Is this the new neutral?

We're talking leopard print here.  Now don't think I've lost the plot (which clearly I have) but over the last couple of years that has been much chit chat in the fashion world about Leopard Print being the New Neutral. 

I'm going with no. 

Now I love leopard print, don't get me wrong and I definitely wear it excessively and as often as I do wear neutral colours. 

But unless you're in the dizzy heights of Frow Land when it comes to talking fashion, I do still think you have to be careful at what you team it with.  Yes, I have taken to wearing it with stripes - one of my absolutely favourite combos, which a couple of years ago would have been seen as being pure madness by most.

And I think you can team it with a variety of colours - ok I'll give them that you can team it with pretty much any colour.

However when it comes to the thorny area of other print, this is where I think this is fine line between catwalk and mad cat lady.  I can take it with a mono colour print - yes (so a one colour paisley or a red rose print?) That for me is ok.  

However a full on multicolour paisley or some such lurid floral number?  Nope, I draw the line at mixing it within an outfit.  Ok it's different if it's already mixed in a pattern (thinks of MSGM top I ordered and sent back - not because I didn't like the print but it didn't fit.) but even then I think (well I would) team it with a very neutral remainder of outfit. 

But a piece here and there? I love.  I totally totally love, it's my number one guilty pleasure and whilst I don't think we need to hide behind a Bet Lynch bushel anymore, The Husband would disagree.  To him and I think probably to many others, it will also be the domain of the barmaid. 

I though, wear my leopard with pride, in fact, I don't think there is one item of clothing I don't own in a leopard print.  A skirt maybe (but then I can count on one hand the number of skirts I own anyway).  Actually SCRAP THAT! I do have a maxi print leopard skirt (which I had totally forgotten about - note to self, that would look fab with my minky grey brogues...).   A hat, I don't think I have a hat (that can be remedied of course)

I also may have caved and bought the Fenn Wright Manson coat from the blog the other day - so we're into March - I need to do a round up of what I've bought for Feb (and March, she says in a small voice, manically counting on fingers how long till April)  Having said that, it's waiting for me at Waitrose (oh the glamour) and there is a chance it will look mingerama on and will go straight back - a low chance, of that I am aware - it is such a stunning coat. (small skip)

However until I do go and pick it up, there is clearly a plethora of leopard print that I am salivating over.  Starting with shoes. 

Ponyskin Leopard Print Shoes £49.50

A more expensive, but I think it would be easy to justify the cost if you would wear these on a regular basis - how stunning are they exactly?

Jemima Vine Edie Leopard Print Pumps En Brogue £159

However one of the reasons for this blog was that I so so SO was on the verge of caving for the leopard print skate shoes, or as they are more accurately listed at Marks:-

Slip on Trainers with Insolia Flex in brown mix £25 from M&S.   Wouldn't that description *really* sell them to you..?  Alas some things never change but on the upside, they're impossible to find on the website so I think we can be safe in the world and his dog not having them (ok so they may have a version of them but not the M&S ones)   However, with the new coat, as much as I a total leopard whore (in the nicest sense of the word), I think that maybe the black ponyskin version may be better. 

I know it seems ridiculously early to start thinking about sandals (my feet certainly have to move from trotter status first) but it's randomly never too early as these darn things sell like hot cakes.  These make seem expensive, but personally I have sandals for years and have certainly found the more you pay the better quality they are.  I'm sure there are loads who will disagree but it's worked for me.  These are a step away from the Gigi rip offs which do seem to be everywhere and I adored my ankle strap sandals from last year (which to be fair, were only from Zara although they have needed to be mended twice - Sam Edelman babies are three years in and going strong) 

K Jacques Simple Leopard and Leather sandals £193 from Matches

K Jacques Leather and Leather sandals £205 Tis the 3rd March and these are already sold out in my size.  Sob. Which is typical as these are my favourite. 

Love these heels and I certainly have got a lot of wear out of my heeled leopard print courts but i love these slightly more from Kurt Geiger.  There is also 25% off at KG at the moment using the code KGMARCH25 during the whole of March.  I may have to do a post on this to take advantage and see what's available.   This is surely the perfect height for work and play.

Kurt Geiger Bea in tan £95 before discount

Moving on to other accessories now and you may or may not have noticed that I am marginally obsessed with my leopard print scarf from Louis Vuitton which was a scary amount of money 6.5 years ago (it was a Christmas present after a nasty miscarriage so seemed totally justifiable at the time).  And cost per wear, it has paid for itself probably over some Primark purchases I have made in the meantime.  

However you certainly don't have to spend that much and for the summer, these look gorgeous. 

