I'm going to ignore the fact the sun has disappeared...

...and crack on with contemplating getting my legs out (albeit with not quite as much enthusiasm as I seemed to muster up at the weekend).  My immensely reliable Iphone weather app (said without a hint of sarcasm) says that it's going to be 16 degrees and sunny tomorrow - it did of course earlier say that it was going to be 17 degrees and sunny on Thursday but in the last 5 mins it appears to have changed its mind to 16 degrees and cloudy - surprise, not.

But I digress and back in the room - I'm talking about dresses again and it appears that The Dress of the season, especially if we're talking casual dresses is Le Denim number.  If you only buy one dress to wear off duty (or even on duty, I'm guessing that depends on what your duty is - pretty much I could wear one for every occasion in my life, that's for sure), it appears that the fashion world has decreed it must be of the denim variety.

And to be fair, these are a rather multifunctional item to have in your wardrobe.  They're great for now with opaques (I'd probably choose to go down the navy route as opposed to black - denim dresses do tend to be lighter of fabric and I think that black just looks slightly too heavy and navy works better for tying the outfit together) and either ankle boots or the selection of flat shoes which I banged on about yesterday.  And bring them out in the summer with bare legs and sandals.  I also think they look fab for a lunch with some mid heel chunky sandals or go higher on the heel for a BBQ or night out (or depending on how you like to wear your heels!) 

They're also normally really well priced and there is a style for everyone.  Cover up wise - you can go for a jumper over the top (I feel the need for a summer jumper blog...) , a shirt under or over, blazer, bomber or biker jacket depending on your taste or the occasion.  Throw on a scarf for those chillier days.

Let's start with one of my faves from Good Old M&S.  As an aside can you believe they are in sale already.  There are loads of things that I've had on in the past month or so that are already reduced - cobalt bags anyone?  Skater shoes still not reduced though...... 

Pure Cotton Pleated Front A-Line dress - £39.50

Shirt dresses are an obvious option for denim and there are plenty of these around.  As seen styled here at Mango, these can also double up as a long shirt to wear over trousers.  More options for wearability. 

Mango Denim Shirt dress Medium Blue £44.99

Long sleeved and belted can be found at Oasis. 

Scallop Shirt Dress from Oasis £45

Or a slightly shorter sleeve number from Florence & Fred at Tesco for £20

Shirt top and belted in my favourite tencel fabric from Jigsaw 

Tencel Dress £75

A Shirt Dress available in Denim Spot at Boden £49.00

Slinkier shaped denim dress at Phase Eight.  This would also look great worn as a tunic with a shirt underneath. 

Phase Eight Ashlyn Dress in Indigo £89

When I think of denim tunics, I do think of Toast and so it comes as no surprise that they have a few gorgeous options this season.  Drool.  Properly drool. 

Slightly unusual, but the more I look at this, the more I love it.  I think it's probably far too boho and cool for me to get away with (a problem I have with a lot of Toast to be honest - I am far too farty, gobby and loud for it.  It screams "I am ethereal, elegant and calm" - all of which I could never be described as.  Or maybe that's just my obscure take on their branding....) 

Toast Chambray Stripe Dress £125

Toast Brigitte Tunic £125

Toast Chambray Tunic Dress in denim £125

And a stripe tunic version for £125

Topshop has some fantastic alternative tunics 

MOTO T-shirt denim Dress £38 (this is also available in Tall)

A slightly more robust version for this time of year perhaps. 

MOTO denim jumper dress £38

Maxi dress at Mango was £69.99 now £52 if you buy through ASOS as they still have their 25% off certain frocks (I quite like that word... I've come to terms with blouse and now I aim to do the same with frock) 

I do think though that these are my favourite style of dresses are the sleeveless full skirt shirt style dress.  You'd probably have to go a long way to find a more "un me" dress but I love love love them. 

The Monte Carlo Dress is available from Boden in denim for £69  I am quite excited that they do this in a longer length as the main issue I've had with this style dress (glossing over the fact that I've never really been a dress sort of person, especially for the day) is that the proportions have always been short in the body on me, being tall. 

YMC Dip Dye Denim Dress £175 This is definitely at the more expensive end of the scale but it could easily be dressed up if this is your style.

And dressed up.  Love the shape of this.  Really really love the shirt dress style. 

So after having started this earlier in the day, my crock of the proverbial iphone is still saying 16 degrees and sunny at this late time of night so woohooooooo.  I shall be getting my ankles out and dreaming about a denim dress for the legs.  Anyone else a denim frock virgin?  Will you be losing your denim cherry this year?  I'm not sure which style I'd get most wear out of.  But in the meantime, I do have a chambray painter's smock will I shall be donning for the better weather.  One small step at a time.

Today, frankly, was chillier than I had anticipated.  Scarf added half way through day. 


White longsleeved rib tee - H&M
Leopard sweatshirt - Boutique by Jaeger
Lola Jersey drawstring pants - Whistles
Quilted biker jacket - Whistles
Jetstream wedge trainers - Russell & Bromley
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton

Tomorrow, see you tomorrow - ankles out all round?

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12 comentarios:

  1. Nice selection :) that M&S one has been out of stock for ages in bigger sizes :( I can't get to a store at the moment so will keep on checking online...

  2. I have a rag and bone denim dress that I bought in the sale whilst on holiday last year. It came out again and again. My daughter persuaded me to buy it and has never stopped reminding me.

  3. Reeeeally liking the Toast, Boden and YMC dip-dye dresses.

    The first few are a bit red and white check, cowboy booted, chewing on an ear of corn-esque for me.

  4. I'm loving those ones by Toast!

  5. Just ordered the M&S one, love a denim dress in summer, so easy to throw on.

  6. Well, for once, I'm clearly ahead of the game here. I bought the Moto T-Shirt dress in petite this month. It works well with navy opaques and ankle boots. I wore a navy over size cardigan over it. Come that one hot day we'll get in June, it will be great with tan sandals and bare legs.

  7. Well, for once, I'm clearly ahead of the game here. I bought the Moto T-Shirt dress in petite this month. It works well with navy opaques and ankle boots. I wore a navy over size cardigan over it. Come that one hot day we'll get in June, it will be great with tan sandals and bare legs.

  8. I love my dress. It is what i expected, very nice. This is coming from a person who normally doesn’t wear dresses. I would definitely order from this company again.

  9. Any hints on shoes to go with the boden Monte Carlo shirt dress- Im thinkingo of the stripe version for a First Communion option..

  10. The Topshop jumper dress is my fave. x

  11. Me too here, that topshop jumper denim is gorgeous - stop showing me beautiful things, I've already exceeded March 3 item quota (although loving your amendments which mean shoes and bags don't count!). Would like to put another amendment forward - replacing basic white jersey tops doesn't count if old ones from last year are no longer pristine - fair? So far have bought skinny boyfriend jeans, a structured floral top, grey buckle ankle boots, two blouses, a jumpsuit and a dressyish black peplum top and it's only the 12th! Attempted to leave house this morning in just a shirt and jersey blazer but went running back in for my fur down parka as was shivering.

  12. I love the Toast ones Kat. They've got a good selection xxx