I'd forgotten just how much I love them

Yes we're talking trousers again and we're now talking super comfy.  And they're a great alternative to jeans.  I am talking Sports Luxe which is posh fashtastic name for joggers.  Essentially.  

To be fair, the umbrella which embraces Sports Luxe (seriously, who came up with that?) is a large one and bottoms are only the tip of the (for some vile) iceberg.  It will come as good news or huge disappointment, when I say I fully aim to cover the rest of the gambit at a later date.  Do I love it all?  Maybe.  Would I wear it all as an ensemble?  Perhaps (probably but never say never) not. 

But, as trousers, the joggers honestly have come into their own - even my children no longer ask me if I've got my jamas on when I wear them out.  This, my friends, is fashion progress. 

I do, however, appreciate that these are a total marmite item but I can honestly say, once you've got over the Vicky Pollard whiff of them and revelled in the level of comfort that they offer, you will be converted.  If for nothing else than for throwing on at the weekend with a vest and thin jumper or sweatshirt and biker jacket.  I promise if you try them, you will not be disappointed. 

So let's get jogging.

Starting with my beloved ones I had on yesterday which I have worn and worn and worn (and washed and washed and washed you'll be pleased to hear and they show no signs of wear - that's a lot of ws)

Lola Jersey Lounge Trouser £65 pre discount.  Don't forget the Whistles discount code till the 18th - WH25SS14 - 25% off. 

And in charcoal also £65 pre discount 

I've seen these in the flesh at Topshop and they are a lovely heavy jersey fabric which are definitely not just loungewear. 

Patch Pocket Joggers from Topshop £40

Patch Pocket Joggers in Khaki £40

Luxe Marl Mix Jogger £35 from Topshop Love the shade of grey with the black detailing. 

Other grey Luxe ones are available at Topshop 

Luxe Marl Jogger £38

Other colours are available at Hush (with some more styling ideas here) 

In Beige Marl £39.50

In grey marl again £39.50

Now this isn't my colour at all but red does look so so fab on so many people ie the rather gorgeous young thing in this pic. 

Slim Red Joggers in red £39.50 from Hush

If you're not fully convinced though and want to try a more reasonably priced pair, then New Look have come up trumps again (they had some fab ones last year) but only seemingly with a black pair. 

Black Twill Slim Leg Joggers from New Look £17.99

M&S have some truly truly fab ones - all of which I've seen instore and they are genuinely rather good.  And they do them petite, normal and long lengths which is a joy for those of not blessed with average length legs. 

Cuffed Hem Jogger £29.50 in black

Ok they also had this colour instore but I cannot find it online.  Obviously. 

But finally a navy pair (or air force blue if you like, please) from M&S. 

Indigo Collection Tencel Jogger £35

So there we have some other food for thought for the Spring.  Now I do tend to wear mine with my wedge trainers - I haven't got down any other sneaker route with them yet but there is still time to explore other options.  

Today - gym, more building shenanigans, lunch in the sunshine with two wonderful friends and a rather difficult meeting at school concerning poor 7yr old who is showing signs of having more severe ASD than originally thought but he's in the best place and we will get there.  Plus the sun was shining and he had a fabulous swimming lesson after school so it's not all bad. 


Untitled Untitled

Navy and white print shirt - Olive & Oak (via TK Maxx)
Cut off jeans turned up - Rock & Republic
Chester loafers - Russell & Bromley 
Navy boucle blazer - Zara
Secret Garden necklace - Stella & Dot
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch 

I'm off out now for drinks for a friend's birthday so yes, life could definitely be worse.  Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine.  More tomorrow?!

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7 comentarios:

  1. OK, I think you've convinced me! They'd work with my wedge Converse, wouldn't they? Completely out of my comfort zone, but you're winning me over with promises of weekend comfort! I will let you know ...

  2. I love these for lounging round the house or a lazy Sunday where the only place I'm likely to go is the newsagents, wouldn't be brave enough to go else where in them even with my wedge trainers. Hope you get the right help for your son, can imagine it's pretty worrying for you all. x

  3. Have the grey toppers ones with zip pockets - I love them. Hx

  4. Is that the navy Zara jacket from other day? Looks lovely on you :-) Sorry you are having problems with 7yo but glad there's some positivity too. X

  5. Oh my faves are the charcoal whistles ones and the code sounds purchasable... Sorry about your little one. You seem relaxed and positive about it which are the two key ingredients in helping him best! X

  6. You have inspired me to try some joggers! I think they'd look great with a pair of Ash Virgins and an oversize tee

  7. Oooh I'm loving those Topshop & Hush ones Kat. I am starting to see the light with this style, I couldn't for a while but recently I've been sneaking out in my house joggers (faded old things but sooo comfy). Would be good to have a pair that I could wear out and not feel so ashamed about.x