Lightweight Animal and Paisley Print scarf in modal £15.00

Oasis Silk Square Scarf £28 Now I don't normally do silk scarves.  I could never quite get past that air hostess look - somehow they didn't really work.  But then I struggled with shirts up until this year and so maybe, with my newfound love for all things French, it may be time to give them another go.  Love the colour palette of this one and for pure silk, I think it's a bargain for less than £30.

If you are looking for an investment scarf, have a birthday coming up or your other half is exceptionally generous on Mother's Day, then this in red is stunning from Stella McCartney 

Leopard-print Scarf - Stella McCartney £260 from Matches 

With my new found hat love I am very tempted to see if this one is big enough for my oversized nonce.

Beige Animal Print Fedora £22 from RIver Island

Seeing as I did have such great success (see photo below - at least I think it works) from M&S, it would be rude not to try on this fabulous trilby for the summer for a bargainous £15.   Guaranteed there will be none of these left by Easter, let alone the Summer.  And no, I don't normally walk round wearing a swimsuit, I prefer to wear a little bit more than that - I wouldn't just wear this at the swimming pool/beach, that's for sure.  A hat is for life, not just for holiday.

Animal Print Scarf Trilby Hat £15

Bags - check.  Well mine is more of a cheetah print if we're going to get Big Cat specific here but I used it today having forgotten how useful it is. 

Boden Mya Bag now with 20% off  now £88

Jas M. B. Leather Pony Clutch Bag £55

And finally clothes.  I have so so many clothes - no I don't wear them all together but these are certainly the items that I get out season after season.  I could honestly go on forever with the selection but here are a couple of bits that caught my eye. 

Mango Leopard Print t-shirt in black £27.99

Juicy Couture Bengal Leopard Print Pullover from Selfridges £155  This, in a wool/silk mix is the ideal top for also dressing up at night with some fab navy heels. 

More blue can be found at Dorothy Perkins for rather less money.  Clearly a very different fabric for the cost but still a great little addition if you want to give it a try.  

Blue Leopard Zip back vest now only £13.59 from Alice & You at Dorothy Perkins

Staying with Alice & You at Dorothy Perkins, I know I probably shouldn't like this but I adore this skirt.  I think with a white shirt and camel crew neck sweater and either heels or flats, this would look great.  Fab also with a black fitted shirt and some nude/camel heels. 

Red Animal slim fit midi skirt now £15

Baum Und Pferdgarten Elmar Leopard Print Sweatshirt £70  I love a sweatshirt, like I said last year they are perfect for all seasons. 

Baum Und Pfergdarten Elan Jogging Print Bottoms £90  I am positive that no-one would want to do both (personally I think it would rock, even though I've never got round to daring to try....)  Love these. 

Animal Print Tapered Leg Trousers  £22.50  I fear these are either in the old lady section or the "fitness" section of M&S, the latter being an area in which I come out in a cold sweat.  However I think these look pretty darn marvellous.  With sneakers or hitops, little white/black/grey/camel tee, black fitted blazer or biker jacket.  These are more than worth a try, I'd say. 

Leopard Denim Slim Leg Jeans now only £29 from Great Plains  These are now a bargain in the sale and were one of my favourite pairs of jeans from the A/W.  May well be wearing them tomorrow actually. 

M&S Animal Print Biker Jacket £49.50  Not to be worth with anything else leopard in my book.  M&S think differently judging by the rest of the photos on the item, but I'm going to stick my neck out and say nah. 

Faux Fur Animal Print Coat from Topshop £89.00 This I just love and whilst it's totally not a great buy right now coming into the Spring, you're more than likely to get a couple of months of wear out of it with a tee and jeans underneath.  And it will more than come into its own come the Autumn. 

Probably far more appropriate though for this time of year is this new Top Cat Print Mac from Great Plains £110.   A mac which doesn't look like it should belong in Millets and it has a hood.  Hallelujah. 

And like I said, I could go on and on.  But I have to stop somewhere as I have another small thing burning a hole in my "must find now" space. Still planning for the Spring.  It looks as if it's finally round the corner (for this week anyway. Yee ha) 

Here I am today, usual running around, but managed to spend most of the day with lovely friends being taught some rather fabulous Italian cooking.  I am more of an eater than a baker, let's just say. 


White false collar - Cos
Horsing Around Sweatshirt - JCrew
Real Straight jeans rolled up - Gap
Camel coat - Zara
Cheetah print bag - Zara
Camel wool hat - M&S
Clay Thelma wedge trainers - Ash

So off I trot on my hunt for the seemingly impossible to find.  Any ideas what I might be missing in my Spring wardrobe? (and yes, there are obviously loads of things - I may use this as an exercise in list making....) 

