A Proper Transitional Neutral

Now as much as I mentioned the notion of leopard print being a neutral the other day, personally, I'm not 100% buying it. (the notion - of course I would 110% buy anything in leopard print).

I will say though, that is the perfect transitional pattern for taking you through what lots of people find a very tricky time to dress for - that iffy Springish time.  (we have the same later in the year - Autumnish.  These are clearly not technical terms).  

But it's not *really* a neutral.  However, fear not.  I have a very cunning alternative.  May I present............ drum roll............ Metallics.   Now that does quite scary, I will admit - essentially I mean either gold, silver, rose gold or even perhaps copper and pewter.  Not all together (I'm going to stick my neck out and say not, unless you have a Metal Mickey fetish) but as an accent colour this really does add a lighter touch to an outfit that you would wear through the last months of Winter and drag it kicking and screaming into Spring.

By an accent, I personally would mean an accessory as opposed to trousers (or thinking about it, any other significant item of clothing).  Again, that's up to you and I do have a silver jumper, but randomly, I find that a metallic piece does work better for going from summer into Autumn and then Winter.  Don't ask me why - that's what I have fixed in my head, clearly with no rhyme nor reason.  Perhaps it's the hint of glitziness about silver or gold clothes that just reminds me of the Christmas Season. 

And maybe the world of fashion agrees as actually there's very little, on the High Street in particular, that I could find of a metallic clothes nature.  However I will confess, I didn't look very hard - gold hot pants are not top of my wish list for April. 

I am though very taken with the haul that I have amassed (purely on a wish list basis I hasten to add) and am definitely making notes for April's list.  (March is very much done - I *fear* I may have overdone but I'm just going to not buy any more clothes and pray that I haven't.  To be honest, the fact that I'm struggling to count to either 3 or 4 is purely pathetic and I'm glossing over it.  If I am over, I am marginally over....) 

Starting with some shoes which last year I would have sold a child to get my hands on - a D'Orsay flat.  They're not in leather, but they are still so so cool.  In my head though, I over-obsessed about them and have now moved on to new pastures of "must have".

Melanee Pointed Two Part Flats £25 from Dorothy Perkins

A loafer style pump which I love with cuffed straight leg jeans. 

Leighton Silver Leather Tassel Pump £42 from Dorothy Perkins

Or if you'd rather with a white mix?

Gin Crush in white combi leather £44.99 from Clarks

These I have had my eye on for a while now - was thinking rose gold but I'm drawn to the silver......... perfect with grey and summer whites. 

Pointed Slingbacks now £55.20 from Boden

I'm such a saddo, if these were the same tan as my Chloe bag - so a bit more cognac, I would have got these (collars and cuffs - can't get away from them)

Fashion Pointed Pump in silver and tan £89 also from Boden

The Lace Up in silver from Boden now £95.20  These went down so so well at the Boden Press Day.  Also fabulous in the winter. 

I was all about the gold boots last year (remember my spray attempt?  Which I must get out and see how they've lasted the winter)  Well my obsession with these has gone the same way of the D'Orsay flat and I totally over thought it, but I so love them on other people.  Always that little bit tempted, it has to be said. 

Boho Boot now £95.20

And neatly moving on to current obsessions - yes the Skater Shoe.  Properly obsessed.  I took my best friend to see the M&S ones today and she could barely control her laughter.  "err no" was her basic reaction.  However I have never been one to take advice from others and I am still loving loving loving these. 

Perforated Skater Shoe in gold £85 from Hush.

Now the following are from Baukjen and whilst you can buy Ash from anywhere, there is a 25% off voucher with the code WELCOME53.  I do believe that this only works with your first order but I would suggest using a different email (all's fair in love and discount codes..)

Ash Virgo Trainer £105 in dusted gold  Love these.  I can't remotely justify them as I have the dusty gold leather sneakers from Gap last year but I do sort of wish I'd just caved and bought Ash ones.  So so much better.

Ash Jalouse Boot £159 antique gold.  More gold boots.  No hide nor hair of these last year when I actually wanted them.  Typical or what?

And now moving onto bags.  I have never bought a metallic bag but I am tempted every year.  This year, I would say my favourite is perhaps the Eileen Fisher (I've seen it in their Covent Garden boutique and it is the most buttery, deliciously soft leather ever . Would wear superbly over time and would double up as the most amazing beach bar bag)

Boho Bag £149 in gold.  Boden do have great alternatives in gold and silver.

