Because it was such a success last time... seemed like an excellent idea to do another navy blog.  And handily the lovely people at Great Plains asked me if there was anything I would like to try from their Spring/Summer 14 collection with The Navy featuring heavily.  (told you it was everywhere...).  To say I was spoilt for choice was an understatement.  But seeing as I had lived in (and still do wear both day and night) the coated leopard print jeans from last year and found them such a good fit, when I saw this outfit, it was the jeans that said "I'm yours".

Get Spotted Slim Jeans £60

And here they are on me today.  Absolutely over the moon with them. 


I have to say it was a complete toss up between the trousers and the jumper .  I love the way they've styled it over the shirt but I also think it would look fab over a vest and white jeans with some pumps or sandals for the summer.  I just think that I will get more wear out of the jeans as I have nothing polka dot at all and was umming and ahhing over some last year.  Whereas I do have quite a collection of navy jumpers (admittedly not oversized big knit jumpers like this, but I'm glossing over this one). 

Have lots of plans for them - reckon they'll work perfectly with a plain tee in either white or grey and a navy blazer with grey suede brogues - either print of plain cobalt scarf.  Dark denim shirt again with mustard swing Goat cardigan and navy Rag & Bone boots for lunch.  Breton top, cocoon H&M navy coat and NBs.  Longline Joules Breton tee, cream swing Goat cardigan and gunmetal grey Ash Virgins.  Oversized white batwing tee and silver lace up Gap sneakers with grey marl scarf for Spring days.  There are so many options for them.

But I can't not mention the jumper as it is so gorgeous (plus they have it an amazing orangey red colour and a taupe online) 

Tilly Roll Sleeved Jumper £60

And the navy love continues - look at what I could have chosen from.

To go with the spotted jeans, both of these shirts would look lovely although I've got my heart set on more of a fitted 3/4 sleeve style one - attempting to channel my inner Audrey H. 

Spring Fayre Semi-Sheer £45

Spring Fayre Shirt £50

These capri style pants are lovely - Mini Waffle Cropped Trousers £60  I love the texture of these - makes them much more wearable on a casual day to day basis than some capri pants which can be more suit like.  That makes them the perfect work to play trousers.  And they have a side zip.  I love love a side zip - so much more flattering than a front one in my book. 

If you love the texture then they also do a skirt online.  And this gorgeous dress which I had planned on including in my day dress thread which I'm planning but I have so so many to include, this can definitely slide in early into the navy blog. 

Mini Waffle Shift Dress £75 (they also do this in the most divine pink called Cupcake - I shall save that for the day dress thread but go and sneak a peak.  Tis gorgeous) 

Breton Stripe Pocket Dress £55  Again this is perfect for a Spring dress.  I would love to team with this with trainers. 

Harlow Crepe Contrast Dress £75  I don't do lilac.  But I am ridiculously drawn to this.  Mixed with the navy it takes it to a new level.  Gorgeous.  Again, I think this would work so well dressed down for a day dress. 

Whilst I think the above dress could be worn on smarter occasions as well as dressed down with sneakers or ballet flats, this Daisy Maisie Embroidered Dress £90 is definitely full on dressy dress.  Gorgeous for a wedding or for those special out to dinner nights in the Summer. 

Now whilst we're basking in sunshine at the moment, this being the UK, of course we'll be knee deep in rain or even snow come the end of next week.  I did have the leopard print mac on the blog on the other day but it would be a close run thing between that and this navy one. 

Portland Cotton Mac £110

So many lovely things online at Great Plains - do go and have a look, although I've already included some and will no doubt be including more as the weeks go on.  I also love the fact that they're not High Street and so the chances of you running into someone wearing the same thing is lessened. 

Let the navy fest continue with a billy basic essential at Boden.  So many ways to wear this (including how I'm wearing my similar one today with a dark denim shirt and my polka dot jeans)

Brigitte Jumper now £39.20 from Boden

After a meeting yesterday, I had a little mooch around M&S, hunting down some shirts a friend pointed out to me and I came across a couple of beauties. 

This is stunning.  Totally gorgeous.  It looks like denim but feels like a heavy stretch jersey.
Denim Shell Top M&S £22.50


If you didn't want to do spotted trousers then there is always a spotted denim shirt also from M&S.  Whilst I don't mind doing either a top or print trousers (and yes I still am tempted to go double bubble), in this instance, I think I prefer the spotty bottoms with plain tops.  Or stripes - obviously I'm tempted to do a breton top.....

Pure Cotton Spotted Denim Shirt  £25

However talking of print tops, I will say I have a soft spot for this shirt.  Yet again, found whilst wandering around M&S. 

Star Print Blouse £29.50


Warehouse also had a couple of gems.  Sticking with print, I love this floral front sweatshirt.  Lovely silky finish to the front - would look gorgeous layered with a shirt underneath or just over loose boyfriend jeans and flipflops for a casual stomp about at the weekend.   I also think though that with a pair of skinny jeans and heels, this would make a great little outfit for the pub.

Smudgy Floral Print Sweat £35


Two other little gems I saw whilst I was in Warehouse was firstly, another navy top. 

Warehouse Jacquard Top in Bright Blue £25.60  Now this has 20% off at the mo at John Lewis - I'm not entirely sure why but unfortunately this is the only Warehouse item out of the three that I picked that they stock.  Soddus lawus.


