A new kid on the block

May I present to you Wishbone.  A new kid on the block that you can currently go and have a play with at their online site and in John Lewis. 


Wishbone was launched in January and is the brainchild of the very lovely Ann Hardiman who has worked in fashion for years, as a designer for a host of successful companies.  I had featured a couple of dresses on various threads that I had seen in John Lewis and so when they approached me and asked if I would like to be involved in a special Mother's Day featuring they were putting together, I jumped at the chance. 

So on Monday I trotted up to the painfully fashionable East End (thank goodness most of the uber trendy 22 year olds were at work (or asleep....) along with the lovely Amanda who is The Online Stylist for a fabulously luxurious day courtesy of Wishbone. 

Train and then a chauffeur (I KNOW!) and then a genius of a make up artist (and hair pro thank goodness), Helen Bannon Rock, made short work of turning a wet haired, makeup free bod into someone who I have to say I didn't recognise.  (so all of those who have been asking why my hair has been looking so fab all week, now you know!) 

_MG_0719 _MG_0749

We were then able to have a look at the clothes and had a great chat with Ann herself and then the fun began as we were able to choose outfits for the photo shoot.  

The clothes, honestly, are all gorgeous.  They are the perfect investment items for that special occasion or for adding that little bit extra to your wardrobe to bring it bang up to date for S/S14.  Wishbone are all about colour and print.  Gorgeous fabrics that flatter the body (not to mention the flattering sizing, if at the smaller scale of a size or you like things more fitted, size down - what's not to love about that?) and an array of items that will fit perfectly with your neutral wardrobe staples. 

And it would of course be rude not to mention the shoes they bought along - recognise any that I may have mentioned once or twice on the blog?!  Oh hello little cobalt blue Carvela numbers... got the opportunity to try them on with some other lovely slightly lower KG ones which I shall be blogging about shortly, ditto the gorgeous nude sandals.  I am newly shoe inspired thank you very much - more on this at a later date. 


So what did I pick? 

Well firstly I picked a dress - no surprise there, with my love of dresses having been ignited last year.  This is an unusual shade for me, but I have to say it was much more flattering on that I thought it might be.  I'm not going to say it may have been the black breton striped jersey back that did it for me but...... 

Here I am clearly thinking about something very important whilst drinking my coffee in the dress. 


And here I clearly have something very important to show Amanda on her phone... It's not that easy to do nothing - gosh those models make it look very easy. (to be fair, Amanda is doing a much better job than me!) 


Then for a quick change and into.... wait for it.... drum roll..... a skirt.  Yes, a skirt.  After pontificating about not being able to wear skirts and then doing a blog on a skirt shape that I thought might work, imagine my joy at finding a black leather skirt which ticked all the boxes.

And oh my lord, this is just the most gorgeous skirt that I have ever tried on.  Now I appreciate that as I am no guru of skirts this isn't necessarily the highest praise, but I do come from a camp of expertise where I have tried on many many skirts that don't work.  So to find one that does is verging on a miracle. 

I love this skirt.  And I love the top that I have on with it.  A cross between a jumper and a sweatshirt and a blouse actually - knitted back and silk front.  (and its handwash too - imagine how giddy I was?!).  Absolutely beautiful.  I can't recall feeling this amazing in an outfit for a long time. 


So that's me and Amanda with the items on, how do they look online?

Riley Woven Print Dress £75  I wore this with the exact shoes on the link and it was lovely.  Perfect for a night out in the Spring/Summer - I actually teamed it with the black leather jacket which is new online and is stunning - would be fab also worn with camel ankle boots.  Or it's loose enough to dress down and throw on some sandals for the school run (once those temperatures start to rise...).  Gorgeous shades of pink with some black and camel scattered through.   Definitely size down - I had an 8 on. 

This is the Estella Silk Print Knit top which I was talking about at £85  I didn't know how much I was going to like this until I tried it on.  SItting on the hanger, it really doesn't do itself justice.  Would be perfect worn on its own or layered over a shirt.  Dressed down with jeans like it is here or for a smarter casual look like I had it, with a skirt (it also looks amazing with the cognac skirt that they have online too.  To be fair, I'm not sure if they call it that, but it's a tan cognac colour so I'm sticking with that.  Not that I'd want to be an enabler or anything) 

Again, it does come on the generous size.  I had a small on which was amply big. 

Lauren Leather skirt in black £160  This is the perfect leather skirt, of that I am sure.  It's not pencil if I'm frank - it's not A-line.  It's perfectly fitted through the hips with a slight, ever so, slight flare to the bottom so as not to need a slit up the back.  On me it's the perfect length but I sized up here, so am wearing the 12, as I wanted it slightly lower on my hips (plus I am generous round the middle and wanted some breathing space)  

Whilst this skirt would be ideal with the pointed pumps I have been raving on about, it looks so perfect with sandals but I also love the idea of wearing with ankle boots.  In fact there's nothing about this skirt I don't like.  Price wise, I think this is a fantastic price point for a real leather skirt.  The quality is amazing - as good as some much much more expensive ones I have seen.  

Here it is in the cognac handily teamed again with the Estella Print top (obviously I'm a genius as I hadn't seen this when I selected which pieces to put together *puffs out chest in pride....*)  This colour is too perfect and would genuinely go with anything (like the black wouldn't mind.... hmmm maybe I need both...) 

