So we can use Mother's Day as an excuse..

... or you could just fess up, be a man about it and go ahead and buy a new bag just "because".  No need, no justification, just because it will make you feel great.  Every day when you use it, if you truly love it, it will have a magic ability to make you smile and feel that little bit better.  Because you're worth it... (boak) 

You could do that or you could be like me, attempt to do that and then spend the next three months justifying it.  Old habits die hard. 

This is all very well but it's pure conjecture unless we actually have a bag in question.  Well fear not, I have been collating a little stash of them and today is the day of splurge. 

We have proper full on bag porn.  All for every day use (I do actually need, yes, properly NEED a nude clutch bag - I will explain why another day *rushes off*), a new bag for the Spring.  

Even if you don't need to buy any new clothes and are super happy with your wardrobe from last year, a new bag as an accessory (the most functional accessory there is - I'd go so far to say a necessity as opposed to accessory) adds a whole new lease of life to preloved outfits. 

Starting with.... Clarks.  Nope I haven't lost my mind, as well as some great new footwear designs, this year, their bag offering is pretty amazing. (it's definitely been improving over the last couple of years that's for sure, like their shoes and boots have).  In fact, I would defy anyone to guess that these bags are from Clarks.  And as if that wasn't enough, there is 20% off all Clarks bags until the 6th April using the code BAGS14.

Temple Beam Mushroom Combi £80

In tan leather

Triple Maker in grey leather £89.99

And in nude leather 

If you're looking for a smaller day bag then I think the Henderson cross body bags from Clarks have more than an Anya Hindmarch ring to them.  Very useful for holidays.  All at £39.99 before the discount.

In Navy 

In off white 

In soft lime green 

They also have a great looking satchel which is apparently a man's bag (not a man bag but a man's bag...) but I would so use this.  Perfect for adding that masculine edge to your look which is very 2014. 

Tiger Jungle leather satchel £59.99

Whilst we're on the subject of cross body bags and speaking of inspiration, I think that someone at Marks and Spencer may have been having a little lookie at some Mulberry bags.  Who's complaining though as these satchels are absolutely gorgeous.  I was looking at them instore with some girlfriends the other day and in fact one bought of them one - we concluded that they are the best value bags out there.  Amazing quality.   This is a photo I took a couple of weeks ago - still loving it. 

AND edited to add - these bags at M&S are now on special offer and have 20% off for a limited time.  *sits on credit card* 

Untitled Untitled

Leather Cross body messenger bag  £69

And in black £69

The other bag that caught our eye was the Leather hobo bag for £99 

In a cream - perfect for the summer.  Lovely tumbled leather with heavy duty feature gold hardware.  These look so much better in the flesh (quelle surprise) 

and in the tan 

The inspiration at M&S continues, this time taking their lead from Michael Kors.  I have to say that I actually prefer these to the MK ones - these ones have a slight hint of the Sophie Hulme about them. 

Or in black 

If it's something in colour that you're after then it's definitely worth looking at Fossil bags - again for the money, the leather is amazing quality. 

Fossil Sydney Leather Satchel £139

Fossil Erin Leather satchel £189

A similar shape bag can be found at Boden in a plethora of stunning colours. 

Starting with my obvious favourite, in navy.  Soft Leather Bowling Bag £139

A blue background but something very different in a floral print. Blue Party Floral £159 This is the ideal bag if you have a fabulous set of basics in your wardrobe in neutral colours.  Instead of buying any new clothes, this will add that something special to your outfits. 

Although I have to say the nude is just perfect for the summer. £139

Now I am actually in the market for a nude bag (as I mentioned) but a clutch bag for the summer (I think - it's a plan I'm hatching.....) so anything in a neutral blush shade is making my eyes pop.  I will confess I haven't looked at Kate Spade bags for years (although my very first designer bag 18 years ago was from Kate Spade in New York) which clearly is my mistake as they are fantastic.  A wonderful friend of mine bought one recently which prompted me to hot foot it to their boutique in Covent Garden and they have some really gorgeous bags on offer.  They're not cheap, there's no denying that, but when you take into consideration the ridiculous price hikes that companies like Mulberry have subjected us to (and frankly they can just jog on), they really are very much at the affordable end of the designer market. 

Kate Spade Cobble Hill Carson leather shoulder bag in affogato £245

They also do it in a larger size - the Cobble Hill Little Minka Leather Satchel £310

Kate Spade Cobble Hill Little Minka cross body bag £310 in maraschino red 

This is, of course, by no means an exhaustive list - it's an ongoing quest, that's for sure and this definitely isn't the last we've seen on bags this season.  I'm not sure which are my favourite out of the ones above - I do love the Kate Spade ones and the affogato is the most amazing colour but I think the M&S satchel one is just perfect for an every day bag. 

