At last - the discount code we've (I've) been waiting for.

Now you see I say that, but I'll be darned - it's a conspiracy.  25% off Whistles. (voucher in Grazia or code at bottom of post to use online).  I skipped, I danced, I did a little wiggle and I flew off to my nearest Whistles to pick up my shoes that I'd my heart on for ages.  I was then planning on a sneaky introduction of amendment number two which would have been shoe related with my cheeky Whistles purchase. 

Oh boy was I pleased with them.   They looked fab in the shop and the one teensy, tiny, speck of fly in the ointment was the sizing.  The 39 was ever so slightly snug and the 40 was too big.  "They'll stretch" I was assured in the shop. 

Cue putting them on last night to go out and balls.  Two steps in the bedroom and the most hideous cramp started in my left (the big) foot.  There was just no way I could wear them without surgically removing a toe first.  FOILED. 

However I do think I may have to still do a little finalising on amendment number two so watch this space. 

So I shall be taking the shoes back on Monday but in the meantime, I am having a fabulous peruse over the Whistles site to see what else I clearly "should" be buying with the 25% off voucher.  The fact that I seem to have already reached the 3 things in March (I may have bought a blue shirt too...) is slightly disconcerting so I'm hoping it's all totally hideous and Ioathe it.  And pigs might fly. 

Here are a couple of things which caught my eye already. 

I know they are total marmite but I really am starting to obsess over the skater shoe thing.  Navy ones are rare and so I couldn't help but be drawn to these. 

All prices are pre 25% discount

Now this isn't the blue blouse I got but I love this cornflower blue so so so much. 

Whistles Melodie Slik Blouse in blue £95

Lena double faced jacket £95 I have toyed with this jacket so many times.  But not sure I can justify it.  This is it in the neutral, they also have it in a stunningly useful pale grey online. 

Fleur Textured Biker jacket £155 Yes we've sussed that I am officially Navy Queen and this I came across when looking for the black jacket the other day.  Even nicer in real life than in the photos. 

The Alison Dress in navy £135 This has pockets - I need say nothing more.

 Selma Jersey Bodycon Dress £125  A gorgeous flattering navy jersey, machine washable dress. 

The Ariadne Dress in navy £95 (and it goes in the wash.)  Love this dressed up or down. 

The code is WH25SS14 and is valid until the 18th March.  Go forth and stock your summer wardrobes. 

Meanwhile, one of my March purchases arrived and boy do I love it.  Yes, I caved on the Fenn Wright Manson leopard print coat and I am absolutely over the moon with it.  It is too too gorgeous for words, in fact I love it so much I wore it for two days on the trot. 

I love dressing it down for during the day but it will be just as useful for nights out or that smart occasion to throw on over a plain dress.  Beyond pleased with it and interestingly - I was just sat here thinking I'm not sure how much I would have worn it had I paid full price (a startling £225 as opposed to £95)  Which seems rather ironic but I think I would have been more concerned about something happening to it.  Lesson to self (which I do try and remind myself of but do tend to forget) - clothes are bought to be worn and not saved for best.  

This was on Thursday after the gym when I went with some girls to the new Wagamamas we have in town.  This is beyond exciting for us (clearly none of us get out much) and it was packed.  Queuing to get in even.  Things like that just don't happen here...... 

Thursday night went out to the Comedy Night at our little local theatre with The Husband.  Outfit was perfect for just wearing straight through.  


Nude vest - Primark
White Slub t-shirt - Hush
Khaki zip skinnies - By Malene Birger
Leopard print coat - Fenn Wright Manson
Grey suede Bella brogues - Seven Boot Lane
Gold Mini antelope Charm - Bill Skinner
Whisky Marcie Medium Satchel - Chloe

And on Friday for a hair cut and lunch at Wagamamas again (I do feel I don't need to go back for the next month)  with the girls.  


Black vest - H&M
Black thin knit jumper - Cos
Leopard print jacket - Fenn Wright Manson
Jeans - Rock & Republic
Leopard print loafers - Zara
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Lovely night out last night at a friends for a dinner party - suitably sore head today but I will blog all about my outfit tomorrow.  

Coming up - an alternative to jeans.  

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9 comentarios:

  1. I have the Lena jacket in navy (from last year) and it is a favourite. Nice to see you in the sunshine - good coat!

  2. Love the coat! You look great! Mel x

  3. The leopard coat is a classic, love it.

  4. How annoying re the Whistles shoes as they look really nice.
    Love your outfit with the khaki skinnies and that super coat ! That's cool!

  5. Those navy slip ons look great. I think I like them better than my carvela ones. Those are quite chic which is not a word I thought I would use in the same sentence as skate shoe.

    On the other hand the skate shoe needs to make a statement for if not I fear that others will think I am resorting to comfortable footwear owing to my advancing years.

    Have always been drawn to the jersey jacket but have two navy ones already. I have countless black jackets which is an occupational hazard of full time corporate life. But I can think of a number of opportunities to wear the neutral one ( and not just for work)

    I was told there's a great woman and home voucher for Hobbs. There also a great Burberry look a like trench in their range right now. You got to love a discount code.
    Your coat looks great. Absolute gift as well.

  6. Thanks for the inspirational pics with "the coat". I bought it too, as a reward for some weightloss and when it arrived I wasn't quite sure what to do with it! Its more shiny than I expected & I was thinking it would be evening-y only, so Very glad to see your outfits. Hmm, I think I need some brown/dark tan trousers to go with it!

  7. Ohh love the coat - and it does seem a neutral when you see it like that. What size did you go for? Loving all your recent blogs, you put a lot of work into them, appreciate it!

  8. Thanks for that code! Its Sunday morning and my husband is gone cycling (lycra-mid-life-crisis,you get the picture) for HOURS and I am home with four kids, so it is so nice to have an excuse to treat myself on the Whistle site. (got pale green small chainy cross body bag to replace lovely looking but useless Gap version of similar.)

  9. ...thanks for grazia the pale grey marl jersey blazer....its perfect....