All gone a bit Bucks Fizz

Probably not selling you on this as much as I was with the Hepburn reference, no?  And I don't even mean the drink, I mean the group. (who were my absolute favourites back in the day.  Yes, I can still recite all the words to Land of Make Believe but lose my sunglasses on a regular basis) 

But there is (slight) method in my madness.  We are talking bright colours here and I can't help but think back of Bucks Fizz.  In fact, it was this pic, taken at M&S the other week that really made me think that we are one step away from a rip off skirt. 


And it leads neatly on to one of my March purchases which I have worn once (and I will confess haven't yet washed and as it's from Zara, the chances of it falling apart, shrinking, losing a button or a hem coming down, are high.  Very high.)  But it looks fantastic over my print trousers, goes so well with black or navy and I am so looking forward to wearing it over jeans with flats if this fabulous weather continues (which we know it won't so let's just say when it does get warmer) 

Blouse with buttons £29.99 from Zara.  The arms are ridiculously long.  Which is fab for monkey arm me but for your average person may be irritating.  I am revelling in being able to have proper long sleeves (till I wash it of course and they become 3/4ed) 

This purchase, coupled with my white collarless blouse (years old) that I wore yesterday, made me think how much I love this shape.  Especially perfect for wearing over skinnies and totally ideal for those days when you really do need to let it all hang out.  The days for when the muffin has become a gateau.  

Love this neckline under jackets, looks great with most necklaces and the looseness hides a multitude of sins.  However if needs be, can easily be tucked in. 

And so great for adding a bit of colour.  Perfect as a foil for print trousers or skirts but just as fabulous with denim.  

To be honest, there isn't the hugest selection on the High Street.  Massively irritatingly, the green blouse in the M&S pic above which was gorgeous, has now totally disappeared from the website (it may look prettier but it's still as effective as a chocolate teapot by all accounts) 

So this is the nearest I could come up with shape wise (perfect shape) and whilst we've managed a big fat fail on Bucks Fizz colours with blouse number 1, I'm not trying too hard with the excuses as it really is the most beautiful cornflower shade of blue. 

A brighter silk version. 

This is a darker royal blue and doesn't have buttons but to my mind sneaks in under the heading blouse.  Especially as it's Bucks Fizz blue.  Love this shape. 

Moving onto pink shades. (couldn't find red - this BF theme isn't really working, is it?  Especially as I don't think I can find green or yellow either.  So it was Bucks Fizz blue and that was it.  Best laid plans and all that......) 

Still love this shade. 

This is pretty much identical to a DVF blouse shape for a tenth of the price. 

Orange.  Very on trend. 

Now I appreciate we are somewhat going off piste with lime but as I'm thigh deep in powder anyway, who cares?  And there is a scarcity of yellow and green so this is the next best option.  I adore this colour anyway.  Very this season and it looks totally amazing with navy.  Or charcoal.  I'm not going to lie - I'm not the hugest fan of the button up sleeves but as I love the rest of the shirt and it's a bargain (and it's hobson's choice if I'm honest) it made the cut. 

However if these are all a bit too full on for you, then fear not, there are some beautiful plain cream ones out there which will be a wardrobe staple for years and years. 

This has to be my favourite. 

So there we have a pretty good selection to take us into the Spring.  Of course I did see loads of fabulous print ones whilst looking for plain versions so I may have to throw some more of them at you - some were so so gorgeous. 

Finishing with random March outfits.  Oh my lord the weather yesterday, how amazing?  Now I'm not complaining that it was too hot.  No.  But.... Well, The Husband took the 7year old to a rugby tournament (sun burn a plenty if you can believe it?) and the 9year old had a Drama Festival all afternoon.  So we thought (myself and the 5year old) that it was such a lovely day we should walk to the theatre.  

What to wear?  Big fat fail if I'm honest.  My head just is NOT into full on warm weather (and it was nearly 20 degrees here yesterday, coupled with walking for a couple of miles meant wardrobe crisis).  

Suffice to say mentally I'm not ready for white jeans and super summery stuff just yet.  Hair is wet and tied back which is why it looks so dark.  All in all not good.  Just to show that everyone gets it wrong sometimes.  This is me, slightly hysterical after three hours in a darkened theatre.


Blush Silk Vest - Cos
Blush oversized rib top - Cos
White skinny jeans - Boden
Stone leather sneakers - Gap
Stone Maxi Zip leather satchel - Anya Hindmarch

And today for a day in London - slightly cooler weather and infinitely happier with this outfit.


White slub tee - Hush
Grey Cargo trousers - Hush
Print quilted biker jacket - Zara
Blush jersey scarf - Mint Velvet
Gold mini antelope charm necklace - Bill Skinner
Grey Cherelle Bag - Whistles

Back tomorrow - so many ideas coming up, not sure which one I'm going to go with but let's just say PLEASE is it nearly April? (desperately coming up with amendment number......)

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10 comentarios:

  1. The DAY Birger has to be my favourite too, love a good zip x

    1. Hmm that's nice darling but it hasn't got a zip on it?! To be fair, I thought it has on first look as well but it's a tiny button! But yes, it's just too gorgeous, isn't it?

  2. Well Kat, if thats you getting it wrong, there is no hope for me, I love that look, oversized top and skinneys are a staple in my wardrobe and my go to when I know not what to put on.
    I love the whole collarless shirt/blouse shape, have purchased 4 so far!!!!! great under a jacket or preety much anything really.
    Loving your second look too, as always thanks for the inspiration. :)

    1. oh you're lovely and no I do love the look - I just think it was too pale for March. Bit of tan needed - I am the BIGGEST fan of oversized tops and skinnies rolled up - definitely a staple Spring/Summer look for me. And yes, isn't the collarless shirt the best? Don't know how I've lived without it for so long.

  3. You do make me laugh, a lot, and I love this selection. I must purchase more blouses (small sick up) and I particularly love the orange with the leather. H x

    1. it's a great look isn't it. Unfortunately I love orange more than it loves me - v difficult for me to get the exact shade. Green and blue I can pretty much wear anthing but veering into red it all goes a bit Pete Tong for me.

  4. Exactly on the same page with the colour thing. And love the blue blouses especially the one from M&S.

    1. Need more colour in my life. Until I overdose on and go and sob in a sea of black, grey and navy!

  5. Oh wow, I need that Day Birger et mikkelsen blouse in my life, it's perfect. I think I need to reduce my reading of your blog, you find the loveliest things, my husband is going to kill me if he catches a glimpse of my credit card balance this month....