Finishing with my outfits from last night and today - oh but starting with outfit from Date Night on Thursday.  Really lovely evening out with The Husband, just so lovely to talk without any distractions. (well I think it is - not entirely sure he's as thrilled at being subjected to my ramblings with no means of escape.  Hence I let him drink and I drive.  I'm lovely like that) 


Navy textured top - Cos
Paint splattered jeans - Zara
Black suede asymmetric shoes - Zara
Dark navy boucle blazer - Zara 
Black clutch bag - Tory Burch
Dynamite necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Razor blade cuff - McQueen by Alexander McQueen
Large white face tan watch - Olivia Burton
Tan cuff - Mulberry

And last night for the dinner and then wrestling at the theatre.  Too.  Funny.  I have to say the funniest thing about it was watching The Husband's face - the pure horror of being subjected to it was the most hilarious thing I've seen in a long time.  9yr old grudgingly thought it was ok but the 7 and 5yr olds are officially addicted to wrestling.  It was fantastic.  I then hotfooted it to the pub (we have a new one here which stays open till 12 - oh the excitement) and had a couple of hours of drinks with the girls which was a great end to a marvellous evening.  I grabbed the scarf as it was chilly later but clearly I am holding it like a numpty here. 


Cobalt blouse - Zara
Black boucle jacket - Zara
Paint Splattered indigo jeans - Zara
Black Margo boots - Sam Edelman
Dune coloured monogram scarf - Louis Vuitton
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang
Dynamite necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Today for an early start dropping The Husband and the 7yr old at the rugby club as they were going to a tournament at Saracens and then to Wembley to watch a match.  Which was nice for them (eyes and forks to me but hey ho) .  I had a fantastic day with the other two - lunch at Pizza Express and then to the Infant Disco where the 5 yr old boogied his little heart out and we put the 9yr old to work face painting (as she drily pointed out "Mummy, I'm so much better at it than you".  Which is true) 

Untitled Untitled

Black coated jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
White shirt - Autograph at M&S (mens) 
Black 60s jumper - Boden
Black jetstream wedge trainers - Russell & Bromley
Check coat - Zara
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang 

Up and at it tomorrow to take 9 yr old to hockey.  Better go and get my beauty sleep (or a cheeky glass of wine and catch up on The Voice.....)  Hope everyone is having a great weekend. xx

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10 comentarios:

  1. Ooh I am loving the Clark's ones, particularly the mushroom bag at the top. I'm also tempted by the cream m&s bag - it's official, I'm growing up!

    1. I know - M&S & Clarks - we're getting on. I'm sure they've upped their game though.....

  2. Love your posts for what my firm are producing (do not get much chance to find out when in IT) If you ever want to ahem whispers 'use my discount' let me know

    1. ooh email me where you work - I may well take you up on that! So pleased you like it. xxx

  3. Some gorgeous bags Kat. My heart skipped a best when I saw the M&S Hobo in cream. I've got it in black and really like it for a chuck in the boot, every day bag. Love your outfits, those coated skinnies look very much like leather xx

    1. That's exactly what my friend S & I said when we saw it - it's the ideal holiday/plane/weekend bag - big enough to be useful but still gorgeously stylish. It's so much better in the flesh as well. x

  4. Oh no, now I really want that cream slouch hobo from marks - the power of validation from Kat - I saw it on Friday and was interested but now I'm thinking definite Mother's Day request! Love the vamp on the Zara shoes. Just thinking about your nude clutch - what about a crackle leather roll over one? Saw a gorg pale grey Zara one - can only be a matter of time before they bring one out in nude/blush no?

    1. Ha ha ha - it's SO much nicer in the flesh, isn't it? Thank you so much about the Zara tip off - I *may* be buying it as it *may* go with some shoes I have from Zara but they didn't have anything to match. And I do love a matchy shoe/bag combo. So handy to have to pull other outfits together. xx

  5. Bought the m &s satchel last year to take to States and love it. Its now here with me in southern Spain on hols .So versatile.

  6. Hi Kat. greeting from down under! I came across your blog by accident but turn out to be an amazing finding!!
    I loveeeeee your style. I am a mum with 2 young kids and still like to look nice of course.
    I was just wondering I look for new balance 410 in navy/burgundy for agessss (that's how I found your website) anyway is there any place that I could get them??? I am sooooo desperate. look randomly few website but only bigger size. Thank you for your help. x