Amanda also had an amazing skirt on that I would also have loved to try.  The most stunning shade of lime in a fabulous textured cotton lace with a nude underlay.  Matching items are also available online so it would serve as the double bubble skirt/top dress option that I was yabbering on about the other day.   This colour is too too lovely. 

The Lola Pencil Skirt £85

I must also give a special mention to the leather jacket as it was the most beautifully buttery leather in a flattering shape, unlike so many which cut you off just at the waist, leaving the most unattractive exposed muffin which you can just about catch through your jumper between the top of your jeans and the bottom of your biker.  Just me?

The collection itself is a wonderful mix of loose silky trousers, stunning silk shirts (these I have featured, me being on a silky shirt fetish at the mo), wearable dresses that can be dressed up and down and some lovely knitwear - both light and chunky, perfect for all occasions.   And of course the new additions of the lovely leather pieces, all in all, there pretty much would be something for everyone. 

If you get a chance to go and have a squiz in John Lewis, I would say it's highly worth your while.  Alternatively, this evening, a glass of wine and a good old peruse around their website would also be highly recommended.  One thing you are guaranteed to notice is how polished their styling and photography is - certain other retailers could take note.....

I am definitely hankering after the black leather skirt (and it would therefore rude not to order the Estella Jumper as well - I have to just point out before I go the blue shade which they do it in as well - to be honest as much as I love the pink shade I have, this has my name written all over it.... I'm thinking with my navy dress coat over the top.  Or it would look great with the green Zara number.  Or with jeans and my black quilted biker jacket.  Too many options but I do think this has more wearability for me than the pink one. 

So a huge thank you to the lovely ladies at Wishbone who I met on Monday, Anne and Natalie, Helen the make up artist and the photographer Angelo Formato, for such a lovely day.  Here is the link to the lovely Mother's Day article which they wrote about us.  Off to see if I can persuade The Husband that a leather skirt would make an excellent Mother's Day present. 

Finishing with the outfit of the day, hair still looking fab courtesy of Helen from Monday (minger alert I appreciate - it just doesn't get greasy!  I'm actually out tonight and to say today has been stressful is a slight understatement so I don't have time to wash it.  Will I get away with it?  I may end up flinging it up in a ponytail but it has served me well, that's for sure) 


White bib collar - Cos
Navy Horsing Around sweatshirt - JCrew
Biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Green coat - Zara
New Balance Trainers 
Whisky Medium Marcie satchel - Chloe

Hope everyone has had a slightly less stressful day and is looking forward to the weekend.  How will you be spending your Mother's Day?

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  1. Wow you & Amanda both look stunning Kat. I love that leather skirt on you with the nude sandals & the Estella top just gorgeous...off to take a further look so I'll be blaming you for any purchases made ;-)
    Enjoy your night out, it sounds as if you deserve it!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. Such a fun day! If someone from John Lewis is reading this, please consider a more reasonable international shipping rate (USA to be exact). £25 is ridiculous and makes these clothes just eye candy for me instead of a reality in my closest!! Enjoying all your blog this week Kat.

    1. that is such a shame. Alas I don't think anyone from JL reads the blog. SOB. x

  3. You both look fab. I ordered the dress you were wearing on Wednesday and now I've seen you in it I can't wait for it to arrive! Do you know where the nude heels were from? They look fab xx

    1. The nude heels are from KG - try on Shoeaholics for them as they're not recent... They're gorgeous (oh and they also have similar in Zara at the mo)

    2. Thanks so much - found them!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I love so much of this but...I hate this vanity sizing as I am a size 8! So can't size down ! I will be in kids clothes soon...Mel x

    1. Yes I do think a lot of this would be on the large side... You'd probably be ok with the Estella top actually though...

  6. great pictures of you and Amanda, you lucky girls!! x

  7. Lovely to see you Kat - such a fun day and finally a chance for a good old chat! Even if I did have the urge to pull funny faces as we were being photographed...in fact a bit like the one I'm pulling in the pic where we're examining our phones! Still thinking about all the clothes we both wore - I feel a purchase (or two) coming on! Have a lovely Mother's Day out on Saturday with the girls! xx

  8. You both look absolutely stunning - what a fabulous day! Love the clothes too xx

  9. You look amazing in the dress and leather skirt, TDF. Congrats on the great collab! xo


  10. You look stunning, what fun! I wish everyone DID dress like this to pop out for coffees etc, wouldn't it make Costa so much more interesting...I am the one with the greasy hair, trainers and dirty anorak from picking up dogs, but in my head I live the life pictured above!

  11. This must have been such good fun. I love the photo of the two of you in front of the shop. x

  12. Hi, love your blog! Can you tell me what size your green zara coat is, want to buy one off ebay as sold out online but need to be sure about size as no returns. Thanks.

  13. Wow Kat, you look fab. I love everything you're wearing and that skirt is bloomin gorgeous x

  14. You do loom totally stunning love your comment about a glass of wine and peruse around website - that's always how my credit card gets hammered! Are we abandoning the 3 items a month now - I may have been very naughty in Zara yesterday and I think you've gone way over too this month???? Fellow minger here - wash hair every 2 weeks!

  15. Gorgeous dress on you and nice to see you in the leather pencil skirt - I wish I could pull of that look

  16. You both look beautiful! Total stunners....honestly, brands like Wishbone are showing the rest of the retailers how to do it. Looks like you had a fab day. Off for a nosey at their site now...Ax
    PS I wash my hair weekly...can I be in your ming club?