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22 comentarios:

  1. I'm with you Kat & loving all things leopard print...although not all worn at the same time obviously ;-) I don't think there's many days when a bit of Bet doesn't pop up, I just can't resist!!!
    Jane xx

    1. I think you've hit the nail on the head there - I'm not sure there's a day goes by when i don't have a bit of it on!! x

  2. I'm the queen of leopardprint! I mean that in the most tasteful way of course.....or maybe I do dress like a barmaid!!??

    1. I am sure you absolutely do not! Those days are long long gone

  3. I would love a leopard print coat...keep trying them on, literally every time I go shopping but I just look like a very small Hagrid...I just cannot pull the look off but I will keep trying as there is one out there for me.I am so with you a spot of leopard is the M&S slip ons..may have to indulge in another pair! x

    1. Oh darling you would so NOT look remotely Hagrid! Well I don't own a leopard print coat and there's no doubt a reason for that..... Will let you know what this one is like! Off to have a look at the shoes today (again...!)

  4. I have just ordered an animal print fur panel coat with pleather sleeves from River Islands sale....I'm a bit over leather sleeves but for £40 its worth a look! I also agree - men don't seem to understand leopard prints......(unless it's on underwear!) Mel x

  5. Those M&S trainers ( let's call them sneakers) in leopard print are online.
    But. Having seen them at close range I.e. On my feet. They are not that great from a quality perspective. The black pony skin ones look more expensive.
    My faves have to be the Kurt Geiger leopard print "sneakers". I love the bright orange print. But then thought "get real love" leopard print at my age is out there. Orange and black leopard print is in veritable outer space off the radar territory. So to avoid my children refusing to be seen with me. ( I'm still scarred from the topshop wet look mac incident) I went for the beige leopard print ones. Can't wait for some dry weather and I'll be wearing them non stop.

    1. I prefer the pony skin ones. (although I can't actually remember what the other ones were like...) I LOVED the orange and black ones - if they weren't so expensive.... But yes, like you I will probably end up with something a lot more safe (for good reason - I'll get a lot more wear out of them and the kids will still speak to me!)

  6. Kat, this blog is costing me so much money!! I can't blame you for the M&S leopard ponyskin shoes since I ordered them last week (can't wait for them to arrive) but I would never have thought of Coast for a blouse......I *might* have ordered the gorgeous one you posted the other day, but at least you saved me 25%!

  7. I'm with you on leopard print Kat, love it with plain fabrics, but can't do the mix thing. I'd feel like a performing clown. The sandals are real beauties - I'm just not quite ready to start looking at full on summer stuff. Brrrrrrrr. Still lovin the hat x

  8. I love leopard print and probably do have every item of clothing in it! I have a similar pair to the first shoes in leather from New Look of all places, have worn them to death.

  9. I love leopard print and probably do have every item of clothing in it! I have a similar pair to the first shoes in leather from New Look of all places, have worn them to death.

  10. I love leopard print and probably do have every item of clothing in it! I have a similar pair to the first shoes in leather from New Look of all places, have worn them to death.

  11. Didn't mean to say it so many times!!

  12. Love animal print and agree, I have definitely started mixing it up more this last year when a few years ago it would have been a huge no no. Same as with the hubby, he hates it! Funnily enough one of my top key word searches for my blog is Bet Lynch!!! I wrote a post deliberating on a coat a few years ago! I love that Mango top, really do. Must stop shopping for a while though x

  13. Oh my word I love that Stella McCartney scarf, I hate the price (spit) but I could do with a bit more colour in my life. I love the idea of big blocks of print but the 'Old Man' would probably have another stroke. I think I come into the category of tame animal print lover. I see the false collar is a bit of a hit, great idea. H x

  14. OMG that hat.

  15. I am new to your wonderful blog and it is costing me a fortune in new clothes but I haven't had so much fun shopping and on line shop trawling ever, I have reinvented my wardrobe with a bit of help (ok a lot of help) from your blog, you have introduced me to website and shops I would never have looked at before and I LOVE it, I was looking at the link on your blog last week at Fenn Wright Manson and accidentally bought myself an animal print top in the sale which arrived today - happy with my bargain and happy that I am finally at 42 (almost) with it, got my eye on a cracking pair of snakeskin patterned sneakers from H&M, loving shopping for a reason and for a specific item it makes going out so much more fun, off into town for a girly shopping session on Friday got my eye on that beautiful giraffe print blouse from mint velvet ( need a second opinion before purchasing it) anyhow very big thanks at making me fashion conscious again - LOVING IT

  16. Leopard print should definately be classed as a neutral! I don't wear much in the way of prints.....more of a stripe or check gal but even I love a bit of leopard print! In fact I need that Jas M B clutch in my gorgeous?!

  17. Wowzer the Great Plains trouser (that rhymes!!) and mac are fab - I would never think to look there.

    I've got my beady eye on a cute Whistles leopard print dress, the print is a pale pink colour.