love your H&M dress coat Kat x

  11. Ooh spotted the geo print little shirt dress in Marks and Sparks today - love the peter pan collar it is super cute!