I appreciate it's not tropical everywhere

and to be fair, it's not properly tropical here but I never thought I'd see the day in March when The Husband and the 7yr old came back from a rugby tournament, one with a sunburnt baldy head and the other with tan marks from his rugby top (I'm sure you can work out which one is which).

It has been super warm here today but even my unreliably overconfident Iphone app concedes that it's not going to stay near the dizzy heights of 20 degrees for the rest of the week. 

But it does seem not right somehow to go straight back into coats and jackets and after my love in with my new shirt, it struck me that something is missing from my wardrobe - the classic crewneck jumper. 

I have dipped into the pond of sweatshirts and yes, am loving them with cargos, drawstring baggies and shirts over jeans but with my new print trousers and a couple more that I have my eye on (April where are you?), plain jumpers are the new name of the game. 

I have a navy one from H&M that is a couple of years old now and as you can imagine, for a £15 odd jumper that I've worn a fair bit, it's not looking its best. 

So I've had a scout around and there are some pretty great options out there in all colours and textures to suit all budgets.

M&S Collection Cashmilon Crew Neck Jumper now £10  in navy 

And in light blue £10 although to me this does look more like a lilac. 

To be honest though, it was these jumpers that I saw in M&S on Friday that made me think - oooh, now one of those would be super useful.  I am going to hold my hands up though and say that personally I'm not the hugest fan of cashmere.  I do have one Joseph 100% cashere jumper that is a very fine knit and hasn't bobbled, but I have one from Reiss that looks like a dog has slept in it.  I do love it though and regularly have it debobbled but my personal preference would be a merino, a cotton or a viscose (or a mix - I'm not too much of a fabric snob, it does have to be said. Even the same fabrics can differ hugely in quality between retailers)

However I do love the colour of this and in the flesh it's a much boxier shape as opposed to it being figure hugging which it rather randomly does here. 

Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper from M&S in lime (this is yellow by the way.  Definitely yellow.  Not sure what limes M&S are talking about)  now £52 was £65

The other colour I love is the Strawberry - which to me is more coral but there you go, what do I know.  This one isn't in the sale and is £65.  I suppose it could be strawberry but it would be a rather watery not particularly ripe strawb, no?

If full on colour isn't your thing then I love the look of this Round Neck Jumper with silk in Neutral, again from M&S and in the sale at only £11. 

Elsewhere on the High Street, a gorgeous emerald green crewneck is available at Whistles. 

Not forgetting my beloved navy. 

Reiss Mila Jumper in Indigo £110 Love the texture of this. 

Another one with a lovely texture to it is the Aida Chunky Jumper from Wishbone at £70 in mid yellow.  Absolutely love this colour with navy and also think it would look fab with my emerald green jacket, white shirt and indigo jeans.  

I did recall seeing a fair few simple throw ons when I went to visit Hush and sure enough, there are a couple of gorgeous jumpers that would serve perfectly for layering but are interesting enough to wear on their own. 

Fine Knit Crew jumper in grey £45

Absolutely love the Chain Stitch jumper in Teal for £55 also at Hush.  A classic shaped jumper with a twist in the texture.  Gorgeous colour to wear with faded denim and whites. 

Also available in Papaya 

However after all that, seeing as I was most put out at not getting the Uniqlo crew neck man's jumper in the black (which I now have to wait a whole year for as they don't do them in the Spring.  Arf), a quick squiz at the men's jumpers on M&S turned up this rather stunning lavender job.  This would look gorgeous with greys and whites, navys or pinks. 

Pure Cotton Crew Neck Jumper. £17.50 - Small still available.

However on the subject of black (and no, not a very spring colour but I do love with white or grey for those cooler days), this may well fill a hole. 

Cashmilon Crew Neck Jumper £15 again in Small.  

Also available in a rather lovely grey 

I have unearthed a new obsession.  I have found loads - way too many to feature on one blog but these are the ones that I think will sell out first or are some of the best value ones, but fear not, if there isn't one here you fancy, I will be back shortly with more. 

I know I did say that today I was going to do a rather cryptic blog on Rugby Shoes.  Fear not, that is under construction and will be here shortly. 

Finishing with my outfit, in fact from yesterday afternoon, when the sun came out and I was rather warm in my coat and extensive layering outfit.  Great afternoon with the kids whilst The Husband was watching the rugby  I'm saying nothing till the blog comes out......

Untitled Untitled

Get spotted jeans - Great Plains
White oversized collarless shirt with silk hem - H&M
Navy blazer - Zara
Gold mini charm Antelope necklace - Bill Skinner
Navy 410 sneakers - New Balance 
Whisky Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

Have loved the sunshine today and fingers crossed it continues for at least the next couple of days.  I vaguely contemplated sandals today - but then managed to catch sight of my feet.  Trotters R Us.  Pedicure trip booked for this week. 

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8 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat, I bought a gorgeous navy boxy jumper from H&M yesterday. It is a very fine knit and was £15 plus there is a 25% voucher on front of Glamour. A collarless black and cream jacket jumped into my basket too to make the purchase of the magazine worthwhile ;-) http://www.hm.com/gb/product/23928?article=23928-A

    1. LOVE that jacket - couldn't find the jumper when I looked yesterday. Will have a look on Thursday with Cathy and Sarah xx

  2. Loving the Reiss one Kat. Don't bother with the M&S cashmillion, I have one and not overly impressed x

    1. Thanks love - lots of people have said that. The Reiss one is just gorgeous, isn't it? Love the texture. x

  3. Ok you have nailed the polka dot trousers here, very cute in this look, would like to see them with sandals or summer shoes of some kind but a bit chilly yet. That teal chain stitch Hush jumper is gorgeous, my Hush shopping list is getting seriously long, have to start making decisions on what I will actually buy, they are not making it easy this season with so many lovely things

    1. Yes, this is definitely my fave look with them. Think they'll look fab turned up with an oversized white tee and havs for total slob days! And yes Hush - haven't they just nailed everything this season?

  4. Hi Kat,

    The M&S casmillon are actually quite good for the price IMO - I have 2 - nothing like cashmere obviously but ok for a laid back day.x

    1. Thank you - I may have come across some cotton knit ones from Uniqlo which will serve the purpose. Just need to wait till April to buy one though! Thank you xxx