And secondly, the most gorgeous navy leather jacket. This looks so so much better in real life than it does online, I can't tell you. 

Raw Edge Collar Biker Jacket in blue £160


I then ventured into Forever21 and sod's law I can't find this online but I am ridiculously tempted to get this moc croc cross body bag.  It is completely gorgeous, less than £20.  Oh and may I please point out that the Zara bag is in fact a jumper for the 7yr old.


And yet again I could go on and on and on.  But I must go and empty the washing machine (oh the glamour), having been sat on the side of a swimming pool watching lessons for the past hour!  However fear not if you are a navy lover, I have loads more ideas which I shall be incorporating in other item specific blogs, starting tomorrow with a fabulous discount code and reams of navy (amongst other things.)

Finishing with my navy ensemble and my wonderful new spot jeans which I am over the moon with and have loads of other ideas for.  Day of work, meeting with builders, jobs in town and coffee with one of my bessies. 

So starting off with my serious photos (for the record, I didn't intend them to be like this, it's sort of how they come out.)

Untitled Untitled 

Descending into not so serious which I think I may prefer.  This is the result of a 5yr old dancing outside in this swimming trunks to Gangnam Style (no it wasn't that warm here)

Untitled Untitled

Dark indigo shirt - New Look Mens
Navy button back jumper - H&M
Get Spotted navy and buttermilk jeans - Great Plains
Navy 410 trainers - New Balance
Green coat - Zara
Silver bean necklace - Tiffanys
Whisky Marcie Medium Satchel - Chloe

Back tomorrow with another little treat for all of us.  I may have to take stock of where I am with purchase as well.  Just saying.....

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18 comentarios:

  1. What a coincidence - Just had a delivery of the oversized Navy jumper today ! It is gorgeous! Really feels lovely and heavy and hangs just right. Now I think I might just need some spotty jeans to go with it?

  2. I'm loving navy lately. Great picks!

  3. Love the blog. Just bought a navy blazer from Tory burch while in NYC with BFFs this weekend. Has an amazing peplum detail in the back. May need those pants. Wish Great Plains had a better shipping rate to the US or at least a discount if you order a certain amount.

  4. Your spotted jeans look amazing Kat. They look fab with your green coat. Love how they're styled above with the grey brogues and Spring Fayre shirt. The Daisy dress is gorgeous too. I got a top from Great Plains last year in a similar Daisy lace. It's beautiful. Xxx

  5. How strange I have been in M&S 3 or 4 times in the last week or so and I have found myself drawn to the star print blouse (hate that word) not my usual style but think a little oversized with skinnies and chelsea boots it could work.
    Loving the spot skinnies, great plains are getting it right at the moment.
    Thinking am off to M&S !!!!!!!!! :)

  6. Love this post - after years in the wilderness of wearing black I am now loving a bit of navy. Just brought a Sisley navy mac which is fab with jeans as well as smarter for work. What's your view on black and blue together?

  7. I'm a massive navy fan, some gorgeous pieces here, especially love that Great Plains navy jumper. But your trousers are lovely too, I can imagine you'll get loads of wear out of them.

  8. I love navy. So much softer and more flattering that black on me. Love that M&S denim shell top actually... Mighty hadn't with coloured skinnies I think. Hmmmm. Might see if there's a discount code about the place.

  9. They look fantastic on you - good call! And I just love that Breton dress, may have to get it. :-)

  10. Sorry Kat, but I can't warm to those polka dot trousers, not keen on the pattern or the fit. The rest of your outfit is fabulous as always. Now the navy oversized jumper on the other hand is gorgeous.

  11. Just did a polka post too and missed those trousers but am loving them. They'd be beautiful with the oversized jumper. Off to have a look...

  12. The trews are a bit Boden "fun" lining territory for me. Sorry, not keen. Loving the coat though.

  13. Love the spotty jeans and gorgeous navy jumper too! Like a lot with your green coat x

  14. Sorry but the trousers not v flattering imho. Esp with the trainers n a smart coat. Horses for courses i suppose!

  15. Hmmm was looking at that M & S Floral Print Sweat in store the other day and wondering if I could get away with it. I'm (defiantly) nudging 50 - yikes, but dress (and hopefully look?) much younger. Recently discovered your blog and am loving it. Have ordered a few bits and pieces from Great Plains (incl, the leopard print jeans- so we'll see), but have just had the Baukjen spring/summer catalogue through the door and there's some gorgeous stuff in there! Been a fan ever since discovering Isabella Oliver when preggers with my twins.

  16. Not keen on the jeans...I think you look great in all of your other trews, just not these - too kids tv presenter for me! Maybe they don't photograph well and look better in real life.

  17. I just can't can't get on board with the trainers. Just because some American bird called Jenna has now deemed it okay to wear trainers outside of the gym which was previously sneery anathema to fashion...clearly I'm failing miserably to be down with it. ;)

    Love the navy jumper.

  18. Really like all the Great Plains stuff, sooooo different from the 'mum out walking in the dales-wear' that i have always thought of for GP. Interesting shoot too, I thought the first pic was from a blog, minimal hair and make-up only slightly better than 'real life',slightly awkward looking pose, very interesting, massive move away from what all the other fashion brands are doing.