And in silver £149

Mya Bag in gold at £79.20 I've seen this at the Press Day and it's not quite as scarily gold as it looks here.  A fab every day bag.

Soft Slouchy Tote in soft milled Leather in champagne from Eileen Fisher £173.02  This is my favourite.  The photos do not do it justice at all. 

Limited Edition Metal Effect Clutch bag £25 from M&S 

Metallic Shopper £25  Again from M&S

Rose Gold tote from Mus & Roew Aluminia at Anthropologie £178  Finally something in rose gold.

Speaking of the brand Mus & Roew, I am completely in love with two pairs of their shoes also at Anthropologie.  Loving the masculine vibe with the slightly glitzy finish.  Very unusual and you can be guaranteed not to bump into anyone else wearing them.  These for me would also fit under the category of pretty timeless - ones you could bring out season after season.

Mus & Roew Jargon Brogues £178

Mus & Roew Slingback Brogues £178

And so there we have a round up of a little bit of bling to brighten up those foggy mornings which hopefully turn into more sunny days. 

Finishing with my outfits from the last couple of days, starting with drinks out the other night for a lovely friend's birthday.  For the record, you know you wear too much Zara when not one but two of your friends ask if that's a "Zara number", when in fact it's Kenzo.  Great. 

Rubbish photo hampered by the lack of places of an evening to take one.  To be remedied shortly. 


Floral top - Kenzo
Cut off cuffed jeans - Rock & Republic
Navy pleather jacket - Primark
Blue & black snakeskin sandals - Reiss
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

And yesterday, genuinely wearing a Zara top and funnily enough no, no-one asked if it was Kenzo.


Leopard Print silk top _ Zara
Indigo straight leg jeans turned up - Jigsaw
Black blazer - Taylor Stephens
Grey Suede Bella Brogues - Seven Boot Lane
Whisky Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

I will be back tomorrow.  There is apparently a large rugby game on so I'm predicting I shall be on mummy day care duty which will mean hopefully I may get an hour or so to blog whilst the Kindles give me a break.  

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9 comentarios:

  1. Metallics are the best. I have a silver metallic Eileen Fisher skirt that I just love, and my metallic shoes get the most wear of anything when it's not boot season.

  2. You really make me laugh! Love the Eileen Fisher bag (lots) and finally I see a pair of brogues that I could imagine wearing with everything! Of course they're the expensive Anthropologie ones (first pair) Typical! Love both your outfits ... as always! And the good news is, the bloody rugby ends tomorrow. About time!

  3. I reluctantly bought the only pair of sandals in the shop only hours before going on holiday (usual organised self!) they were gold gladiators and though I did not like the look of them they were the comfiest things ever. Now needless to say I fell in love with them, they looked fab with turned up jeans, amazing with black or white and pretty with dresses. Sod's law they fell apart within a month. Now trying to replace those 'awful' sandals!

  4. Loving the metallic! I bought these beauties last month and my husband looked at me like I was having a breakdown -http://www.tkmaxx.com/view-all-shoes/gold-coloured-chelsea-boots/invt/39130909&bklist=icat,4,shop,1,2505 (strangely the colour of them in real life is somewhere in between the gold and silver online, a pale gold)
    Thanks Kat, I feel vindicated. I may even brave wearing them now!

    1. Those boots are adorable! Tell me about the 'synthetic uppers as I normally cannot do faux leather...

  5. White and silver brogues, now we're talking. Love them. Looking super smart Kat xx

  6. Love all of this. I managed to purchase some All Saints gold boots, from TKmaxx, last year and was fantastically chuffed at the discount. Beware, the Ash Virgo trainer will likely be full price. The damn discount is only on the Baukjen products themselves not the footwear. I ordered some leopard sneakers/loafers, whatever you call em, but they are not right at all (too flat) and not a smidgin of discount. Looking lovely, as always, but I bet you'll be pleased when the builders 'do one' ;) H x

  7. I'm a sucker for all things shiny and looking at the hologram stuff now, to take the shininess one step further!

  8. Loving your kenzo top, looks so fabulous. I have been umming and ahhing over the gold hush skaters but worried about how much I have ordered from them already! I've also thought about the gold boden boots but like you, am thinking no. Like the idea but not the reality!
    Abbi x